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How to find Remote Developers for Your Startup

Are you looking for a developer within your area that is both skilled yet affordable? What if you can’t find one within your region? Then, hire remote developers instead. Read on and find out how you can find high-quality remote software development for a reasonable price.

Skilled and experienced developers or programmers are becoming a high demand all over the world. With that, big shot companies, or even those that are not, are snatching up every talented developer in the area.

What about startups? Should they instead hire the dregs?

I think not. Startups are tight on their budget and resources. It is smarter to use your funds on a service you are sure to gain, especially if you are in the stage of creating your minimum viable product (MVP).

Since experienced and talented developers are rare finds, this article will guide you on how to hire remote developers for your startup.

In-house vs. Offshore

A startup’s growing phase is very crucial. Within this stage, you will start asking questions on how you can use your software development process efficiently. Should you hire an in-house developer, or simply find remote developers?

Both business models have their benefits. However, as a startup, you must choose which model best fits you. Choose the model that can give you the best results, less cost, and more productivity.

An in-house team is made up of developers which the company hires one-by-one. The startup handles all the recruitment processes such as:

  • finding suitable candidates,
  • make interview questions,
  • and conduct technical tests.

Filling out the seats for the whole team will take a lot of time and effort. But once done, the remaining time will be spent to work on the project. With the in-house model, the company can easily manage the team internally and have full control over the process.

However, the in-house hiring approach is very costly. It is the best approach if your company has software development as a core process. If not, you should consider offshoring instead.

By offshoring your development team, you can access a vast talent pool. You can expand your search globally. Not only that. Offshoring is also deemed cost-efficient. How so?

Offshoring simplifies the hectic and lengthy process of recruitment. You can simply contact a remote software development center to provide a team to work for you.

Additionally, offshoring can help you cut costs in terms of developer rates. You can pay an agreed sum per hour, per month, or project.

Choosing either approach depends on how your startup works. Some companies even find that a combination of both is highly useful to boost productivity but, at the same time, reduce cost.

Since we’re on the topic of offshoring, which state is the best when it comes to software development? If you decide to find remote developers, you better look for them in the Philippines.

how to find remote software jobs
How to find Remote Developers for Your Startup 1

Why the Philippines?

The Philippines is a tropical country best known for its magnificent beaches and tourist attractions. But that is not all. The Philippines is also one of the best options for offshore outsourcing of business processes.

In the 2019 Tholons Services Globalization Country Index, the Philippines ranked 5th out of fifty digital nations.

The Philippines ranked higher compared to the United States when it comes to these four categories:

  • Talent, skill, and quality
  • Business catalyst
  • Cost and infrastructure
  • Risk and quality of life

First is talent, skill, and quality. The Philippines has a higher overall talent pool availability. It means that their labor pool can meet the staffing demands both in quality and quantity.

A high business catalyst means that the place has a considerable percentage of industry-related activities. As mentioned before, the Philippines is well-known as a perfect location for business process outsourcing.

Every year, the number of IT service providers in the country increases. These services include software development, web design, and even tech support. Moreover, the country has a low cost and has a capable infrastructure available. If those notable statistics are not enough to convince you, then there are more on the list.

Most Filipinos are fluent in written and spoken English. With that, you can guarantee that communication will not be a problem. You can work with your remote team and communicate what you need with ease.

Offshoring to the Philippines is also startup-friendly. Even with a tight budget, you can maximize the country’s remote talent pool. You can have an entire team of developers to serve your business at a fixed price: low cost, but high quality.

Now that you have a location to focus your search, the next thing you need to know is how to look for a remote developer wisely.

How to Find Remote Developers

Have you tried playing the popular puzzle book, “Where’s Waldo?” The mechanics are easy; you simply find Waldo. He is an illustrated man in glasses, a red-white striped sweater paired with blue jeans, brown boots, red and white striped socks, and a red and white bobbled hat.

Seems easy? Well, you need to find Waldo among dozens of people in a very crowded illustration book. You’ll have your eyes crossed before you find Waldo.

Finding skilled remote developers is as hard as finding Waldo among the sea of people. But if you have a strategy, then it is easier.

To help you find Waldo—er, a skilled remote developer, you must read on.

Freelancing platforms

Before the pandemic hit the globe, a lot of developers were already diving into freelancing. That is because a lot of people would rather work from home. One way to find remote developers is to look for them on freelancing platforms.

Examples of these platforms are Freelancer, Guru, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour. You can find web developers, software developers, and data scientists that can work on your project. However, be wary of the risks of hiring freelancers.

Since freelancers are independent workers, they are not bound to work for you alone. Most freelancers accept multiple projects to sustain their work. With that, you can frustratingly expect missed deadlines.

Another thing to worry about hiring a freelance developer is transparency and security. Your control over the whole development process is minimal. Also, you can’t thoroughly conduct regular checks to ensure the safety of your assets with a freelancer.

Job boards

If you want a more secure platform, then visit online job boards. These are websites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and CareerBuilder. How are these more reliable than freelancing platforms?

Websites such as LinkedIn houses professional profiles of people such as those who are looking for remote developer jobs. Each profile contains comprehensive work experience and skills.

You can ensure that their skills are legit because other professionals on LinkedIn personally endorse them. They can be former teammates or employers of the candidate.

Furthermore, these websites also display certificates acquired by remote developers to support their claim of greatness.

Through job boards, you can pick out great candidates to work on your project. What’s more, you can personally negotiate the rate and level of commitment. Since they are definite professionals, you can be rest assured of their work ethics.

Remote software development company

If you want to skip the untidy process of looking for every single developer, then you can contact a remote software developer company.

Software development companies are experts specializing in finding talent for your company. They search far and wide for qualified applicants to present to startups like you.

They are meticulously screened so that they only pick those that reach the standards.

A Remote Development Company You Can Trust

In choosing a development partner, make sure that they are trusted, quality-driven, and fully committed to helping your startup. All these qualities are present in Full Scale.

Full Scale is a software development company focused on helping startups kickstart and grow their business. Our company headquarters is located in Kansas City, with our software development team located in Cebu City, Philippines.

Since its founding date, Full Scale helped dozens of startups in so many of their processes. We have created a minimum viable product for launching and built software to ease business processes and applications to improve startup business.

Our developers are skilled in creating responsive websites, web applications, mobile applications, and multiple software. We also have data scientists who can help analyze big data for your company and even machine learning programmers.

Simplify the recruitment process. Once you partner with Full Scale, we will provide you with a list of developers that you need to complete with their skills and experience.

Communication is also not a problem. We have the tools you need for constant communication between you and your team of remote developers. Yes, they are your team.

With our tried and tested Guided Development approach, you are in full control of the development process. Our designated project managers will look after the team for you, but they will report directly to your company.

Contact us and start choosing your software development team.

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