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Hiring Filipino Software Developers
2021-07-02 /

6 Reasons Startups Hire Software Developers in the Philippines

Are you looking for qualified developers? When faced with this challenge, one solution might be offshoring. Take a look at the reasons why startups hire software developers from the Philippines.

Many companies use offshore talent to take care of the financial health of the company. Offshoring is only one of the many solutions to cut costs. With that, many startups are now hiring software developers in the Philippines. Why?

The Philippines is one of the most popular countries for offshoring software development. Aside from the low-cost margin, there is almost no difference in the quality of work. More Filipino software developers are stepping up to be globally competent. So, how can you sift out the best ones?

Qualified Software Teams are Not Easy to Find

Generally, putting together a software team is not that easy. They have to be suitable for the project. But there is an easy way to find qualified software developers in the Philippines. 

Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Define the goal and requirements of your software product. 
  • Know what technologies are available. This will help you choose the best developer with the right expertise.
  • Make sure you know the market you will be selling the product to.

Knowing your goal will help build your software product. Your software team must be able to deliver. So why are startups hiring Filipino developers?

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire Filipino Software Developers

With the government’s strong support, the Philippine IT industry is evolving to service various industries. Here are the top reasons why more startups are offshoring in the Philippines:

Massive Talent Pool

There is a shortage of software developers globally. ManpowerGroup released a talent shortage report in the US. It revealed that 69% of US employers are having a hard time recruiting talent. Among the top 10 are tech positions.

There are over 2000 Philippine Universities that produce graduates in IT. The talent produced eventually flourish in their respective professions. Later on, offshore companies hire them to provide you with experienced and qualified developers.

Offshoring companies assess the software developers for you. They usually have a hiring process, so you won’t have to do it yourself. This helps filter the software developers’ technical capabilities and expertise.

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Dedicated Employees

Filipino software developers know how competitive the global market can be. They make sure that they uphold a high standard of professionalism and deliver the necessary work when needed. 

When working with software developers, you need a dedicated team that will help you reach your goals. Not only that, you have to know if your team has a proven sense of accountability. That’s why many startup founders work with their trusted offshoring companies.

Great Communicators

Not only are Filipino software developers qualified to do technical work, but they also have a good command of speaking English. Essentially, you would want to communicate with your software teams. Having that soft skill, Filipino developers make it easier for you to interact with them.

Time-zone adaptability

Time zones might pose a challenge when working with offshore teams. Filipino software developers are flexible with their work schedules so they can work closely with their clients. Other than that, offshoring companies usually operate 24/7.

You can strategically plan out how your software teams will work together. Your local team might have unfinished tasks. They can hand it over to your offshore team, so there is a continuous flow of work throughout the project.

Employ Passion in their Work

Finding team members who are passionate about their work is rare. Filipinos are known for their dedication and hard work. They are also super curious about technical advancements and are up-to-date. 

Working with offshoring companies helps ensure that your software team gets the proper training needed for your project. Talk about being efficient!

Quality Software Developers in the Philippines

The Proven Value of Filipino Software Developers 

Finding the right software developers for your team is no easy task. Getting into the hiring process is not a walk in the park either. One solution for that big of a challenge is to hire offshore talent.

The Philippine IT industry shows no signs of slowing down. Backed up with the government’s support, you can be sure that there will be more advancements to come. Filipino software developers are competing at a global scale.

If you want to find quality software developers, partner with an experienced offshoring company like Full Scale. We have just the right pool of Filipino software developers you can work with. Our rigorous hiring process includes a technical assessment, so you can be sure that your software teams know what they’re doing.

Work with our dedicated software team who shares your passion. Talk to us, and let us find you a software team today!

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