What are the roles and responsibilities of a JavaScript Developer?

Roles and Responsibilities of a Javascript Developer

What is the role of a JavaScript developer in development? Let’s get to know more about the various JavaScript developer responsibilities. 

In an age where technology is fully integrated into everyday life, innovation is more crucial than ever. Businesses have to up their digital game to keep up with their competitors. This means jumping on the latest tech trends and using the best programming tools in the industry.

One of the most used programming languages today is JavaScript. In 2021, JavaScript was among the most commonly used programming languages worldwide. In fact, around 65% of developers use it. It’s the top pick by startups and large corporations alike. Popular sites using JavaScript are Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Amazon.

But why exactly are companies using this language? What are JavaScript developer responsibilities and what is their level of authority? Today, we’ll look into the roles and responsibilities of a JavaScript developer. We will discuss the full details of their duties, as well as their areas of accountability. Here are the key points:

What is a Javascript Developer?

To understand a JavaScript developer’s job, we first need to understand what JavaScript is.

JavaScript is a text-based programming language that allows you to create interactive web pages. These pages can be for both the client and server sides. JavaScript adds interactive aspects to them that interest the user. Compared to HTML and CSS that provide web pages structure and appearance, JavaScript focuses on functionality.

In simpler terms, imagine Amazon’s search box and how you use it in finding your desired item. Or, the instances you would refresh your Twitter feed and access a whole new set of tweets. These interactions are all possible because of JavaScript. The goal is to enhance the user experience. 

Now that we’ve established what JavaScript is used for, we now have an overview of what JavaScript developers do. They, of course, write the code to make web pages interactive. So, instead of just looking at static pages, you’ll be able to navigate a website more efficiently.  

Roles of a Javascript Developer

1. Web Developer

As mentioned, JavaScript developers are in the field of creating interactive web pages.   Their primary role is to design and construct online applications for clients. They work with HTML, CSS, JSX (or other frameworks) to create these programs. On top of that, they also conduct code validation testing and deal with cross-browser compatibility concerns.

2. JavaScript Expert

One advantage of using an object-oriented language like JavaScript is that the programmer can create pre-written code for projects. JavaScript developers can build libraries of pre-written code parts known as JavaScript functions or modules. This will save time in writing code and repeating the entire cycle for each new project.  

3.  System Maintenance and Support

JavaScript developers are responsible for maintaining the quality and function of their built software. This involves things like putting new JavaScript features to the test and fixing any bugs that arise. They also consistently monitor performance and analyze the results of the tests. Afterward, they included the findings in reports that are distributed to stakeholders of the project.

4.  User Support and Training

As a crucial part of the deployment cycle, developers must manage all elements of training and support. Working on training videos, infographics, or tutorials with other members of the team is an example of this. They may also provide live problem-solving, training, and support on occasion.

This job entails distributing updates to ensure that the programs run smoothly. They must guarantee that all security procedures are taken and any concerns are addressed as soon as possible.

Javascript Developer Responsibilities

When it comes to JavaScript developer responsibilities, they are primarily in charge of writing, testing, and debugging code. However, they do also take on other responsibilities in their team.  

With that said, here are the most common responsibilities of a JavaScript developer:

  • Write sustainable code that can be modified and scaled.
  • Ensure that UI/UX designs are practical.
  • Boost the primary front-end or back-end performance.
  • Change the specs and designs of complicated applications.
  • Examine the code, requirements, system hazards, and software dependability
  • Work with web developers on both the front-end and back-end

Javascript Developer Job Requirements

A high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree are common qualifications for web developers. Development positions usually require a degree in computer science, math, or information systems. Employers looking for JavaScript developers who are both business and tech-savvy are generally drawn to people with diversified backgrounds.

The technical qualifications would depend on where the position is assigned. JavaScript programmers can work in the backend, frontend, or both. So, consider carefully what areas they’ll be working on.

These are the technical skills expected of the candidate:

  • Proficiency in the core JavaScript language
  • Knowledge of JavaScript Framework and Libraries
  • Understanding of Asynchronous Programming
  • Expertise in writing cross-browser code
  • Familiarity with JavaScript technologies like React JS TypeScript, jQuery, Redux, Node JS
  • Experience in using version control system Git

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