Best App Ideas for 2022

10 App Ideas for 2022

Having the best app ideas is an essential part of any business nowadays. Leveraging the advancement of technologies through app development is a sure way to elevate your business. Here are some of the most innovative app ideas for 2022.

Developing mobile apps is now an essential part of any business to keep up with the market demand. Statistica’s latest figure shows that there are currently over 6.055b billion smartphone users around the world. Additionally, mobile apps will generate revenue of $935 billion by 2023.

These figures alone tell the significance of mobile apps for any enterprise. But how do you know when your app ideas are good? First, you have to study the mobile application trends.

Mobile App Trends You Should Know

With the emergence of new technologies and methodologies, application development has become affordable and accessible to all types of businesses. However, not all applications are made equal. Here are the top trends in mobile app development that you should keep in mind when looking for app ideas:

1. Emergence of 5G

The 5th generation mobile connectivity standard or 5G is already starting to replace 4G. Experts believe that this will herald the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Why? It’s because 5G brings the combination of extremely low latency (less than a millisecond), connection density, and high bandwidth. These characteristics will open new possibilities in augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and more. Thus, your mobile app ideas should leverage the strengths of 5G.

2. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a mix between applications and web pages. They are basically web pages that have the functions of applications. Hence, they are easier and faster to develop. Unlike native apps, PWAs are less dependent on the Internet, have faster loading times, and are much smaller. Additionally, Progressive Web Apps are also adaptable for quicker updates.

3. Wearables

Spending on wearables will reach $81.5 billion by the end of 2021 according to forecasts. The global pandemic helped activity and health trackers like smartwatches to the forefront in app development. This is because these wearables can monitor physiological data in real-time. Therefore, app ideas that work seamlessly on mobile, desktop, and wearables are a strong trend in the coming years.

4. AI and ML

More and more applications are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) nowadays. ML and AI help reduce errors on tasks and repetitive processes. Additionally, both AI and ML also help companies to customize their services. For example, some fast-food chains personalize their drive-thru menus according to factors such as time, weather, and more.

5. Blockchain

Blockchain helps in securing data, whether it’s transactions or records. During the global pandemic, many organizations also used blockchain in tracking, data-sharing, and record-keeping. Your app ideas should leverage the benefits of blockchain.

These are just five of the many trends in mobile application development to keep in mind when looking for new ideas.

Best App Ideas for 2022

Coming up with business-changing ideas is very difficult. That is why you always have to consider the latest trends in technologies and mobile application development. Here are some of the best app ideas for 2022:

1. Blockchain Tax or Invoicing Apps

Doing tax returns is a time-consuming and expensive task, whether for personal or business. A good expense management app to answer this problem is a tax and invoicing application that uses blockchain technology. Taking care of your customers’ financial tasks will be easier with this kind of app.

2. Health Apps

With the latest development in technologies, health apps are now possible. By taking advantage of AI, ML, and the likes, you can develop applications that monitor users’ health.

Additionally, using wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers will make your app more accessible.

3. Travel Apps with AR and VR

There are many stories of tourists complaining that their accommodations are far from what they see on websites. You can offer solutions to these problems through travel apps that use artificial reality and virtual reality technologies.

These app ideas will be helpful to both tourists and hospitality establishments. Hotels and resorts can give virtual tours to their prospective clients. This way, tourists can be sure that they get what they paid for.

4. Real Estate Apps with AR and VR

How about allowing real estate companies to give a property tour without the actual viewing tour? More real estate companies are using virtual property tours. But, most of these are through videos. 

Your organization can develop real estate apps that use AR and VR for virtual tours with the latest technology development. This app will enable clients to check properties through their mobile phones before they decide to purchase, lease, or rent one.

5. Chatbots

Customers are demanding 24/7 service. In addition, studies show that a rising number of consumers prefer dealing with chatbots instead of actual virtual agents.

Hosting chatbots for startups is a great app idea. Your organization can help businesses and startups by developing their chatbots, or develop for your own business.

6. Digital and Smart Receipt Apps

One of the great app ideas for business is a digital and smart receipt app. This mobile app can help companies save a lot of time. It can generate various receipts, such as payment method, tax, price, and more. Plus, this app can help track expenses and provide reports.

7. Calendar and Scheduler Apps with AI

There are many calendars and scheduler apps available in app stores these days. However, calendars and schedulers that use artificial intelligence are far and few in between.

Using AI in your calendar and scheduler applications will take insights and optimize the users’ schedules. Your apps will help users save more time in their busy schedules.

8. Service Finder Apps

People are on their mobile gadgets these days. They also use it to find what they need. You can also provide people with apps to find and book services near them, such as house cleaning, lawn mowing, etc.

By leveraging geolocation in your service finder apps, users can quickly find what they need with a tap of a button.

9. Scan and Shop Apps

Most shopping apps only allow users to find what they are looking for through searching in a search bar. This shopping app will make use of machine learning, AI, and AR to let users scan an item and provide them with similar options. They can then choose one of the options and buy it through the app.

10. eLearning Apps

Another great app idea is eLearning mobile applications. Using the latest technologies, such as AR, AI, and 5G, educational institutions can use these apps for remote learning. As more schools and colleges offer online and remote classes, developing eLearning apps is a good venture for the coming years.

In this digital and technological world, people rely on software and applications that help them accomplish tasks. Coming up with app ideas may be challenging. However, by studying the latest development trends, you can predict which apps will be in demand.

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From Idea to Development

Finding app ideas is just the first step. Your next step should be finding the right mobile app developers to turn your ideas into reality. Looking for the best developers may be easy at first glance. However, you have to consider many things, from the cost to the technologies and tools they use. Find the best app developers that understand what your app is all about.

With these in mind, Full Scale is the right software application development partner for you. Our developers, programmers, and digital specialists are always on top of the latest technical development trends. We make sure to apply the latest technologies and tools to ensure that we can make your app ideas a reality.

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