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How to Find the Right Python Developer for your Business
2019-06-03 /

How to Find the Right Python Developers for your Business

Is your company looking for the best Python developers? Look no further. This article will give you the best tips in finding the right Python expert for all kinds of short to large-scale projects.

Python has become one of the most popular programming languages today. Over the past years, Python turned up as a major force in machine learning, data science, software development system automation, infrastructure development, and so on.

Due to its easy-to-understand concept and straightforward simplicity, it’s no wonder why Python development is one of the most sought-after technical skills among beginners and expert developers. If you’re reading this because you’re looking to hire Python developers, understand that finding them is only one part of the journey.

It would be beneficial to have a deep grasp of what Python skills really are before hiring a Python developer. Only then can you be sure that you understand the candidate you’re searching for, which can result in hiring the best web developer that suits your business needs.

Skills Needed to be a Python Developer

Aside from the fundamental skills such as the ability to create, solve problems, analyze and carry out algorithms, and successfully fine-tune code, a Python developer is expected to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the following:

  • Python syntax and semantics
  • Basic Python concepts
  • Python frameworks – Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc.
  • Object Relational Mapper
  • Front-end web applications – CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Python multi-process architecture and threading limitations
  • Integration of RESTful API and other databases
  • Developing Python applications
  • System Administration  
  • Server-side templating languages
  • Unit testing and debugging
  • Optimizing data depending on the platform (desktop and mobile)
  • Other relevant skills: user authentication, authorization, security, design concepts, and building database schemas
  • Operating Systems – Chrome, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, etc.

What Candidates Look for in Python Job Opportunities

To search and hire Python developers, you need to also understand how candidates assess job opportunities available to them. Here are some things you might consider before hiring someone for this role.

  • Opportunities for growth – Just as with any developers, Python developers want to know if the team they intend to join are open to the idea of learning something new. So, make sure that not only do you have an active knowledge base related to this job, you provide an opportunity for the team to learn new things to become better at their tasks.
  • Jobs that really use Python – There are job openings that may use Python scripts but the main job uses another language. This may seem obvious, but most Python developers want to harness their expertise on Python-related jobs.
  • Commitment to Open Source – It’s of great advantage if companies use Open Source libraries and support contributions such as fixing bugs into the project.

Which is the Best Way to Hire Python Developers?

The most common ways to find Python developers are in-house employees, freelance basis, and through an offshore web development company. The path you decide to take will depend on some factors:

  • What your budget is for this role
  • How soon do you need to hire someone
  • Whether you have the time and know-how to screen, test and interview candidates
  • How critical are quality and consistency to your projects
  • Your desire and aptitude to lead and manage projects

Freelance and In-House Python Developers

Hiring freelance and in-house developers can prove to be successful when you have the ability and experience in recruiting a Python developer. While both have unique advantages, they also have their limitations. Keep in mind, that you might also need help from other experts such as a project manager and quality assurance specialist to complete the project.

With freelancers, you’ll find that it would be difficult to arrange ongoing maintenance since freelancers may have other commitments. This could mean that when bugs are detected, you will have to hire someone else to fix them.

Web Development Company

There’s no doubt that freelancers offer a more affordable option to save on costs. However, a low-cost option does not guarantee the best value when it comes to running a project. The cost of hiring through an offshore web development company may cost more at the start, but you are assured of a quality product that costs less in the long term to meet the required standard.

A freelance or in-house developer may be an expert in certain areas, while a third-party web development company provides a pool of experts, with skills and experiences across different roles such as project managers, designers, developers, and quality assurance specialists. They are also up-to-speed with the latest tech trends and offer advanced solutions to problems.

In addition, a web development company will have a consistent and organized workflow, with as little input from the client to build the product. Expect that they have higher quality control, standards, and reliability when it comes to communicating issues and results.

Best Sites to Find Python Developers

Nowadays, it’s much easier to find Python developers and screen candidates as there are several job portals to choose from. Here are the best places to access quality Python developers.


It prides itself as an exclusive network of the top 3% of software developers, designers, project managers, product and finance experts. They are known for their elite pool of talent as only the top-caliber applicants made it all the way through their rigorous vetting process.  Some top tech companies hire freelancers from Toptal to work on short to long-term projects.

Stack Overflow

It is one of the largest and most visited online communities for anyone who likes to learn how to code, share their knowledge and help community members build their careers. Stack Overflow partners with companies to help them to understand their needs and hire the best developers.

We Work Remotely

From the name itself, it is a job board dedicated to remote work. So, if hiring local applicants or freelancers is not an option for you, We Work Remotely is the way to go. It costs $299 per month to post a job ad in this site.


With Hired, they simplify the recruitment process by taking the headache out of matching candidates with the right company. As an employer, you can search through their sophisticated search algorithms, then send an interview request to potential candidates.


If you’re not keen on hiring remote or local developers, you can try freelancers overseas. Upwork is great for short-term projects, recurring tasks, or full-time Python projects. Posting job ads are free. Freelancers then send their proposals by bidding. You can also check out their reviews and past works.

GitHub Jobs

To save you time weeding out unrelated CVs and resumes, you’re better off with job boards especially suited for tech talent. Just like Stack Overflow, Github is a huge developer community and attracts millions of visits every day. Create listings for Python developer jobs and take advantage of Github’s exposure from its massive community.


Intended as a marketplace for employers and freelancers, Guru boasts of 3+ million profiles of freelancers or ‘gurus’ worldwide. It has the same concept as UpWork, although they have less member count than the latter. This is not strictly for software developers as you will find jobs posts related to sales, digital marketing, and general administration.


As its community of open-source software developers sees exponential growth annually, it’s not surprising why Gun.io has become a go-to place for both developers to find the best gigs.

Their community of freelancers goes through a triple vetting process: technical assessment, character assessment, and full reference check to ensure that clients only work with dedicated freelancers with senior-level skills and experience.


With more than 25 million registered users, Freelancer is one of the biggest contenders in the highly competitive freelancing economy. Due to its sheer size, you might have to sift through thousands of profiles, screen, interview candidates, and arrange payments on your own. For those looking for affordable options for short-term commitments or contract work, Freelancer is a great place to start with.

Remote Python

If you want to cut through the chase and focus solely on finding the right Python developer, then you’ll find Remote Python to be just what you need. It lets you post job ads that parallel with their guidelines.

Since most or all of the Python developers from this community are not vetted, you need to do the screening and vetting process yourself. You can supplement your talent search by browsing on profiles and then you can contact them directly.

Technical Interview and Screening

As it’s often hard to gauge a candidate’s skills based on CV alone, IT recruiters supplement their hiring process by conducting interviews and tests. These interviews allow them to ask questions about the candidate’s Python skills and experience.

Some companies often conduct phone or video interviews as a basis of whether to invite candidates for an on-site interview. We recommend that you prepare questions based on the position, their work experience, knowledge, and biggest achievements from previous work to know the candidate better.

Also, don’t limit yourself to Python-related interview questions. Extend your questions to include their communication skills, decision-making process, and project management skills.

Online coding tests can be a great way to screen candidates after reviewing their resumes and conducting interviews. Some companies even start with coding tests when screening for Python developers. In this way, they will filter candidates who passed the tests, proving their skills in Python development.

Hiring Only the Best

Hiring the best Python developer is by no means an easy task. In fact, recruiting top talent is another great skill in and of itself. While there are challenges in hiring a web developer, there are platforms to guide you along the way.

These job boards and marketplaces we’ve mentioned are designed to best serve you depending on your needs and situation. However, for huge projects that require a long-term commitment and high-level vetting process, consider hiring through an offshore software development company. They do everything for you–from screening, testing, interviewing, job offer, and even payroll. This will ensure that you can focus on growing your business.

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