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What is a JavaScript Developer?

Software development terminologies can be confusing. So today, we’ll answer, “What is a JavaScript developer?” This is helpful for entrepreneurs who need JavaScript services but may be unfamiliar with the qualities and responsibilities these particular developers tend to embody.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages today. In the data released by, 64.96% of developers worldwide are using it. JavaScript easily tops the list of most used languages of 2021. Another survey discovered that 48% of recruiters are looking for developers with JavaScript capabilities.

However, despite its popularity, many confuse JavaScript with Java. Some people assume that these two are similar due to their related names. And, they also tend to believe that a Java developer is the same professional that works on JavaScript projects.

This article will help clarify what exactly JavaScript development is and a JavaScript developer’s job description and qualifications. We’re going to tackle the following topics:

JavaScript: Overview of the Language

JavaScript is an interpreted high-level, prototype-based OOP language. It was initially developed for web browsers to make applications responsive and interactive. Data estimated that over 97% of websites worldwide utilize the programming language.

Moreover, due to its many developments, it has become a core component for servers and applications through NodeJS. With UI frameworks like AngularJS, it can also be useful for back-end implementation.

Many tech giants use JavaScript for various reasons. Google, Facebook, PayPal, Groupon, Uber, eBay, and Netflix all use the programming language in their products. Like Babylon and Kiwi, some game engines also integrate JavaScript into their development to customize gameplay.

But aside from web applications, what types of products can you build with JavaScript? Check out the list below. 

  • Websites
  • Web server apps and web servers
  • Mobile apps
  • Gaming apps
  • IoT systems
  • Presentations 
  • Drone and robotic systems
  • Virtual reality systems

What Is A JavaScript Developer?

Most often, JavaScript developers work on front-end development tasks. They manage the implementation of logic that handles the behavior of the web application’s elements. The professional is also responsible for connecting this logic with back-end services.

In a development ecosystem, JavaScript developers work together with designers and other front-end developers. This way, the code they write can help enhance web applications’ user experience and responsiveness. And in turn, users enjoy seamless interactions with the web page as they browse or input any data.

Now, JavaScript developers may have to juggle various tasks in a project. A developer may oversee the creation and maintenance of the entire web application. However, they can also work on just a specific page. So, here are some standard tasks fulfilled by the developer’s role in the whole development lifecycle.

  • Create and develop code for the web application that support client, stakeholder, and end-user requirements
  • Collaborate with web designers, UI/UX designers, and other developers to design and implement end-to-end systems and solutions that meet industry standards
  • Create prototypes of innovative concepts and designs
  • Assist during code testing, debugging, and deployment of improvements and fixes
  • Help build reusable code and libraries for future team use
  • Analyze code requirements, system risks, and app reliability 
  • Help deploy code to the live environment
  • Adhere to the best practices of development methodologies while continuously staying on top of JavaScript news and updates

What makes a great JavaScript developer?

Recruitment requires time and money to be spent by a company. Hence, you need to hire the right JavaScript developer for your startup or corporation. It will increase productivity and efficiency and open more opportunities for your business. 

Though it begs the question, how can you recognize top JavaScript developers? What qualities do you need to dive into during resume screening, technical assessment, or potentially an interview?

Academic Background

A computer science degree or equivalent is an advantage in the tech industry. However, it is not the only way to become a developer. Now, companies are also hiring skilled candidates with other academic degrees. 

Since there is a rise in self-learning resources, many have taught themselves how to code using JavaScript. So as long as the candidate has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field, you may want to consider the candidate for the position.

Technical JavaScript Developer Skills

A great JavaScript developer lives and breathes core language expertise. The professional must understand its paradigm and control flow. Aside from an in-depth programming language knowledge, here are additional technical skills that prove to be helpful:

  • Knowledge of client-side frameworks, such as AngularJS, Ember, Backbone, Knockout, and ReactJS
  • Know-how on asynchronous programming and other higher-order functions
  • Expertise in writing cross-browser code for applications and websites
  • Proficiency in tools (e.g., NodeJS), control systems (e.g., Git, Redux), and libraries (e.g., jQuery)

Preferential Qualifications

There are many qualifications you can review based on your company’s discretion. But here are some general requirements that most job ads contain.

  • Several years working with JavaScript development projects along with HTML, CSS, and jQuery, among others
  • Ability to work in your preferred development environment, like Agile and CICD
  • Relevant experience in debugging and optimization

List of JavaScript Developer Soft Skills

To hire top talent, don’t dismiss the advantages the right soft skills can bring to the table. You should consider looking into these professional qualities in a developer.

  1. Communication skills—The JavaScript developer must effectively communicate with clients and other people involved in the project. Hence, excellent written and oral communication skills come in handy.
  2. Team player—No developer is an island, even in an offshore team setup. Thus, the willingness to collaborate and maintain a positive team spirit goes a long way in ensuring a strong internal work environment.
  3. Creativity—JavaScript developers do not handle heavy design tasks. However, they still need to deal with web designers and UI/UX concerns. Hence, it is useful to have a creative mindset to support front-end development and web app deployment.
  4. Passion for JavaScript—When developers are passionate about the programming language, they go above and beyond in their work. Securing passionate JavaScript developers makes it easier to resolve issues and focus on innovative ideas for future uses.
  5. Time management skills—Oftentimes, JavaScript developers need to be responsible for many tasks simultaneously. It’s beneficial for your business if the professional knows how to prioritize and deliver on goals within the deadline.
  6. High analytical and problem-solving skills—In certain circumstances, a developer has to think on one’s feet. For this reason alone, the professional should be highly analytical and decisive in circumventing the problems at hand. 
  7. Growth mindset—The professional needs to stay on top of JavaScript updates and developments to stay relevant. The developer can make the development process easier by creating a high-quality application upon learning new things.

Work with Offshore JavaScript Developers

Do you need a JavaScript developer at your company? Data says (and most anyone in the tech scene) there’s a current shortage of developers in the market.

CodinGame’s Tech Hiring Survey 2022 surveyed approximately 14,000 developers and recruiters. And according to the results, almost 50% of hiring managers run into problems in finding qualified candidates. How can growing companies address this recruitment issue?

Hire offshore JavaScript developers for your projects! There are many benefits to hiring offshore, such as:

  • Cut down the development cost since an offshore developer’s salary rate is lower compared to onshore and nearshore developers.
  • Find the right talent in a shorter period. There is a broader talent pool to tap if you’re not limited geographically.
  • Shorten the recruitment time, allowing you to start dev work according to schedule.
  • Structure your team based on your needs. Whether you need an entire team right away or start with just one developer, options are available. 

Are you in need of JavaScript developer recruitment assistance?

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