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How to find and hire top-notch software developers?
2020-10-12 /

Where to Hire Software Developers

Is this your first time hiring a developer? Or perhaps you want a better way to grow your existing development team? Whatever your goals are, this article guides you to places where you can find and hire software developers.

As your business grows, you’ll soon see the need to expand your software development team. If you’re a small business or startup in the US, you probably know that there’s an ongoing talent shortage in the software industry.  

Additionally, the cost of hiring an in-house team might be steep, especially for one-time or short-term projects. So, what’s the best way to hire software developers that won’t break the bank?

In today’s article, we’ll show you a list of platforms where you can get the most in hiring tech experts. Let’s start.

Best Places to Hire Software Developers

In the past, you can hire tech talent with an in-house or dedicated recruitment team. Not only is this expensive, but it can also be time-consuming to do the entire process on your own.

Nowadays, there are alternative ways to look for software developers that match your requirements. Yes, it’s possible to hire directly without a dedicated recruitment team to facilitate the process. Here are some examples you can try.  


One of the most underrated ways to find candidates is by asking for referrals. That’s because clients immediately flock to job board sites to start their search. However, you might have an existing network that can recommend a web developer they know.

With that, tap your contacts and ask for their recommendations. Explain that you’re looking for software developers to work on your project. Be specific with the job description and role so your contacts can find the best one for you.

As tech professionals tend to move jobs from time to time, your chances of finding promising candidates through the referral method are high.

Online Job Portals

A job portal is an online platform that bridges the gap between employers or recruiters searching for the right candidate and applicants looking for a job. Think of it as a marketplace where companies and job applicants meet.

Essentially, companies advertise for vacancies for a fee. On the other hand, job seekers showcase their profiles and apply to companies searching for their qualifications.

Job portals or job boards are one of the most sought-after tools to support the hiring process. Hence, using them wisely will connect you to a qualified candidate at a low cost.

These are some of the best job portals you can try if you need a developer to work on your software development projects: Freelancer, Upwork, GitHub Jobs, Stack Overflow, Glassdoor, Monster, We Work Remotely, Find Bacon, Simply Hired, and ZipRecruiter.

Social Media

Today, recruitment specialists are mostly on social media to scour possible candidates. LinkedIn is a social media platform designed to build connections between professionals. Developers are most likely active on LinkedIn, either to check for available jobs or simply to engage with his connections.

To search for potential candidates, enter your keywords on the search bar, say Laravel Developers. You can scroll through the names with a background in Laravel. Another way is to filter candidates according to Connections, Location, or Current Companies.

We suggest you upgrade to a Linked Premium Recruiter Lite. It’s a monthly subscription that allows recruiters:

  • unlimited searches to your extended network
  • advanced search filters
  • ability to see who viewed your profile for 90 days
  • automatic candidate tracking
  • 20 InMail messages to any LinkedIn user (even if they’re not a connection)

Before you hire software developers on LinkedIn, make sure to check their profile. Additionally, view their portfolio and message them if you think they could be the right fit for your job.

Tech Events

Networking at tech events is another good option for the traditional recruitment method. Check out if there are any tech-related events in your area. For example, WordCamp is an informal, community-based event organized for WordPress developers.

React Summit is an annual conference event that gathers React developers from around the world. Similarly, you may find Python specialists at PyCon, a yearly gathering of Python users.

There are tons of events related to web development happening every year. By attending these events, you just might find the developer you’re looking for.

Developer communities and forum sites

Aside from social media, you can easily spot developers on forums and community sites. There’s GitHub, a huge development platform that boasts more than 50 million members. Here you can host and review code, and software built by developers.

Another place to connect with developers is StackOverflow. This is a popular open community where developers ask and share coding tips or find their next dream development job.

These are two of the widely-known places where you can hire software developers. Just search on the Internet as there are plenty of other developer community sites you can join.

Offshore Development Company

An offshore development company is a third-party service provider from a foreign country that performs specific tasks or operations, in part or whole, for the client.

When we say offshore, you outsource some or the entire development project to the offshore development company. Some of the services that an offshore firm offers are web development, design, project management, and software market launch.

Philippines, India, and Ukraine are just a few popular countries that provide offshore development services to clients in the United States.

Companies choose to offshore their software projects to minimize labor costs, improve their productivity, have wide access to the latest technologies, and most of all, overcome the talent shortages in their country.

Full Scale is an example of an offshore software development company. We have offices in Kansas City, and the Phillippines and work with companies all over the United States and abroad. We aim to help our clients build their software teams easily and affordably.

Go with the Full Scale Advantage!

As you can see, there are different places you can use to hire software developers. Each of these sources has its pros and cons. That being so, you need to screen and filter potential candidates carefully.  

If you need a developer to work on quick, short-term projects, online job boards such as Upwork and Freelancer are great options. If you need a team of remote developers to work full-time, consider an offshore software development company. They have the tools, people, and processes to support your recruitment needs.

At Full Scale, we make it fast, simple, and easy for our clients to build a dedicated team of web developers. From recruitment to deployment, we provide holistic support so our clients can focus their time on their core businesses.

We have a wide pool of developers with senior-level skills and experience to work on specific project requirements. Talk to us so we can build your remote development team in no time!

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