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2021-09-29 /

What is a Golang Developer and What Do they Do?

What is a Golang developer? Should you hire one for your business? Let’s learn what Go programming is all about and why it’s becoming the go-to choice for large corporations.

Speed and performance are the crucial points of a business application. To attract and keep customers, your software must be performing top-notch. By employing the latest technologies and best development practices, you impress customers and even other companies to your business. Nonetheless, this is easier said than done.

Even with the abundance of tools and frameworks, it remains a challenge to create a flawless application. After all, there is no such thing as error-free software. You’d still have to debug, maintain, and upgrade your software long after its launch.

This is why choosing the right technology is crucial. When you’ve got a good foundation, it’s easier to support and scale. You start by laying a strong and reliable groundwork, aka your codebase.

And when it comes to writing code, the Go programming language is gaining a lot of popularity for business use. You may want to add a Go developer to your team.

The GoLang Trend

Golang developers are gaining significant attention from several large enterprises. You’ve got companies like American Express, Uber, Netflix, and Paypal using Go.

These corporations have large-scale operations that need an extremely strong backend system to support them. And Go happens to be one of the fastest and most convenient languages to create, maintain and upgrade a system.

But before we jump on to the whole tech trend, let’s learn more about Go.   

What is GoLang?

To start off, Golang is officially called Go. Google had a hard time securing the domain name for their website and had to settle for golang.org.

This inadvertently became the more popular label. Since it became pretty convenient as a tag, especially on Twitter, the terms are now used interchangeably.

So, what is Go?

Go is a simple, efficient, and reliable programming language. It’s relatively new compared to other languages, having been released as an open-source project in 2012.

It was created because Google’s database and infrastructure were rapidly growing. And they were all having a hard time keeping up with the complexities that came with the growth.

A Golang developer can create web pages and software products quite easily using Go’s language. They can scale it quite fast, too. Hence, if you’re expecting to manage large operations, then hiring a Golang developer is a good idea.

Using Golang for Development

Now that we know about Golang, it’s time to address the next question. Should you use it for your project? It depends.

Go is a fantastic language in and of itself, but it might not be the best fit for certain projects. It’s perfect for situations where servers must handle a high volume of requests due to high traffic. Go’s concurrency model and memory footprint makes it great for those heavy workloads.

A Golang developer can create web pages and software products quite easily using Go’s language. They can scale it quite fast, too. Hence, if you’re expecting to manage large operations, then hiring a Golang developer is a good idea.

However, Go is not ideal for businesses that aren’t yet established. It’s also not the right language to use in creating a product demo for investors. Early-stage businesses don’t need to spend their resources employing Go in their system. They’re better off developing other areas of their operations. Go only comes in handy when scaling.  

How to Find and Hire a Golang Developer

If you’ve decided to go with a Go programmer (pun intended), there are certain things you must consider when it comes to hiring them.

One, what qualities and skills should you look for? Well, Go is an easy language to learn. Developers who have experience in using the C language will have a great advantage.

It follows the same basic syntax as C, with input from languages like Pascal, Oberon, and Modula. Other than that, a Go developer should have basic skills in scripting, application design, Git, and other DevOps practices.

Next, consider the goals of your project. Your candidate must be able to maximize the benefits of Go in terms of speed and functionality. The strength of Go is providing a neat and manageable code base. Hence, your Go developer should be able to follow the principles and practice of writing clean code.   

Lastly, Go developers are quite challenging to find. And the high demand for them doesn’t make it easier. With the talent shortage of developers in the US, it will be tricky to even gather qualified candidates. You may have to expand your search to other places.

Outsourcing a Go Developer

Since Go developers are scarce, you should consider outsourcing them. Many companies have been outsourcing developers so they can build a more diverse team of experts.

Outsourcing gives you access to a larger talent pool and professionals with more affordable rates. Countries like the Philippines, for example, have a rich IT hub to draw from.

However, you have to be strategic in what aspects of your project you want to outsource. Some companies would outsource their entire development team, while others would only employ a few additional developers. Also, you must take into account how you’ll manage an external team.

If you’ve never done outsourcing before, we recommend tapping the help of an outsourcing company like Full Scale.  

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