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Philippine IT Jobs that Pay the Most in 2021
2021-10-01 /

Top 11 Highest Paying IT Jobs in the Philippines

The demand for business process outsourcing drives the highest paying IT jobs in the Philippines. Consequently, it has driven the growth of its information technology sector. Find out 10 of the top IT jobs in the Philippines according to the average wage.

Foreign companies offer the highest paying IT jobs in the Philippines. Consequently, it has led to higher wages at the local level. However, the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause on Philippine economic growth.

Before the lockdown, the World Bank predicted that the Philippines would be one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. Fortunately, things are looking up for some sectors, especially information technology.

The main driver for IT salaries in the Philippines is multinational companies. Most top IT companies in the Philippines have hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of job openings, most of which are IT or IT-related positions.

As a result, qualified people for IT jobs in the Philippines have lucrative careers. So, what are these top IT jobs in the Philippines today?

11 Highest-Paying IT jobs in the Philippines

The average base salary of IT jobs in the Philippines is ₱474,000 a year or $9,329.53. While this might seem low, think of it in context. The annual average wage in the Philippines is ₱182,400 ($3,590.07). In other words, people in IT jobs are getting nearly three times more than those in other sectors.

On the other hand, salaries within the IT sector vary widely. Some job roles pay more while others pay less. Below you will find the top 10 IT jobs in the Philippines in 2021, according to PayScale.

1. Senior Project Manager, IT (average annual salary ₱1,874,667)

The highest paying IT jobs start with the Senior IT Project Manager. Senior IT project managers oversee the work of the IT team. They also implement procedures and provide training.

Furthermore, the job requires coordinating with all stakeholders to ensure the smooth completion of a project. Among the tasks of a senior IT project manager:

  • Assess team activities daily
  • Plan and set up milestones to reach goals
  • Control costs
  • Hire and manage project members
  • Provide and accept feedback from stakeholders
  • Improve the efficiency of workflows

Education and experience

A senior IT project manager typically needs:

  • A degree in project management
  • Programming certifications
  • At least three years in managing IT projects

Candidates with advanced degrees typically qualify for this position. However, software developers with specific certifications might also be a good fit for the job. Many employers accept certificates such as CompTIA Network+ in place of formal education. Experience in leading teams is also a plus.


A senior IT project manager must have skills in:

  • Project management
  • Business strategy
  • Relevant technologies and programming languages
  • Risk management
  • Communication

2. Solutions Architect (average annual salary ₱1,322,574)

A Solutions Architect designs and creates systems for a company based on business needs and goals. Solutions architects also work with other departments to use these new systems. Among their tasks:

  • Translate business goals to functional solutions based on current technologies
  • Collect data for testing and document results
  • Find areas for improvement in work processes
  • Monitor the work of the IT team

Education and experience

  • Degree in information technology or computer science
  • Relevant certifications and experience
  • Certification/advanced degree in system architecture
  • Minimum ten years network administration experience


Software architects do not need to know how to code. However, they need to understand the development process. A software architect must have the following skills:

  • High-level communication
  • Risk management
  • Working knowledge of technology
  • Attention to detail
  • Resource management
  • Project management
  • Business strategy

3. Information Technology (IT) Manager (average annual salary ₱1,308,428)

The Information Technology or IT Manager handles the company’s computer networks and access points. Subsequently, IT Managers set up and manage employee access to networks and software platforms to ensure the security of data. In addition, the IT manager oversees the secure and efficient operation of websites.

Education and experience

  • Degree in technology management, information technology, or computer science
  • Relevant certifications and experience
  • Certification/advanced degree in cybersecurity
  • Experience as a team lead in IT database, security, or network management


An IT manager must have the following skills:

  • Ability to think strategically
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Working knowledge in the relevant language/platform

4. Data Engineer (average annual salary ₱1,083,300)

A data engineer works with large data sets. The goal is to develop code to find trends in the data. Therefore, data engineers work in teams to collect and analyze real-time business data and metrics. They also supervise data warehousing and conduct queries.

While data engineers are not the highest paying IT jobs in the Philippines, that day might come soon when the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more widespread. They carry out the following tasks:

  • Improve data access and use through workflows and solutions
  • Guide the company on the use of data technology
  • Produce insights into data sets
  • Create reports, tools, and dashboards for corporate end-users

Education and experience

  • Degree in computer engineering, computer science, or related fields
  • Knowledge of computer systems, such as Linux
  • Experience in interpreting and processing large data sets
  • Minimum three years of experience in data engineering
  • Proficiency in SQL database design


  • Process documentation
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Self-starter
  • Familiarity with Python and Java languages

5. Technical Architect (average annual salary ₱1,032,804)

A technical architect is a go-between for the development team, and upper management for IT needs. Consequently, technical architects design efficient solutions to address those needs. Some technical architects may also focus on one area of IT, such as security. They handle the following:

  • Translate business needs to IT solutions
  • Manage developer teams for timely delivery of products
  • Figure out software, hardware, and security needs of the company
  • Coordinate with clients for the overall design of proposed systems

Education and experience

  • Degree in information science, computer science, or software development
  • Experience with programming languages, such as SQL, JavaScript, and C#
  • Experience with operating systems, such as UNIX and Windows, as well as databases, such as MySQL
  • Certifications, such as Microsoft Certified Architect or Open Group IT Architect


  • Good communication
  • Project management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management

6. Senior .NET Developer/Programmer (average annual salary ₱979,592)

The Senior .NET Developer or programmer builds applications and websites. Senior .Net developers also debug and configure systems. In addition, they monitor and review the work of other members of the software development team. Their tasks include the following:

  • Analyze system requirements
  • Develop technical architecture
  • Write and review code using .NET languages
  • Test .NET applications
  • Update current programs
  • Document development and operational processes

Education and experience

  • Degree in computer science
  • Minimum five years of experience as a .Net developer
  • Experience in developing efficient web and enterprise-level applications
  • Familiarity with languages and structures, such as ASP.NET, SQL, JavaScript, C#, and JQuery
  • Experience with website development and design


  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Meet deadlines
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Ability to mentor others and share knowledge

7. Senior UX Developer (average annual salary ₱920,000)

A Senior UX Developer handles the design and development of the user experience or UX. Senior UX developers also lead the design team in creating the UX. Among their tasks for websites or apps are the following:

  • Conduct user and competitor research
  • Analyze data and feedback
  • Create wireframes and prototypes
  • Create sitemaps based on the architecture
  • Build storyboards, personas, and user stories
  • Carry out usability testing

Education and experience

  • Degree in graphic design or computer science
  • Wide experience with programming languages, such as Java, HTML, CSS, and Perl
  • Experience in using graphic editing software, such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop
  • Relevant certifications in design and programming


  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical
  • Empathy

8. Senior SAP Consultant (average annual salary ₱910,000)

A Senior SAP Consultant sells software and hardware products. Senior SAP consultants find out the needs of clients so they can offer solutions to their problems. In addition, they lead the SAP team to further this goal. Senior SAP consultants may also take on budgeting, accounting, and risk management roles.

Among their tasks are the following:

  • Design and build SAP technical solutions
  • Develop and mentor SAP team members
  • Supervise and plan documentation and system configuration
  • Address business challenges with SAP technologies

Education and experience

  • Degree in business, computer science, or related fields
  • Minimum of five years of experience in SAP
  • Proficiency in relevant technology
  • Experience in putting in and setting up new technologies
  • Experience in managing finance, accounting, and risk


  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Organizational
  • High-level communication
  • Customer service
  • Marketing

9. Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) (average annual salary ₱909,619)

An IT Project Manager plans and executes development projects. IT project managers make sure the team completes each stage of the process on time.

To do this, IT project managers take a hands-on approach in leading team members. As a result, IT project managers motivate team members to achieve project goals.

Among the tasks of an IT project manager are the following:

  • Monitor and evaluate team members daily
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure a shared vision for the project
  • Oversee projects from beginning to end
  • Evaluate the need for follow-up projects
  • Manage the budget

Education and experience

  • Degree in information technology or computer science
  • Project management certification
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a leadership or support role
  • Solid understanding of networking, computer software, and IT systems
  • Extensive experience in IT, particularly in Enterprise Resource Planning


  • High-level verbal and written communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Multi-tasking

10. Senior Java Developer (average annual salary ₱900,000)

A Senior Java Developer supervises the software development team. Senior Java developers also take on high-level programming tasks. In addition, they may mentor team members as well as consult them on projects. Their duties include the following:

  • Design and develop programs, applications, databases, and tools
  • Debug and troubleshoot
  • Ensure the reliability, scalability, and operational efficiency of the product or solution
  • Build automation tools and frameworks
  • Lead the development team
  • Collaborate with support teams

Education and experience

  • Degree in computer science or related fields
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in large-scale distributed system development
  • Extensive programming experience in using Java
  • Hands-on experience with HTML, JavaScript, and Oracle
  • Deep knowledge of algorithms, distributed systems, and data structures
  • Familiarity with storage, databases, and distributed systems


  • Good communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Listening

11. Sr. Network Engineer (average annual salary ₱893,000)

The Senior Network Engineer designs and creates, and ensures the proper and secure operation of computer networks. Furthermore, senior network engineers create backups for the systems.

They must also be on hand to solve any problems with the network. In some cases, senior network engineers may also support networks for clients as a third-party service provider. Among their tasks are the following:

  • Install and configure networks
  • Monitor performance of networks
  • Diagnose issues with networks and do troubleshooting
  • Create and employ business solutions using network tools
  • Layout, compose, and update network diagrams and system documentation

Education and experience

  • Degree in information technology, computer science, or related field
  • Minimum five years of experience as a network engineer
  • Advanced knowledge of the relevant network operating systems and hardware
  • Works with network analysis tools
  • Proficient in programming languages such as Perl and Python


  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Budget management
  • Leadership

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These are the highest paying IT jobs in the Philippines for 2021. You can see how top tech talent could be affordable. The trick is to look in the right places and work with the right people.

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