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Job Opportunities for Information Technology Graduates in the Philippines

Top Graduate Job Opportunities for IT in the Philippines

The pandemic has affected the socio-economic status of the Philippines. Despite the challenges, there are many IT graduate jobs available! Find out what kind of job you can apply to with your IT-related degree.

On July 1, 2021, the Philippine Statistics Authority released a report that the unemployment rate went down compared to the previous months. It means that more opportunities are available for those who are seeking employment. 

Now, are you a fresh graduate navigating your way into the corporate world? Submitting resumes and interviews may not be new if you have been a working student before.

However, previous part-time or freelance jobs may not be related to your field of study. This time, you want to land a career that makes use of your information technology skills.

So, here is a list of IT jobs in the Philippines for fresh graduates. Whether you have experience as a working student or are new to the workforce, it will jumpstart your professional journey.

Top 6 IT Graduate Jobs in the Philippines

There are so many IT jobs for fresh graduates in the market. And all you have to do is choose what is the right one for you. These top ten job opportunities for information technology graduates can guide you.

1. Software Developer

Software developers are professionals who possess the technical skillset to build software. They develop programs that perform specific tasks on devices to achieve the customer’s goal. You can say that they are one of the major players in the whole software development life cycle.

Some of the general responsibilities of a software developer are the following:

  • Develop software to meet the requirements of both client and end users
  • Assist the QA specialist during the testing phase for necessary bugs and other technical fixes
  • Create upgrades for the existing software in the market and assist in its deployment
  • Document the tasks done during the development life cycle for reference

But depending on the industry and company they work in, software developers need various skills to carry out their responsibilities. For one, familiarity with one or a couple of programming languages is an advantage. 

In addition to that, you need strong analytical skills and creativity to comply with the goals and requirements of the project. Lastly, good communication skills are important to foster collaboration with the team.

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With competitive benefits and a supportive work environment, fresh graduates can hone their skills and grow as software developers. If you’re interested, start your application today. 

2. Software Engineer

A software engineer is in charge of computing utilities, operations systems, and software design. This IT profession incorporates the principles of computer science and analysis to help in the planning and building of the product.

Now, the common responsibilities of a software engineer include:

  • Developing a plan to improve system quality
  • Determining issues and patterns based on the standard operating procedures
  • Experimenting with new technologies to maintain and improve the current software
  • Collaborating with the management and team members for the implementation of technical design and improvements

To do these responsibilities, the software engineer must possess extensive knowledge of operating systems, programming languages, and software development processes. The professional must also have a strong foundation when it comes to data structures and algorithms. 

Aside from technical skills, the engineer must also be passionate about solving problems. And the professional must also be comfortable with communicating ideas during team collaboration. 

3. Website Developer

Are you familiar with web developers? If not, a web developer is a person who builds websites for clients. 

There are two types of web developers in the country today. The first one handles the frontend development tasks. And the other one handles the backend responsibilities.

For a web developer, a day’s work entails:

  • Creating and testing websites to ensure that it meets the client’s requirements
  • Fixing bugs and other functionality issues
  • Working with designers and website QA specialists for a flawless website experience 
  • Maintaining the website and carry out improvements using the latest technologies

So to become proficient, a web developer must possess certain skills. Here is a list of skillset that one needs in this line of work.

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other relevant website programming languages
  • Attention to detail so every website functionality is in line with the client’s requirements
  • A good team player
  • Efficient at handling multiple projects simultaneously

4. Systems Analyst

A systems analyst looks into the performance of the software, hardware, and other IT systems of a business. Based on the result of their analysis, this IT professional recommends vital requirements for new systems. At some point, they also facilitate the improvement of the current system to increase business efficiency and productivity.

Other responsibilities of a systems analyst include analyzing system issues and troubleshooting. Moreover, the professional also communicates with the client to evaluate procedures and test solutions for system improvements. They provide support to the team by training the client’s staff along with documentation for reference.

If you want to be a systems analyst, you should possess the following skills:

  • Attention to detail
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Collaborative
  • Patience
  • Good time management skills

5. Quality Assurance Specialist

The job of a QA specialist is to make sure that any software product, app, or website is flawless before its deployment. They need to ensure that the product is reliable, user-friendly, culturally compatible, and fully functional based on client standards.

In a work setting, the QA specialist helps create a test plan to inspect lines of code. This will help them to determine potential errors and bugs as they do the testing phase. They also look for weaknesses in the product and collaborate with the team for fixes. 

To become a QA analyst, you must have a background in software applications, systems hardware, and networks. You must also possess considerable knowledge of programming languages. Moreover, creativity and good analytical skills are an advantage. Most importantly, you must be motivated always to learn new things about the industry, coupled with a good collaborative demeanor.

6. Systems Administrator

Also known as the SysAdmin, the professional is in charge of maintaining the IT and tech infrastructure of an organization. 

So if you want to look for these kinds of job opportunities for information technology graduates, you are likely to manage the following tasks.

  • Be responsible for the website and server uptime, maintenance, and updates
  • Take charge of security and network configurations along with the maintenance of operating systems
  • Send alerts whenever issues and problems arise
  • Assign user roles for access management within the organization
  • Responsible for system usage policies and procedures within the local environment

So are you wondering what types of skills are necessary to be a successful system administrator? Well, here are some things you should know.

  • Background on Puppet, Ansible, and other tools
  • Knowledge of server and network upkeep, development, planning, and implementation
  • Know-how on the latest industry trends and updates

Take note of the top IT graduate jobs in the Philippines

There you go. These are the top IT graduate jobs in the Philippines for fresh graduates. You can look into these job vacancy postings on various online job portals. Or you can also check out IT jobs in the Philippines from Full Scale

We’re hiring software developers and IT professionals to help us handle our growing business. If you’re interested, get started with the application now.

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