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Practical Tips When Hiring Top Python Offshore Developers
2021-11-02 /

Hire Top Offshore Python Developers

Entrepreneurs looking to develop their businesses through software can use the help of offshore Python developers. Find out what these professionals can do for your organization, and how to manage them. 

Now, Python has achieved an enormous feat that no other programming language has done yet. In October 2021, TIOBE Index has announced that Python has ended a two-decade hegemony of C and Java. For reference, TIOBE ranks programming languages according to popularity based on various factors. 

That is why there is a rising demand for offshore Python developers. More businesses have now discovered the programming language’s advantages on software development. So an influx of offshore Python development projects is also sprouting.  It doesn’t come as a surprise since the programming language is easy to learn and flexible to use.

If you’re also considering hiring offshore Python developers, then you should get to know the key facts before taking the first step. This way, you know your options in accomplishing your offshore Python development project.

Aside from these things, here are other topics that will be discussed in this article:

  1. Overview of Python As A Programming Language
  2. Options to Consider When Hiring Python Developers
  3. Offshore Python Developers and Their Skills
  4. Tips on Team Management: Offshore Python Development Project
  5. Work with offshore Python Developers at Full Scale Today

Overview of Python As A Programming Language

Python is an open-source language for cross-platform projects. It can function on Linux, Windows, Mac, and Raspberry Pi. But what makes it different from other programming languages? 

Reasons Why Python Is Popular

Most developers love Python because of its efficiency booster. Since they don’t have to compile code, it shortens the time necessary for testing, editing, and debugging. 

If you need to debug the program, the interpreter will raise an exception when it discovers a bug in the code. And when there are no errors detected, the interpreter proceeds to print a stack trace. Most importantly, a source-level debugger allows the developer to do the following:

  • Inspect local and global variables
  • Set breakpoints
  • Evaluate arbitrary expressions
  • Review code one line at a time

Specific Uses of Python In Industries

With its benefits, many industries are using Python for innovative development. For instance, it is used in education, finance, and healthcare. Some examples of these projects are web development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Python is also popular in projects that handle big pools of data, such as scientific computing and academic research. No wonder Google, Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, and Dropbox utilize the programming language to power their product’s functionalities. 

Options to Consider When Hiring Python Developers

In 2021, the estimated IT expenditure on software worldwide is around 517 billion U.S. dollars. That is why it’s not surprising that software developers are in high demand right now. However, if you’re a business owner looking for talent, this proves a challenge. 

According to an article in Forbes, there’s a scarcity of developers today. The number of highly qualified developers is already thin. Add in the competition of businesses to nab them in, it almost sounds impossible to hire one.

This is a problem especially for startups competing with established companies that can afford a more enticing compensation package.

Onshore vs. Offshore

If you’re looking for talent, you can choose between hiring onshore or offshore Python developers. Both have pros and cons. Let’s delve further.

Hiring Onshore Python Developer: Pros and Cons

When you hire locally, you can enjoy the advantages of having a closer-to-home work setup. There is no need to consider the timezone and cultural differences in managing a team. 

Collaboration is possible by being in the same office or by traveling to a nearby location. Most of all, with fewer iterations, you can communicate your project requirements to your team easily. Now, hiring onshore Python developers also comes with two specific disadvantages.

  • Limited talent pool to tap – A shrinking number of qualified developers can greatly affect your recruitment plans.
  • Rushed hiring decisions – When you need to hire quickly, this may push you to hire the available ones even when they aren’t a great fit for your company.

Hire Offshore Python Developers: Pros and Cons

Hiring an offshore Python developer means taking advantage of its many benefits. 

  • Wide talent pool As you search for talent outside your country, you gain access to a wider option of developers. 
  • Highly scalable team – Scale your team according to your present needs. Managing the right number of people in your team is a flexibility that you can afford when you hire offshore.
  • Lower offshore Python developer rate – Since there’s a surplus of talented individuals to work with, it significantly reduces the working rates. This means you get high-quality work on your offshore Python development project without the extra high cost. 
  • Faster project turnaround time – Since there are many available talent to work on your project, recruitment time is cut significantly. You have a faster turnaround time to complete your project.

Now, on the flip side, you may have to deal with some disadvantages too.

  • Cultural and time zone differences – You and your team have different working hours. So you need to find a way to meet halfway when it comes to meetings and other project schedules. 
  • Language barrier – The language barrier can also pose a challenge between you and the offshore team. This is especially true if your team’s primary language is not English or any other language that you can also understand. There can be nuances that can lead to miscommunication.
  • Needs more processes – Since you’re geographically distant, you may need to put extra processes in place. This makes sure that everyone meets eye to eye in terms of expectations and concern resolution. 

Offshore Python Developers and Their Skills

Before you create a job posting, you must know the qualities that make up top talent. We’ve compiled a list of technical and soft skills that every business owner should take note of.

Technical Developer Qualifications

Here are the technical skills to become efficient and productive offshore Python developers.

  • Proficient in Python frameworks, such as Flask and Django, among others
  • In-depth knowledge of core Python fundamentals, code packaging, release, and deployment
  • Good understanding of database knowledge and server-side languages (e.g., Mako
  • Skilled in circles, conditional, and control statements along with object-relational mapping
  • Familiar with code versioning tools, like SVN, Git, etc.
  • Knows how to manage multi-process structures
  • Good grasp in handling Object Relational Mapper and other libraries, like Tensorflow and Scikit-learn
  • Ability to handle robust testing and debugging using tools, like Selenium and PySnooper

When you’re hiring Python web developers, then make sure the candidate has these qualifications:

  • Highly skilled with web frameworks and RESTful APIs
  • Relevant experience and expertise in front-end technologies (e.g., HTML5, JS, CSS3)

Soft Skills Needed for Offshore Python Developers

Aside from great technical skills, a developer should also have certain soft skills that help them succeed in their tasks. So you should consider including these things as you review a candidate’s qualifications.

  • Good communication skills
  • High analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong project and time management skills
  • Collaborative
  • Goal-oriented
  • Creative (one who thinks out-of-the-box to overcome challenges)
  • Aware of data security and its implications for any software

Tasks in the Bucket of Offshore Python Developers

A professional with a good grasp of Python fundamentals can wear many hats. With a wide range of skills and platform integration, the following are potential Python developer jobs:

  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • QA Tester
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer

However, as a Python software developer, the primary task is to create, test, implement, and manage the product’s code. Whether it’s customized or standard software, the high availability, low latency product must meet your business requirements.

On top of that, are there any other tasks that developers take care of? Here’s a list of responsibilities that they handle on a daily basis to achieve the project goals.

  • Integrate user-oriented elements into data storage solutions and various applications
  • Enhance performance and receptiveness, statistical learning models, and server-side logic through developing quality backend components
  • Design and implement security features
  • Test and debug software with framework tools (e.g., PyTest, Behave)
  • Maintain and Improve software performance regularly
  • Stay on top of the latest industry trends and updates to incorporate new ideas in the project

Offshore Python Developer Salary

The salary of an offshore developer depends on the number of talent in a certain location. But on average, the hourly rate goes by $20–$45 especially in top offshore destinations, like the Philippines, India, and Eastern Europe. The rate also differs in terms of the experience and specific skill set necessary for the job.  

Comparatively, the Python developer salary in the US is $65 on average. It can even go as high as $130 per hour depending on educational background, certifications, and technical skills. This saves you at least 50 percent of your expenses to hire a developer when you choose to offshore.

Tips on Team Management: Offshore Python Development Project

Understandably, as a business owner, you have concerns about working with an offshore team. Things like ensuring productivity and team management can be a nightmare when you don’t see them physically.

Common Risks and Concerns

Yes, there are risks and concerns that every entrepreneur considers when working on an offshore development project. And these are valid concerns that you should think about. 

For one, you need to think about security risks it may entail. You have to send everything on communication channels, so data privacy and trade secrets are exposed to risks. 

There is also a concern about hidden miscellaneous fees that can come up along the way. It can be a result of technical adjustments necessary for the completion of the project.

Moreover, it’s also possible that communication issues can arise. It can even affect the delivery of the software, its functionality, or the overall quality of the product. 

Successful Offshore Management 101: Tips for Entrepreneurs

There is no need to fret! You can address these issues and concerns with the right planning and processes. Just take note of these practical tips to manage your team effectively.

  • Avoid micromanagement. Give them the tasks that need to be done and their reasonable timeframe. And give them the accountability of their assigned work by only asking for milestone updates based on the schedule.
  • Find effective communication strategies. Make sure to have open communication with the offshore team. Encourage them to speak about their concerns and challenges so you can look for resolutions together.
  • Find time to have regular meetings. To ensure that you and the team are on the same page, meet them regularly. Make use of communication tools like Zoom or Google Meet. 
  • Establish a clear workflow. It goes without saying that an efficient workflow makes everyone productive. When every developer knows how to proceed from step 1 to step 2, they can go through their daily tasks without a hitch.

Why Work With An Offshore Python Development Center

Being an entrepreneur means taking care of numerous business tasks throughout the day. At times, it seems like 24 hours a day is not enough to accomplish everything on your to-do list. 

So are you worried about managing your offshore team better? Then work with an offshore development center like Full Scale. We offer an offshore Python development service for any business size. Consider it your development partner, as the company takes care of the recruitment of offshore Python developers. 

After the team is organized, the development center can also manage the team daily. So you ensure that everyone stays on top of their tasks and delivers the expected results on time.

You don’t even have to think about who to talk about regarding project updates and issues. Most offshore development centers have project managers who also serve as liaison officers between you and the team.

Work with Offshore Python Developers at Full Scale Today

After getting to know your business requirements, we can customize a solution to accomplish them. Every offshore Python development project is important to us.

So, we make sure that every developer in the company passes a stringent technical assessment process before getting hired. This helps ensure that we only give high-quality work for a competitive service fee.

Full Scale is also one of the fastest-growing software development companies in the Philippines. Thanks to the outstanding work of our team of highly skilled and experienced teams of developers, QA testers, and other professionals.

When you partner with us, you don’t have to worry about the recruitment and management of offshore Python developers anymore. Now you can focus on other business tasks that need your attention. 

Talk to us today! 

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