Philippines' Top Jobs for Senior Developer

Top Senior Developer Jobs in the Philippines

As eCommerce and digital businesses grow, the need for experienced developers also rises. As a result, senior developer jobs in the Philippines are opening up. Here are things you should know when you look for senior developer jobs.

The pandemic helped push businesses to focus on digital commerce. With the greater need for digitalization, companies need the services of experienced and skilled software developers. And to make sure that companies find these individuals, they need to hire senior-level developers.

As one of the world’s business process outsourcing centers, the country saw an increase in senior developer job openings. Full Scale is one of the companies offering senior developer jobs in the Philippines.

We are one of the fastest-growing offshore software development service providers. Furthermore, we are recruiting developers at all levels from all over the country. 

Do you have the qualifications to be our senior developer? First, learn more about what the company requires from a candidate.

What is a Senior Developer?

If you ask five recruiters, “What makes a senior developer?” You will probably get five different answers. Some will say that it is all about the experience. On the other hand, others point out the skills. However, universal criteria for senior developers do not exist. Depending on the company, the requirements for software developer seniority varies.

Usually, companies measure seniority using both experience and technical skills. However, to become a senior developer, you need specific skills that are complex to quantify. These are excellent business soft skills. Why?

Because senior software developers should not only be good at coding. They should also be good at planning, overseeing their juniors, and more. Senior developer jobs entail many duties. The following sections will discuss what it takes to be a senior developer, their responsibilities, and their role.

Senior Developer: Responsibilities and Skill Requirements

Being a senior software developer entails a lot of responsibilities. Their day-to-day duties include the following tasks:

  • Coordinating with clients and other stakeholders about software requirements
  • Completing coding assignments for different programs
  • Implementing and developing design plans
  • Analyzing and addressing software bugs and other challenges
  • Helping and mentoring junior and mid-level developers
  • Assigning and delegating tasks to team members
  • Making software reports for managers and team leaders

Technical Skills

To fulfill the abovementioned, senior developers need the following hard skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of software development and its corresponding technologies
  • Expertise in using at least one programming language (JavaScript, PHP, C++, etc.)
  • Experienced in coding and technical documentation
  • Deep knowledge of user interfaces and user experience principles
  • Expertise in HTML and different web frameworks and platforms

Soft Skills

As stated earlier, it is not just the technical skills that make a senior developer. What separates a senior developer apart from junior and mid-level developers is the mixture of their experience and soft skills. Hence, companies are looking for the following skills when hiring for senior developer jobs:

1. Relevant Experience

Every developer’s journey is different. It is the same with their experience. For instance, a developer’s experience working on building software is different from a developer who is only in charge of updating software. Whether they work for five years or more, it is not realistic to say that their five years of work experience are equal. So, how do companies see experience?

Companies are looking for senior developers who know how to use their experience. First is how senior developer candidates can quickly recognize patterns from their previous works. Whether because it is a problem or a success, recognizing patterns will help the team quickly find solutions when in a bind.

Second, experienced senior developers can quickly recognize what they don’t know. Needing advice and help will keep the team from committing work and efforts that will probably fail. That is why senior developers who are not afraid to ask for help or learn new things are significant assets in a software development team.

2. Leadership

As their job title suggests, senior software developers are leaders. They may not be the technical leads of a project, but they should have leadership skills in development.

As such, they should be able to see the bigger picture. This means that senior software developers should understand what each part of the project is all about. They must also communicate it to the rest of the teams. This way, everyone will know how vital their tasks are to achieve the project goals.

3. Mentorship

Being a leader also means having the ability to mentor teammates. Perhaps this soft skill is the most important one, as mentoring teammates will elevate the whole team’s capabilities. Guidance from senior developers can advance the skills of junior and mid-level developers and boost morale.

Aside from that, knowledge sharing will help improve the software development team’s overall productivity. By sharing what they know and experience, senior developers ensure fewer delays for the project’s fulfillment.

Technical Test and Interview Tips

We’ve discussed the requirements that companies look for from senior developer candidates. Having these qualities will surely help you stand out when applying for senior developer jobs. Still, like any other open IT job in the Philippines, you will have to take tests and interviews. To help you get prepared, we listed down the tests and interview questions that you will likely take.

Technical Tests

  • Advanced Programming and Coding Tests
  • Specialization Tests (SQL, Android, Ruby, QA, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Tests
  • Technical Documentation
  • Scenario Tests

After passing your technical tests, you will then proceed to technical interviews. These interviews can be one-on-one, panel, or a mix of both. Here are some of the most common interview questions that companies ask from senior developer job applicants:

1. How will you fulfill projects and reach goals based on what you know about our company?

As an applicant, you should research the company you are applying to. Your answer will show your organization and planning abilities and interest in the company. 

To answer this question, you have to know about the company’s missions. You can structure your answer by addressing current challenges to help them achieve their said mission.

2. What are your previous projects? Can you tell us your contributions to help make the project successful?

Use your answer to demonstrate your vast experience in doing senior developer jobs. Discuss projects with various scopes to highlight your skills in different aspects of the software development process.

It would also help to emphasize your contributions or the responsibilities you took on. This will give the interviewers an idea of how you can contribute to their current team.

3. Are there times you have to make critical decisions during production? How did it go?

Most of the time, senior developers will have to make decisions that affect how the project goes. So, your answer should show that you can analyze and evaluate issues promptly.

In addition, you can also relate scenarios where you gather different opinions from your team. Companies will appreciate senior developers who are critical thinkers and are also open-minded. Finally, discuss how you come up with your decisions and how they help push the project forward.

4. You are given a choice between two technologies; which one will you choose? How will you justify this?

These types of questions aim to test not only your technical knowledge but also your communication and persuasion skills. In software development, scenarios where you have to choose between Angular and React or Ruby and PHP or other technologies are very common.

So, be detailed in answering these types of questions. Make a case of your choice of technology by presenting its advantages. Additionally, you must keep in mind what the company is currently using and make sure to align your answer with it.

5. How do you deal with underperforming junior or mid-level developers?

As stated earlier, companies want senior software developers who have both leadership and mentoring skills. Hence, they want to check how you deal with underperforming teammates.

To answer this question, you can share your experiences. You can provide specific scenarios where you helped your teammates grasp the project better. Additionally, you can highlight your mentorship skills by providing step-by-step guides on how your teammate can complete their parts.

You may face more technical questions during your interviews. And the best way to prepare for them is through studying and constant practice. Also, you must never forget to answer each question with confidence.

Senior Developer Jobs in the Philippines

Full Scale is an offshore software development company based in Cebu City. However, we are offering work-from-home arrangements. So, if you live in Manila, Davao, Bohol, or anywhere in the country, you are welcome to join us.

Aside from offering you the chance to work in the comfort of your own home, Full Scale offers the best senior developer jobs in the Philippines. We provide a great working and learning environment that will help you improve.

This is because we always make sure that you are assigned to a project that interests you and suits your skills. You will also get to work with exceptional individuals who are willing to mentor you. Be a part of an amazing software development team that will push you to become the best senior developer that you can be! Apply now!

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