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Are there job opportunities for ASP.NET developers in the Philippines?
2021-11-09 /

ASP.NET Developer Jobs in the Philippines

ASP.NET developer jobs in the Philippines are on the rise as companies digitize their businesses. Today, we’ll discuss everything you need to know as an ASP.NET job seeker.

The Philippines is one of the business process outsourcing (BPO) hubs in the world. As such, tech graduates and web developers are in high demand. According to a news article, only 55% of computing talent demand is currently met. 

As a result, the need for software and web developers will continue to rise in the next few years. And in the country, companies are looking for ASP.NET developers. ASP.NET is Microsoft’s open-source and cross-platform framework. It helps create modern web applications with .NET.

One of the companies offering ASP.NET developer jobs in the Philippines is Full Scale. We are one of the fastest-growing software development companies in the country. And, we are looking for all levels of software engineers to join its team.

Do you have a passion for programming and learning? Check out what the company wants from an ASP.NET developer.

What is an ASP.NET Developer?

ASP.NET developers are backend developers. So, they are in charge of designing and developing applications, analyzing application functionalities and requirements, and maintenance. Meaning, they will be writing code, designing solutions, and ensuring app performance.

The top ASP.NET developers, therefore, should have top-notch coding skills. They also have excellent problem-solving skills and a keen eye for details. Aside from that, they manage their time efficiently and can work independently.

ASP.NET: Skills and Experience

Being an ASP.NET developer, you will have specific duties and responsibilities. That is why you will see requirements in adss for ASP.NET developer jobs in the Philippines. The following are the common skills and qualities required from an ASP.NET developer.

1. Project Management

ASP.NET developers should be good at gathering and documenting the needs and requirements for the project. They should be quick at understanding what the project is trying to accomplish.

This means they can translate the requirements into programming logic. Simply, these developers should be able to transform written requirements into solutions.

2. Excellent Communication

As an ASP.NET programmer, you will take a crucial role in the software development life cycle. You will interact with the partners, frontend developers, QAs, and other stakeholders. Therefore, you need to be an active listener and effective communicator.

3. Great Collaborator

In software development, no one is an island. Developers work with the designers, testers, project managers, and clients. As an ASP.NET developer, you need to be comfortable giving and receiving suggestions and working with a team.

4. Adaptable and Passionate

Technology will not wait for anyone. In the tech industry, specifically in software development, new technologies are continuously released. The tools and trends today will be history in the following months. Hence, as a developer, you need to learn constantly.

And, being adaptable will help you quickly learn and adjust to new technologies and trends. Additionally, being passionate about software development will drive you to learn new techniques and methods.

Technical Skills

As someone who specializes in ASP.NET, you must be proficient and knowledgeable about the framework. Hence, you need to have the following technical skills:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in .NET languages (.NET, C+, C#, VB)
  • Knowledge of ASP.NET framework and SQL servers
  • Understanding of APIs, documentation, and databases
  • Excellent in debugging and problem-solving
  • Ability to use cloud technologies (Microsoft Azure, etc.)
  • Knows how to address security threats such as SQL injections
  • Familiarity with third-party tools

Having these soft and technical skills will make you an excellent ASP.NET developer.

Technical Test and Interview for ASP.NET Developer Jobs

A well-written and curated resume and portfolio will reflect much of your skills. However, to verify these, you will have to undergo technical testing and interviews. Here are some technical exams and interview questions that you would most likely face.

Testing exercises for ASP.NET developers:

  • Programming tests
  • Scenario tests
  • Debugging tests

Aside from these tests, you also need to prepare for common ASP.NET interview questions. Here are some examples:

1. Briefly explain ASP.NET and why we use it?

This question aims to know how you view ASP.NET. It will also evaluate your skills in explaining complex technical terms to non-experts, a crucial soft skill that a developer should have.

Additionally, this is your chance as a candidate to show your understanding of ASP.NET. You discuss how it helps its advantages, such as ease of deployment, support for multiple languages, and compatibility with popular databases. Or, you can focus on the outcome where the framework helps in building scalable and dynamic applications.

2. Explain what a “PostBack” is.

Interviewers will want to check your know-how in ASP.NET development. This question aims to examine your expertise in the events during the development process.

3. Have you experienced handling multiple tasks at once? How did you manage them?

Developers often take multiple projects at once. So, this question helps interviewers determine how candidates manage their time. In addition, you should also show that you know task prioritization to be a more productive and efficient developer.

4. How do you check and debug your code?

Every developer should know how to debug their code. Knowing how to check code is one sign of mastery in programming. Additionally, developers whose code are organized and well-written tend to spend less time when debugging.

5. What was your latest ASP.NET project? Was it successful?

When answering this question, you should highlight your role and responsibilities for the said project. Also, make sure to discuss how you worked with your team. Lastly, talk about your contributions to the software development process that helped in the successful deployment of the project.

6. How do you deal with obstacles and other unforeseen problems?

Adaptability and creativity are two of the main traits of top-notch ASP.NET developers. This question evaluates how you overcome sudden changes of requirements and other problems that can delay your project.

These questions are most likely to come up during your ASP.NET developer job interview. Preparation is the key to acing it. So, keep on practicing and improving your skills.

ASP.NET Developer Jobs in the Philippines

There you have it: the job description and skills requirements for an ASP.NET developer. As the IT sector continues to rise in the country, the demand for IT professionals grows.

If you have what it takes to become a top-level ASP.NET developer, join Full Scale. Wherever you are in the Philippines—Manila, Cebu, Davao—it doesn’t matter. Full Scale is offering work-from-home setups for developers of all levels.

Why Full Scale? Because we are one of the fastest-growing offshore software development companies in the country. We provide a great working and learning environment, aside from our competitive compensation and benefits packages. More importantly, we always match you with projects that suit your skills to help you continuously improve.

A great job opportunity awaits you! Apply now!

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