Tips on Finding Remote Software Developer Jobs

Unlocking Remote Software Developer Jobs: Your Comprehensive Guide for Finding Opportunities

Remote software developer jobs are not easy to come by nor easy to qualify for. Here are our top tips for finding remote tech jobs in today’s market.

Remote work is highly sought after in the tech industry. IT talents are targeting businesses that offer flexible arrangements. This is especially true for software developers, with 85% of them working in companies with remote work options. The perks of working from home and having more flexibility are attractive to professionals in a dynamic field like IT.

Despite the fact that remote work is popular, not all companies offer it. Bigger tech brands that have an established office structure or a more sensitive nature of business may not be too keen on offering it. In other companies, they only offer this perk to the best candidates. Nonetheless, it’s not a lost cause to continue searching and applying for remote software developer jobs.

In this entry, we’ll discuss how you can maximize your opportunities in finding the best remote work arrangement for your career.

Companies Offering Remote Work

Many companies are hiring software developers, but it’s rare to find one that offers a fully remote setup. It will depend on the nature of their project and the kind of operation they run.

Established businesses can pull off the remote setup more easily because they have bigger funding. However, it can be difficult if they already have set office protocols. On the other hand, startups or smaller businesses might hesitate to go 100% remote if they’re just starting out in the industry.

Outsourcing companies like Full Scale offer fully remote software developer jobs in the Philippines. Since our clients already work with our remote teams, going fully remote is an easier transition. Today, Full Scale is one of the few tech companies in the Philippines that offers permanent work-from-home positions.

Finding Remote Software Developer Jobs

Now that we’ve examined how certain companies offer remote roles, let’s list down platforms where you can find their listings.

1.   Company Websites

If you already have a list of companies you want to work with, you can start by visiting their official sites. You can typically find listings for remote software developer jobs directly on the company’s websites. Just ensure that it is a company’s active and legitimate website.

Most businesses have a career page on their website that lets applicants browse through a catalog of open positions. Bigger companies even have features that allow you to filter the search for specific roles. When you’re looking through a career page, make sure the listings mention the words “remote” or “work from home”.

For companies that don’t have a dedicated career page on their site, you can just search for their recruitment email. It’s usually listed on their contact page.

2.   Online Communities

There are numerous online groups where people with similar backgrounds meet up to talk about their profession. Those online communities are a great avenue to look for new opportunities and for future employers. Chat rooms, social networking platforms, and business associations are a few examples. 

People frequently use threads to identify competent applicants who can carry out the responsibilities of available roles in their organizations. On these websites, you might network with other software developers and discover intriguing new job opportunities faster.

By contributing to industry discussions, for instance, you might be able to get a recommendation for an internal position at a major company if they already know and trust you.

3.   Remote Job Boards

You can find several remote positions through remote job boards, which are internet resources and job-search tools. While they typically feature openings across many industries, you can narrow your search to software development and technology.

These job sites list job descriptions that include duties, ideal credentials, pay, and working hours. On websites for job boards, there are many filters you can use to assist you in finding the positions you want. For instance, you can search for remote, full-time jobs in software development and engineering.

4.   Recruiters or Hiring Agency

Recruiters can connect you with the right companies and save you a lot of time in job hunting. You can simply tell them your preference for remote software developer jobs, and they’ll match you with the right listings. Some recruiters even specialize in tech or work with tech partners. They can easily give you a list of remote roles offered by companies.

Recruiters are incredibly supportive and helpful in job hunting. They frequently check on your progress during the hiring process and offer advice and instructions for your interviews to improve your chances of getting hired. You can find recruiters by emailing an agency or messaging them directly on employment boards.

Best Tips When Looking for Remote Software Developer Jobs
Unlocking Remote Software Developer Jobs: Your Comprehensive Guide for Finding Opportunities 1

How to Get Noticed

There are many remote software developer jobs in the market. But you’ll have to beat a great number of applicants to qualify for them. If you plan out your job hunting strategically, you’ll have better chances of landing a remote software developer role.

Here are some tips on improving your chances of being shortlisted.

1. Create An Impressive CV or Resume

It’s crucial to have a well-optimized CV that highlights your strengths for a position in software development. There are certain keywords employers look for when screening applicants. Make sure you’re following the best practices when it comes to detailing your skills and experiences.

Keep in mind that your resume is your ticket to an interview. Some job boards and networking sites ask you to publish your resume so that potential employers can view your qualifications. Professional recruiters might also view your CV and assist you in locating the positions you seek.

2.   Apply with Cover Letters

When applying for remote software developer jobs, creating a compelling cover letter can boost your chances of getting the hiring manager’s attention and passing the ATS scan. Examining the job description to determine the keywords you should use in your cover letter is important.

For instance, pay attention to any references to remote working tools or soft talents that the company is looking for, such as time management or motivation.

Research the company to learn about its technology, values, and collaboration to emphasize your top abilities and demonstrate how you’ve applied comparable principles and goals in previous roles.

3.   Use Referrals

Tap your network if you know people who work for certain companies. They can directly connect you with their HR department and have your resume screened sooner. Most companies encourage referrals since it means their own employees vouch for the applicant. So, if you want to find more remote software developer jobs, connect with friends in the industry.

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