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What is the job description of a Python Developer?
2022-03-21 /

Python Developer Job Description

Looking for a quality Python developer job description? Today we’ll learn the details about this position and create a sample job description template. Let’s go!

Python is one of today’s most popular programming languages. With its multiple applications in server-side logic and data science, businesses are leveraging it to build cutting-edge technology.

With its popularity comes the rise in demand for Python experts. In this entry, we’ll discuss the fundamental step in recruitment which is defining the position’s job description. Later on, we’ll present an example of a Python developer job description ad. Here are the key points of the discussion:

Before we get into the job description, it’s important to understand the nature of Python.

A Background on Python

The Python Software Foundation is the organization that powers Python. In essence, Python is an object-oriented programming language that is high-level and dynamic.

Developers use Python because of its many advantages. For one, it is easy to learn. Because it is high-level, Python syntaxes are straightforward and easy to remember. There is also a myriad of Python frameworks and libraries that make Python development scalable and innovative.

Some of Python’s common applications include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, game development, and more.

What Makes An Effective Python Developer Job Description?

Now that we’ve had an overview of Python, we can now move on to the Python developer job description. First, a high-level definition:

“Python developers are programming experts who specialize in building and testing server-side web application logic in Python.”

On a more practical level, an effective job description should clearly define the requirements and expectations for the position and should accomplish two main things:

  1. Get qualified job seekers excited about the position
  2. Get unqualified people to self-select out of applying, so nobody is wasting their time. 

To accomplish the above goals, the job description should cover the following:

  • Company introduction – Tell a bit about your team, culture, industry, and the challenges you are working to solve
  • Description of the role – A few sentences describing the specific position and attributes of a successful candidate
  • Responsibilities – A bulleted list of tasks and functions that will make up the bulk of the new hire’s day-to-day work
  • Qualifications – Specific experience required (or desired) to be successful in this role. This may include education, certifications, years of relevant experience, knowledge of specific software, frameworks, or libraries. You may also indicate related soft skills or domain knowledge specific to the position
  • (Optional) Compensation, benefits, perks, and other reasons to apply – As a potential employer, you’re inviting candidates to be a part of your team! Why should they be excited about the prospect of joining your company?

When creating the job ad, you’re also setting the standard for the candidate that you will hire. So make sure that the details provided are reasonable and relevant to your project.

Sample: Python Developer Job Description Template

Using the steps above, let’s create a sample job description for the Python dev position. The sample below is for a software company with clients in e-commerce.

Sample Python Developer Job Description:

Our company
At [company name], we provide data analytics services to our clients in the e-commerce industry. We foster a healthy working environment by offering flexible work arrangements. Our employees also enjoy salary packages that are above the market rate. We also implement performance-based incentives for exceptional employees and time-off benefits for all. Join us today!
We’re looking for
We are looking for a passionate Python developer who can work collaboratively with different kinds of developers and leads. Their main responsibility will be building and maintaining server-side applications in Python. They will also support the needs of the user-facing side of the system. The candidate must have the ability to be both technically and socially proficient to deliver the best product.
Python Developer Responsibilities:
As part of our team, you will:
• Write structured, clean, reusable, and testable code using Python
• Implement well-designed, high-performance applications for the server-side
• Integrate user-facing components built by front-end developers with the logic of the back-end
• Manage data storage and solutions for application robustness
• Implement security and data protection functions
• Translate client requirements into properly structured server-side logic
• Test own code and peer-review output from fellow developers
• Work closely with the product owner to cross-check system logic vs. the requirements [or something else specific]
Python Developer Job Requirements
We want Python developers with 
• Expertise in Python and its Django framework [or another framework you use]
• Experience with Object Relational Mapper (OPM) libraries
• Knowledge of the threading functions of Python and its limitations 
• Basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
• Mastery in user authentication and authorization between multiple applications and environments
• [X] years of experience in Python development
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Degree in computer science or related field is a plus
• Ability to collaborate on projects and work independently when required

Hire a Python Developer Today

The above should serve as an effective outline for a Python developer job description. Be sure to customize it to the specific needs of your company. That way, it’s easier to filter the candidates that meet your needs.

Now, you’re ready to proceed with the next step which is to hire a Python developer

The hiring process is a tedious and time-consuming process. You need to go through market research, Python developer interviews, background checks, skills assessment, and more.

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