Web Language Updates 2021

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Updates for 2021

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are some of the most used tech stack in the software development industry for many years. Gone are the days where developers will have to create static pages manually with HTML. Let’s check out some of the most notable updates in 2021.

Web development has evolved for years. With HTML, CSS, and then JavaScript, there are many ways to make websites responsive and give better user experience. Developers are now segregating the use between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is no longer encouraged to include design into your HTML code. Rather, when you think about design, your first instinct should now be to write it in CSS or JavaScript. 

Developers are not using only one code but a combination of different web languages. That’s where HTML, CSS, and JavaScript come in. But before we dive into the updates, let’s learn a little bit about the roles HTML, CSS, and JavaScript play.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: what’s the difference?

HTML is the backbone or the framework for the whole website. Basically, this helps you create the structure. CSS helps you design and personalize your website according to your structure. JavaScript, however, defines how these elements interact with each other. JavaScript commands the HTML and CSS behavior on the page. 

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on your website gives you the liberty to improve website styling. This is practically helpful for you to give a unique website user experience. Not only that, you can make it look functional and responsive. Why is this important?

People are now checking websites on their phones. Statista created a study for the percentage of mobile traffic globally. The study shows that in the first three months of 2021 54.8 percent of the global website traffic comes from mobile phones. Since 2017, mobile device usage has been hovering around the 50 percent mark, and this doesn’t even include tablets. No wonder that website styling has to involve responsive design. That said, it is important to consider the latest web design trends to make sure of your optimal website performance.

2021 Web Design Trends for Developers

HTML Updates

HTML has been in use since the 1980s. This web design language has been in constant development and changed over time. From HTML to the current HTML5, here are some of the most notable updates this 2021:

  • HTML5 now encourages the use of meaningful markup language to indicate the structure of your page like <header>, <nav>, <main>, <article>, <aside>, <section>, <footer>. These aid search engines to easily find the information on your page. 
  • Web design declarations are in CSS. Non-meaningful markups are now deprecated.
  • With design being separated from HTML5 to CSS, this promotes access to assistive technologies for those with disabilities. Design is no longer hard coded into markup.
  • Reducing the overlap between the 3 web design tools: HTML for content, CSS for design, and JavaScript for interactivity.
  • No need for plugins like Flash or Java. Rich media experiences are now supported.

CSS Updates

CSS web styling features for 2021 include changes on the following functions:

  • The conical gradient function rotates color stops around the central point. Unlike the radial gradient function where colors radiate from a central point.
  • The aspect ratio feature fixes the aspect ratio for any element. This might not work if you defined the height and width of the element. The syntax looks like this:

.widescreen {

  aspect-ratio: 16 / 9;


  • If you want to improve page rendering performance, you can use the content-visibility property. This new CSS property helps contribute to faster loading times for your web page. It loads up content by prioritization. You define which content to initially load and which ones to defer.
  • Logical properties like margin, border, and padding are now supported in all major browsers.
  • You can now use a CSS sub grid which helps subsections be perfectly aligned vertically. The grid defined as the subgrid follows the tracks of the parent grid.

The  color()function allows you to specify a color in a particular colorspace. This means that you can specify a much larger range of colors rather than the sRGB colorspace.

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JavaScript Updates

JavaScript updates for 2021 include:

  • All videos now include closed captioning
  • Node.js version 16 is now available and includes the following enhancements:
    • prebuilt binaries for Apple Silicon
    • new V8 JavaScript engine v9.0
  • Full stack developers can take advantage of useful features like Timers Promises API and RegExp Match indices
  • DHTMLX Diagram got an update to Version 3.1 which includes a new diagram type called a mind map.

Website Design Elements for Web Developers

Web development has evolved for years. Now that a lot of web design tools are being used, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript continue to be relevant. It is important to consider how you plan to build your website. Since there is an increase of mobile browser use globally, it is one thing to consider. To retain your audience and explore your website you must answer these questions: 

  • Does my website keep fast load times?
  • Is my web page responsive?
  • Will it give optimal user experience? 
HTML CSS JavaScript 2021
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Updates for 2021 2

Quality web design matters to your customers. Your audience will be able to make informed decisions when your website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. We are in the age where your audience will do their research, you have to make information available to them. You should implement web design to:

  1. Make a good first impression of your company brand.
  2. Build traffic through SEO with on-page optimization.
  3. Customer Service with your easy-to-navigate website
  4. Build customer trust and loyalty to your brand
  5. Be consistent across all pages of your website.

In summary

HTML now uses meaningful markup language to help indicate the structure of your page. Non-meaningful markups are no longer enforced. With design being divided to CSS, it is now easy for assistive technologies to gain access. Plug-ins are not needed.

CSS updates include  a new conical gradient function, the aspect ratio feature,  and improvements on page rendering performance. The color function got an update where you can now specify a color in a specific colorspace. 

As for JavaScript, closed captioning is now included for videos and new updates on Node.js. developers can also now use Timers Promises API and RegExp Match indices. A new mind map feature is now available on the DHTMLX Diagram Version 3.1.

Considering the above mentioned, you should take advantage of these updates. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are only some of the web design languages that you can leverage. Note that for your website to gain visibility and traffic, you have to put into consideration a great web design. Getting in touch with a professional who can help you gain visibility is the way to go. 

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