Xamarin: Everything You Need to Know

What is Xamarin, How, and Where is it Used?

Platforms have become indispensable for application development. And one of the most popular platforms is Xamarin. So, what is it? Read on to learn more about this cross-platform app development tool.

The demand for mobile app development continues to rise in the last few years. Companies have to speed up their software development process to keep up with the rising demand. This is where tools like frameworks and platforms come in. Software development platforms help developers build applications faster and with fewer errors.

One of these tools is Xamarin. The mobile app development platform is one of the most loved by developers, according to Stack Overflow’s 2020 survey. So, what is it, and why do developers love using it?

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a developer’s tool for cross-platform mobile application development. When Microsoft acquired the platform and made it an open-source product, it became a more popular cross-development platform tool.

It is for building mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows with C# and .NET framework. Furthermore, it allows developers to share their code on all platforms.


What is Xamarin’s strong point? It allows for sharing 90 percent of your code to major platforms. Aside from that, the cross-development platform also offers features that many developers love, such as:

1. Software Development Kits (SDK) Binding

Xamarin has the bindings for all the platform SDKs for Android and iOS. Furthermore, these bindings are easy to use and navigate. They also provide robust compile-time type checking. In short, these bindings can help in developing more error-free and higher-quality applications.

2. Wide Arrays of Third-Party Code

The platform provides you with facilities to apply Java, Objective-C, and C++ libraries directly. Thus, allowing you to use wide arrays of third-party code. In addition, Xamarin has project binding capabilities that let you tie Java libraries and native Objective-C by using declarative syntax.

3. Use of Modern Language Constructs

All Xamarin applications are developed in the C# programming language. It is a modern language that features more dynamic functional constructs like parallel programming, lambdas, LINQ, and more.

4. Cross-Platform Support for Mobile App Development

It offers cross-platform support for Android, Windows, and iOS. This means you can share 90% of your code to any or all of the three platforms. Aside from this, using the tool will also allow you to access common resources through a unified API across all platforms. Thus, you can significantly reduce the development time and cost.

Who Is It For?

With these features, the open-source platform is perfect for developers who are:

  • Planning to write, share, and test code and business logic across different platforms.
  • Developing cross-platform applications using C# and Visual Studio.

Why Use Xamarin?

The platform’s features give many advantages. Below are reasons why companies should use the cross-platform app development tool:

Provides Native Experience

Most cross-platform development tools strip their platforms of their uniqueness. Xamarin, on the other hand, highlights the platforms’ strengths. It does this by converting Objective-C, Java, and .NET to C#.

Developers would then be able to build software that fits all operating systems using the shared codebase and libraries. As a result, the software provides the complete user native experience.

Covers Most Mobile Operating System

Other tools allow development for Android and iOS systems; the instrument takes it a step further. It covers operating systems of Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Reduces Cost

Like all cross-platform development tools, it eliminates the need to develop separate apps for different operating systems. So, there is no need to employ additional developers to create apps for other operating systems.

In addition, you can reduce the maintenance costs as a single team can do the troubleshooting after deployment.

Quicker Development to Market-Time and Lower Maintenance Downtime

Because the tool is cross-platform, you only need to write the code once. Then, you can share business logic across all mobile operating systems. Thus, hastening the software development process, which allows you to release your product quickly.

Moreover, downtime due to maintenance and troubleshooting will be shorter. Your team will only need to check and fix issues in one operating system and share it with the rest.

It’s an Open-Source Platform

The cross-platform mobile app development tool is part of Microsoft’s open-source .NET platform. This means that it is free and has strong community support. Over 3,700 companies are contributing to enhancing and forward the development platform.

As stated above, Xamarin offers developers and companies alike many benefits. Its features help in reducing both the software development time and cost. So, where can you find the best Xamarin developers to help you with your mobile app development projects?

Where to Find Xamarin Developers?

The first step in finding the best Xamarin developers is to detail their responsibilities first. These developers play critical roles in the design and development of cross-platform mobile services and solutions.

Therefore, they must have experience in mobile development for iOS, Android, and Windows. Plus, they must also have excellent communication skills to work with your team seamlessly. However, with the rising need for IT professionals in the US, you will encounter numerous competitions in recruiting the best Xamarin developers.

Luckily, another option available for you is to hire offshore software developers. And, that is where we at Full Scale come in. All of our Xamarin developers have undergone a rigorous recruitment and onboarding process.

Aside from that, these developers and other experts are continuously training to be up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques. Hence, our experienced and professional developers, programmers, testers, and other specialists are top of their fields.

With us, you can build your dream software development team to fulfill your mobile application projects.

Contact us today and let’s take the first step towards your business goals!

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