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Job Opportunities for React Developers in the Philippines
2021-10-19 /

React Developer Jobs in the Philippines

React (or ReactJS or React.js) is one of the most popular front-end development tools. That is why you can find tons of React developer jobs in the Philippines. Since react developers are in high esteem within the industry, you might consider this career path.

React is an open-source library that developers use in creating interactive user interfaces (UI). This makes it simple to develop SEO-friendly websites. Furthermore, it is easier to reuse components across platforms, port current website code to mobile apps, and improve performance on resource-intensive web applications. You can also use React whenever the app requires JavaScript.

A lot of traditional businesses realize the need for digitization for their organizations. They are now extending their presence online through websites and robust applications. The tech trend resulted in a boom in demand for developers across different industries. 

Full Scale is one of the companies that are offering react developer jobs in the Philippines. This fast-growing tech company hires the best and most capable software talent possible. If you are passionate about programming and eager to learn, you might be what Full Scale is looking for. But before that, find out what type of React developer the company wants.

What is a React Developer?

As a React developer, you design and implement UI features for various platforms, including websites, web applications, and mobile applications. React developers are front-end developers who build UI components that improve application performance.

They are responsible for the development of highly responsive web-based applications. Moreover, they leverage their knowledge in JavaScript, HTML, CSS to accomplish their responsibilities.

Most of the time, React developers work with a team to build the system. They work closely with testers, web designers, project managers, and content creators. Together they can create a robust and efficient application.

React Developer Jobs: Skills and Experience

Just like in any other position, React developer jobs have specific roles and responsibilities. To ensure that we hire only the best developers, Full Scale sets standards for our employees. Here are major skills and experience that a React developer should possess.

Technical skills

As a tech worker, you need to have extensive mastery in your given field. You will see ads on React developer jobs in the Philippines that include a list of technical skills. Here are some of the most common technical skills that you need to have:

  • Use built-in React tools to build front-end functionality.
  • Creating data visualization tools, libraries, and reusable programming.
  • Integrating designs and wireframes in the app code
  • Knowledge of GIT, CSS libraries, Adobe XD, and other similar tools
  • Create a web-based user interface that is responsive
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript
  • Monitor user interactions and convert such data to useful information

There are still a lot of technical skills that a developer should possess. These are simply the most common tech knowledge and essential requirements for the job.

Excellent Communication

Developers need to have good communication skills. They must convey their ideas, thoughts, and suggestions to the team as well as the client. Since Full Scale partners with businesses outside the Philippines, a high English language level is a must. Familiarity with the English language ensures that we avoid miscommunication during production. 

Adaptable and eager to learn

The tech industry is a fast-paced environment. One trend today may be history in the coming months. That is why developers should always stay on top of the trends. A candidate who is adaptable and always eager to learn gets a plus factor for tech managers.

If you are constantly learning, you’ll always look for new technology or methods to use. This attribute greatly benefits both the company and the employee. The employee acquires new knowledge and skill that improves their level. At the same time, the company gains new knowledge for innovation.

Genuine interest in the development process

A person who genuinely loves development is most productive. If you love what you do, you do it with the utmost care and quality. A developer who is genuinely interested in React development will dedicate their working hours to developing robust applications. 


It is true that not anyone can lead a whole pack. But members can lead the team to success in certain situations. You don’t need to have leadership experience to have this skill.

A good leader is also a good follower. There will be moments during production wherein one team member needs to step up and carry the team forward.

Technical Test and Interview for React Developer Jobs

Do you think you know what it takes to be a React developer? Your resume may reflect all your skills and experience, but there are still things left unwritten. We need to gauge your knowledge and work attitude with technical tests and interview questions.

Testing exercises for react developers:

  • Fundamentals of core JavaScript
  • Programming tests
  • Scenario tests
  • Providing suggestions

React developer technical interview:

Can you mention one of your previous projects and explain how you completed it?

This question allows the developer to discuss their previous project without getting too technical openly. There are several advantages to this discussion. The first is to identify if the candidate works with a team. If yes, we can determine how they interact and brainstorm solutions.

The second is to understand their management skills, time estimates, interactions with project managers, and contribution to the overall project.

Have you encountered obstacles with your project? How did you handle the issue?

This question identifies how the candidate deals with obstacles, delays, and any problems during the project. The answer will determine how the candidate can overcome difficulties to get the job done within the deadline.

What is your process for finding bugs? How long was the debugging?

Every candidate has a process for debugging. This question will measure the level of mastery and technical skill. The second question gauges the time needed to debug their code. Developers who need to spend a vast amount of their development time debugging may need extra help improving the code they write.

These questions are your friendly guide in how a React developer’s skills and years of experience are assessed. During the actual test and interview, you may encounter more complex questions. But as long as you are confident with your skill, then you can surely get this position.

React Developer Jobs in the Philippines

You’ve just learned the job description, roles and responsibilities, and qualities for a react developer. If you are looking for react developer jobs in the Philippines, you must consider Full Scale. It doesn’t matter if you live in Manila, Cebu City, or Davao City. Full Scale is hiring remote developers all across the Philippines!

We are an offshore software development company with a workforce based in Cebu City. The company was founded by two successful entrepreneurs, Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson. Though our office is in Cebu City, our hiring efforts encourage developers to join even if they’re beyond Cebu. We have employees in Manila and Davao.

Full Scale promotes a flexible work environment where employees can work in the comfort of their homes. This work-from-home setup was a good approach during the onslaught of the pandemic. We have the full benefits of a company employee but a work environment similar to that of a freelance developer. Join our growing organization. Apply now!

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