How to Hire Developers in the Philippines

How to Hire Developers in the Philippines

Have you been thinking about hiring software developers in the Philippines? You know the secret not everyone else knows then! People hire offshore developers from all over the world. The place you hear the most often is India. However, most entrepreneurs don’t realize that the Philippines is the hidden gem and perhaps the best place to do offshore development.

Why the Philippines?

For starters, virtually all of them know English as their second language. English is used everywhere on street signs, advertisements, TV, etc. I was stunned when I visited there how everything was in English and every single person I met spoke English. Their accents are easy to understand too (if they even have one)!

I have thought about learning their local language (Tagalog) and I have learned a few words. Honestly, it is a waste of time since they all know English! Want to learn a few Filipino words and phrases? Listen to this episode of The Startup Hustle podcast where we tried to do that exact thing.

Learn to speak Filipino

They might be in East Asia, but their culture is more Western. The Philippines was, long ago, a colony of Spain and then the United States. They are mostly all Catholic. They love American movies and music. You will feel right at home talking to them.

We can help you hire developers in the Philippines and build your own amazing team!

We started Full Scale to take it to the next level and build software development teams for more than our own companies (GigaBook & Stackify). Our friends and other local companies overwhelmingly begged us to help them also build development teams in the Philippines. We found something amazing and they wanted in. We can help you, too!

How to Hire Developers in the Philippines

When it comes to hiring offshore developers, you have two main options. You can try to find freelancers that work out of their homes, or you can use an offshore development company that has an office in the Philippines. This company can help you recruit, deal with HR concerns, and build a real team dynamic.

How to Hire Freelance Developers in the Philippines

There are a few ways to find freelancers. I would first point out that you have to figure out if you are looking for someone to do a very small project (days) or to hire more long-term (months).

Short-Term Project

There are lots of developers who do little side jobs or maybe even make a business out of doing small projects. But those aren’t the same people that would be 100% dedicated to your project for months.

In the past, I have found developers on sites like Upwork. If you have a really small project, this is probably your best bet. You can post a job and get multiple people to bid on it. You can also read reviews which are really helpful.

Long-Term Project

Hiring full-time freelance developers is a little harder than just jumping on to Upwork. If you are hiring this person for long-term needs, it is more important to make sure they are good to work within multiple ways. That includes strong technical skills, good communication, etc. It is like hiring any full-time employee.

There are some websites dedicated to finding freelancers. has a nice list of freelancer websites you can review.

Listen to Episode 26 of the Startup Hustle Podcast – How I Ended Up in Cebu City

Freelancer Challenges to Know

Can You Trust Them?

Probably the biggest problem is that you really have no idea who this person is. You have to put a lot of trust in them. You need to give them access to your code, databases, etc. If they disappear, you have no one to contact to figure out what is going on.

Hiring Them is a Lot of Work!

Just like hiring any employee, it can be a lot of work recruiting, screening, interviewing, doing background checks, and everything else you need to do when hiring an employee. This is even more difficult when the person is all the way around the world.

Infrastructure Challenges

The first thing you need to realize is that the Philippines, and many other places in Asia, do not have the same infrastructure that countries like the United States and others have. Blackouts and internet problems are a common occurrence in the Philippines.

If your employees are working out of their homes, especially outside larger cities, they are likely to have some problems with power and internet from time to time.

In-Person vs Remote Team

If you hire 2-3 freelancers and they all work at home, you will miss out on them being able to work side-by-side in an office somewhere. Tools like Slack, Skype, and others make it possible, but there is still something about working side-by-side with someone that helps share knowledge and foster team building.

Missing Employee Benefits

Just like in the U.S. and other places, freelancers also don’t get important employee benefits. Your Filipino employees really want HMO health insurance and other benefits you probably can’t provide. The lack of benefits can make it hard to find top talent.

Freelancers Final Thought

Freelancers are a good solution if you have a small project or you aren’t sure how long you will keep them working on your project. If you want to build a team of developers and use them long-term, there are a ton of advantages to using an offshore development company.

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Using a Philippines Offshore Development Company

If you are looking to really scale your development team in the Philippines, using an offshore development company is your best bet. Full Scale is one such company, and our goal is to provide a world-class work environment for our employees so that we can provide you with world-class talent from the Philippines.

There are a few advantages and benefits of using an offshore company to hire developers in the Philippines.

Turn Key Solution

Let’s be honest, hiring people can be a huge pain in the neck. The good news is, you tell us what kind of skill sets you are looking for and we go find them for you. Need a full stack Ruby developer with React experience? No problem.

We handle all of the recruiting, screening, interviews, etc. We even do background checks.

We also provide all the office space, computer equipment, fast internet, redundant power, and everything else they need. We even take care of all the HR junk nobody wants to do.

You just tell us what you are looking for in a developer, then they show up and write code. If you don’t like them, no problem, we will find someone else! It is almost magic.

Work with Someone You Can Trust

Work with Someone You Can Trust

Let’s be honest, trusting random freelancers who work halfway across the world takes a leap of faith. By working with an offshore development company, you have an entire company that you can trust, or at the very least, hold accountable.

Full Scale was started by 2 serial entrepreneurs in the U.S. who needed to build their own development teams in the Philippines. Full Scale’s services have to work for us, and we stand behind it to make sure it works for you.

Full Scale’s executive team is located in Kansas City. Want to come visit us? No problem!

All Full Scale employees must pass a background check and are required to sign employment contracts. These contracts cover things like confidentiality, IP assignment, non-compete, and non-solicitation. Our Filipino corporation has full recourse with our (your) employees if anything should ever occur.

Scale Up & Down

We have a lot of developers on staff and we are always hiring. It is easy for us to work with you to quickly scale your team up or perhaps even scale it down. Your team will all work together in the same office. They will eat free lunch together every day.

Need a couple more developers for a few months? No problem.

Leverage Part-Time Expertise & Resources

At Full Scale, we do more than help you build a software development team. We also have resources available for QA, graphics design, content writing, digital marketing and much more.

The good news is you can take advantage of those resources on an ad hoc basis. That is an amazing benefit that you definitely don’t get with freelancers.

Retaining Your Talent

Our number one job is to find talented software developers in the Philippines and keep them. A lot of companies treat offshore developers like cattle and make them work in what practically looks like a call center. Some of them are forced to share desks and even computers. Yuck. That is the opposite of what everyone wants.

At Full Scale, we treat our employees like racehorses. It starts with paying them very competitively and probably a little over market rate. We provide them with a very nice office environment, a dedicated workspace, excellent computers, and additional office perks.

We want the work environment to be a little more like working in Silicon Valley. We also provide free meals, snacks, drinks, parking (or transportation allowance), and even a free, weekly massage.

Finding good developers is hard. It is our goal to keep them and minimize turnover that could affect your company and team.


Software developers are very hard to find these days in the U.S., UK, Australia, and many other places around the world. The economy is booming and there just isn’t enough talent to be found.

Freelancers are a good solution if you have a really small and quick project. If you are looking to build a long term team of developers, Full Scale can help!

The Philippines is an excellent place to build an offshore development team. The owners of Full Scale have been hiring developers in the Philippines since 2009. Learn more about why we chose Cebu City, Philippines.

Contact us now to start building your team!