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What is a Front-end Developer
2021-09-12 /

What Is A Front-end Developer And Their Top 6 Traits

Do you need help with client-side development? Then, you are looking for front-end developers. So, what is a front-end developer, and why do you need them?

Web design depicts how your website will look. However, to implement these designs, you will need front-end developers. Everything you see when you open a website is what these developers do: from how each element behaves to page navigation and layouts.

They are part of the responsibilities of front-end developers. That’s why they are very much in demand in today’s digitized business environment. Before looking for what makes them the best, let us look at their responsibilities and duties.

What is a Front-end Developer?

They are software engineers responsible for developing and building the client-side of apps and websites. They use web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, etc. Plus, they use design tools such as Photoshop when dealing with the applications’ appearance and user interface.

What is their objective? They make sure that users can view the information in a suitable or accessible format when opening applications or websites. The challenges that front-end developers face are that the tools constantly change.

Also, they have to deal with users using different devices with different sizes and varying resolutions. In addition, they have to make sure that their websites load up in different browsers, platforms, and devices.

Thus, front-end developers need meticulous planning before they start with their development tasks. With these in mind, we can identify what is their primary tasks.

Front-end Developer Tasks

Opening an app or visiting a website, what you see and access are products of front-end development. To put it simply, these developers focus on an application’s client-facing side. Therefore, their responsibility is to ensure that their website or app can easily interact with each visitor.

Although there may be some variations on what is their responsibility, the following are the most common:

  1. Tasked with the improvement of the user experience of applications.
  2. Plan, develop, and maintain the user interface.
  3. Apply designs and layouts for websites and applications.
  4. Improve the site’s interaction through creating tools.
  5. Use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to bring concepts to life.
  6. Manage and maintain software flow.
  7. Ensure that designs and layouts follow the best SEO practices.
  8. Constantly do maintenance, bug fixing, and usability testings.

To fulfill these tasks, these types of developers must have the following skills:

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Mastery of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is web coding’s basic building tools. Without both, they cannot create web designs.

Meanwhile, JavaScript (JS) allows a developer to add functionality to the website. JS enables the addition of interactive elements such as maps, films, and even games. Mastery of these tools and other programming languages will allow them to create a convenient user interface.

Knowledge of Graphics Editing Tools

As stated, front-end developers take care of the client-facing side of your apps and sites. Hence, they need to know how to use graphic editing tools to build prototypes of their designs. There, they can test the interface before actually working on the code.

Using CSS Preprocessors

To speed up their CSS coding, front-end developers use preprocessors. What CSS preprocessors do is allow developers to process their code before publishing them. Thus, it will keep the code scalable, functional, responsive, and easier to work with.

Traits of Top Front-end Developers 

Now we have answered what a client end developer is. It is time to tackle which traits you should look for when hiring one. Below are the top characteristics that the best front-end developers possess:

1. Detail Oriented

Yes, a front-end engineer must always think about the big picture. But, details matter when they are responsible for the client-facing side of your apps and sites.

Therefore, they must be thorough in making sure that there are no broken links. Their determination to produce a flawless interface is a must. As any bad link, broken picture, or problem can cause inconvenience to your users.

2. Adaptability and Thirst for Learning

Code, frameworks, and other tools constantly change in the world of IT. Therefore, you must look for a candidate that can quickly grasp new programming conventions or learn a new framework.

That is why the front-end developers are always learning. They keep their skills sustainable by studying and mastering new tools to produce the best results.

3. Creative and Critical Thinker

They should have a creative streak and the ability to think outside the box. They develop what your users see and interact with. Therefore, they must blend their technical skills with creative flair to produce a good-looking and functioning app.

Their creative designs and format will help encourage users to open your apps and sites. While the functionality will keep the users from experiencing inconvenience, combining both boosts user experience, which can lead to conversions.

4. Effective Communicator

Being a lone wolf is not what a front-end engineer is all about. In fact, like all developers, they have to work with different stakeholders. That is why the need for communication is high.

They must clearly state their ideas, whether informally or through technical documentation. Any misunderstanding can significantly affect the development of the software or website.

5. Team Player

As previously stated, no client end developer works alone. They will be working with a team across different departments. They will work with UI and UX designers, backend developers, and more.

Thus, they must learn to work with different people with the same objectives. One way to do that is to share their skills on how to complete the project more effectively.

6. Patience and Self-Direction

Because being a developer requires blending technical coding with creative skills, perseverance is a must. There will be a lot of trials and errors when developing the front-end side of an app. Hence, they should be self-sufficient enough to accomplish their tasks without micromanagement.

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Hire Only the Best Front-end Developers

Knowing what is a front-end developer is only the first step. To hire the best ones in a competitive market, you should also know the common traits that the top front-end developers possess.

Still, hiring a local developer is expensive. It can take too much of the precious resources of your growing company. Therefore, it will be more efficient for you to find another option—offshoring.

This is why Full Scale exists. Our front-end developers are at the top of their field. We have the technical skills, creativity, and experience to provide you with world-class services.

Furthermore, our developers and other software engineers never stop learning. With our timely training and skills enhancement activities, we make sure to build your dream development team affordably and quickly.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us start building your dream team!

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