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Hiring a Remove Xamarin Developer

How to Hire A Remote Xamarin Developer

When it comes to cost, time, maintenance code reusability, and performance, cross-platform app development would win over native app development. It’s for that reason why cross-platform app developers are in huge demand right now.

As a cross-platform native development framework, Xamarin provides compelling benefits to build apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. If you’re now in the market to develop an app that will work seamlessly on multiple platforms, then hiring a remote Xamarin developer should be on top of your priorities. Unfortunately, Xamarin developers are difficult to find as there is a shortage in developer resource.

To give you an idea on how to hire a Xamarin developer, we share our tips on the things to consider when finding and looking for the right candidate with the best skills and expertise.

First, what is Xamarin?

With the growing advancements in mobile technology, we can now do almost anything on our smartphones. The top three biggest tech giants – Google (with the biggest share), Apple and Windows share the biggest mobile market pie.

For mobile developers working on an app, you may find yourself caught in a bit of a dilemma. How do you run your app on a platform different from its original design?

Educating yourself on a new programming language, and other technical stuff can prove to be time-consuming. This will only make you want to stay with your current platform even more. But, with Xamarin, you can easily build mobile apps across different platforms that can perform in a manner similar to the platform native apps.

Xamarin is a tech company established in 2011 by several engineers. Microsoft later acquired Xamarin in February 2016. Xamarin provides tools for developers to easily build cross-platform mobile apps.

It is an open-source tool that uses C# code to write native applications such as iOS, Android and Windows on native user interfaces, and share the code on different platforms.

How does Xamarin work?

At its most basic level, Xamarin transformed the iOS and Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to C# so you can write code using a recognizable language. Since C# is for both platforms, it requires less syntax to remember. With Xamarin tools, you can access any Android or iOS API (Application Programming Interface) using C# language.

As for the UI (User Interface), you need to create separate UIs for different platforms then tie up the UI with a core codebase. There are two ways to build the UI. You can develop the UI using the original native method or through Xamarin Forms. With Xamarin Forms, you can build the UI layouts across different platforms simultaneously, allowing 100% code sharing.

Skills Necessary IN a remote Xamarin Web Developer

C# and ASP.NET

C# is the common language used on Xamarin to build iOS, Android and Windows applications. So, it goes without saying that the best Xamarin developer has strong proficiency in C#. You can customize your interview questions that gauge the candidate’s knowledge and skills in C#.

Additionally, you can filter candidates with a solid background in .NET specific methods such as C# classes, lambda expressions, Async/Await, and others. Cross-platform app development frameworks are based on the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), a software design pattern that is used to break programs and organize code into modules to make development, reuse and updates of code faster and better. Your Xamarin developer should have a good grasp on MVVM.

API & Third-Party Libraries

Xamarin provides a wide range of support to APIs and third-party libraries. You can assess a candidate’s background in this field with the previous projects that they’ve worked on.

Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio

Xamarin is a tool that helps developers create mobile apps through Visual Studio, a Microsoft-integrated development environment needed to build graphical user interfaces (GUIs), consoles, web apps, and web services.  The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding and proficiency in development, deployment and debugging through Visual Studio.

Knowledge of Code Reusability Across Different Platforms

Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Mac are the major products that developers use to build apps. Check whether the developer knows how to employ sets of code on different platforms, once the coding is run on one platform.

Previous Projects Worked On

To stay up-to-speed with the ongoing changes in technology, it’s a must for developers to never stop learning. During the interview, ask the Xamarin candidate about the tools and resources they used to guide them with coding.

In addition,  you can browse through their past work or projects they’ve done that exemplifies their know-how in Xamarin.

Hiring a Remote Xamarin Developer

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a remote Xamarin Developer

The usual routes to take when hiring a  Xamarin developer is going for in-house, freelance, and remote employees through an offshore software development company. The path you choose will depend on the following considerations:

  • How much is your budget for a remote Xamarin Developer?
  • Will you need to hire someone as soon as possible?
  • Do you have the time and aptitude to screen, filter, provide exams, interview and negotiate job contracts?
  • How important is quality, consistency, and timeliness to your business goals?
  • Do you have the right motives and skills to manage and lead projects and teams?

Freelance vs. Remote – Which one is better?

To most people, freelance and remote employment are the same. However, they’re actually different from each other. Freelance work refers to an employment structure where a person can work for clients without any employment obligations. The contract is usually on a project-basis and ceases when the freelancer completes the project.

On the other hand, remote work is a full-time job where an employee is employed by a company or organization without requiring them to be physically at the office all the time. Other similar terms for this nature of work are home-based jobs, virtual jobs, and telecommuting jobs. The terms of employment are done through contracts on a permanent basis.

Having said that, which of the two is right for you when hiring a Xamarin developer? The answer will depend on your objectives and expected results.

Freelance Xamarin Developers

Hiring freelance Xamarin developers can be a cost-effective option IF you have the skills and experience in hiring Xamarin developers. There are also inherent limitations such as the difficulty in organizing ongoing maintenance when the need arises as freelancers tend to have multiple commitments with other clients. This means that when you detect issues or bugs, you may need to hire someone else to fix them.

Remote Xamarin Developers

Indeed, freelancers offer an affordable option as far as cost is concerned. However, cheap doesn’t always translate to high-quality results. In fact, the cost of hiring a remote Xamarin developer through an offshore development company may seem steep in the beginning, but at least you’re sure of the optimal quality and commitment that may cost less in the long run.

The great thing about a web development company is that they maintain an organized and consistent workflow, requiring less input from the client when building apps and other digital products. Expect to have solid quality control, reliability, and standards when it comes to executing and communicating problems and outcomes.  

Places to Find Xamarin Developer

  • Word of Mouth – friends and family members might refer someone they know who’s an expert in Xamarin
  • Online Job Sites – Good examples are: Toptal, GitHub Jobs, We Work Remotely, and Stack Overflow
  • Social Media – You can send a private message to any Xamarin professionals active on LinkedIn or other social sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Traditional Media – Posting a newspaper ad for a vacant post may seem archaic at this age, but some companies still get good results from it.

Go for the Winners

Recruiting a top talent who lives and breathes anything Xamarin can be a daunting challenge but don’t fret. By following the guide we’ve shown, you will understand the critical things involved before hiring someone on your team.

For large, complicated web development projects that need a strict vetting process and long-term commitment, we recommend that you go for an offshore development company like Full Scale that provides a holistic approach to recruitment. So, you can focus your time and energy on growing your business instead of doing repetitive tasks or tasks outside of your expertise. Ready to hire a Xamarin developer?

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