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6 Qualities to Look For When Hiring JavaScript Developers
2021-08-02 /

Hiring JavaScript Developers: 6 Things to Look For

JavaScript is a widely-used programming language. However, its popularity also makes it difficult to identify the experts from others claiming to be specialists. Are you hiring JavaScript developers? Take note of these qualities to determine the cream of the crop.

Exactly how famous is JavaScript among programmers? In a survey conducted by JetBrains, the results show that 69% out of 31,743 respondents use the programming language. So hiring JavaScript developers must be a piece of cake, right? Not exactly. 

Hiring the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re not careful, you’re just wasting time and resources during recruitment. Thus, to help you walk in the right recruitment direction, here are some programmer qualities you should consider. Use these characteristics as one of your standards in looking for JavaScript programmers.

Top 6 Qualities to Consider in Hiring JavaScript Developers

It may seem like a low number of characteristics to evaluate a potential hire. And yes, there are other factors and qualifications you can consider. But these six major qualities will help you gain advantages when you’re hiring Javascript developers.

1. Expertise and Experience

Industry experts know that JavaScript’s core tech is not overly complicated. But it sounds hard to learn because of browser APIs, jQuery, library APIs, React, and other associated technologies. Moreover, it’s a dynamic language that is constantly evolving.

What does expertise mean?

So a competent JavaScript developer needs to be an expert on the core language. With it, the programmer can use basic features, such as error handling, string manipulation, and array manipulation. 

The professional also gains a better understanding of complex concepts, like variable scope, modules, generators, objects, and “this” keyword. Moreover, the developer should also know the latest updates introduced in various versions. 

Lastly, a good JavaScript programmer knows that there are numerous frameworks available. The job becomes easier with Backbone, Angular, Ember, Knockout, and other frameworks. On the other hand, when it comes to tools and techniques, the developer can also use JSON, Handlebars, jQuery, and a lot more tools.

Now, how does a JavaScript programmer get familiar with all these?

This is where experience comes in handy. To acquire core competencies, one has to use these technologies in real-life projects. It also means that the programmer had ample time to encounter issues and carry out solutions with JavaScript projects before.

But what if there are no available experienced applicants? Or what if the expected salary of the candidate is higher than your offer? Well, consider the project’s complexity, budget, and timeline. A crossover of these factors will give you an idea of a compromise that fits your requirements without sacrificing output quality.

2. Willingness to learn

As mentioned, JavaScript is constantly changing. Therefore a good candidate must exhibit a passion for learning. There are many ways to acquire more knowledge though. 

For one, it can mean staying on top of the latest JavaScript news and trends. It can also be shown in a developer’s willingness to attend training sessions and development seminars. 

And what’s more? It’s a bonus if the programmer is willing to share the newly gained knowledge and mentor others too. It means the professional’s understanding of the new skills goes beyond the basics. 

3. Great communication skills

Try to gauge the developer’s communication skills. Being an ineffective communicator leads to misunderstandings and mistakes. Remember that the programmer’s responsibilities go beyond writing the code. 

The professional has to talk to clients. Team collaboration is also enhanced when everyone can communicate well with each other. Most importantly, good management-team communication encourages all ideas to be heard and implemented to move the project forward. 

4. Critical thinking

Expert programmers solve issues and concerns in an efficient manner. They know how to approach a problem and look for solutions in proper places. In addition to that, they also know when to ask for help. On top of that, they also follow in-house protocol and coding standards to make it work.

5. Collaborative spirit

Truly, no man is an island when it comes to app and software development. Even a full stack developer working on both the front- and the back-end has to work with others. So find Javascript developers who can cooperate and easily work with others. 

It’s an important link that can push your development towards success. When everyone has a good working relationship, the project moves smoothly. 

6. A genuine passion for JavaScript

As the famous quote says, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Thus, beyond technical qualifications, find programmers who truly enjoy JavaScript programming. Why? Because someone skilled and experienced won’t care about excellence and client satisfaction if they don’t enjoy the work. But when developers like what they do, instead of doing the minimum, they strive to exceed expectations.

Remember these Qualities when Hiring JavaScript Developers

The world of JavaScript programmers is dynamic. Everyone has to keep up with the changes throughout the years. 

Yes, you cannot predict the future performance of an applicant. But it’s good to find someone who exhibits the qualities that are closest to your target hire. So go beyond the things you see on one’s resume. Get to know the applicant beyond the awards and recognitions gained in the previous company. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to check their references. Applicants will paint themselves in rose-colored glasses to get the job. And if you can verify their past experiences, it can be a determining factor whether you should proceed with hiring JavaScript developers. Moreover, feedback from previous clients and teams gives you an idea of how the developer fits with your whole team. 

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