List of IT Job Listings in Manila

IT Job Hiring Opportunities in Manila, Philippines

The Philippines is booming with IT job hiring opportunities. Tech companies from all over the world are drawing from the country’s large pool of IT professionals. Its capital city Manila is a popular haven for match-making job seekers with employers. Let’s learn more about it.

In today’s highly competitive market, businesses are tapping the latest tech trends to get ahead of their competitors. Companies that are consistently innovating are more likely to succeed long-term. But they not only need the latest tech tools, but they also have to acquire an excellent development team.

With that said, the increasing demand for tech services has also caused a huge spike in the number of IT job hiring. In fact, the demand for developers is projected to grow in the next five years.

However, this impressive forfecast is threatened by the shortage of IT experts. In the US alone, the demand has long surpassed the supply of qualified professionals.

So, what’s the real outlook going to be for the IT industry? Well, it still holds a promising future thanks to the emerging practice of outsourcing.

The Outsourcing Trend

To understand the outsourcing trend, let’s first define it.

Outsourcing is the process of engaging a third-party provider or contractor to manage a certain process or processes of the company’s core operation. In short, you’re contracting another company to join your business’ workflow. And, the whole outsourcing deal is handled by a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company.

This business model is not new at all. Large corporations have practiced it since the early ’90s. And with the growth of the IT industry, it just became more and more popular.

Now, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies are quickly changing gears in their operations. Companies are now outsourcing their talent from elsewhere, especially in the IT profession. The Philippines happens to be one of the top choices to hire developers from. It’s already got a good record of well-established BPO companies.

With the Philippines reopening its economy, foreign investments are flooding in. The country’s foreign direct investments (FDI) have reached an all-time high of 41.5% in the first quarter of 2021.

Even with the economic devastation of a global pandemic, it remains resilient and consistently growing. A lot of these business deals are happening right in the very heart of the country’s capital, Manila.

Manila IT Job Hiring

Manila has always been known as the center of trade in the Philippines. It’s also a top choice for IT outsourcing. It offers a large pool of candidates for foreign companies. It’s long been attracting large tech corporations like Accenture, IBM, Google.

Catering to the demands of these IT companies, IT job openings in Manila have dramatically increased. This is good news for both employers and job seekers alike. For job seekers, it’s a great place to kickstart a career. It provides countless opportunities to work with new technologies and bigwig brands.

Let’s take a closer look at the current hiring trends in Manila.

Manila’s Tech Scene

Since most of the companies in Manila are international, the IT job listings are based on the technologies and programming languages used abroad. For job seekers, it would be wise to specialize in the most used languages, tools, and frameworks. Here’s a list of the most sought-after skills in the IT industry.

Most in-demand programming languages:

  • Python
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • JavaScript
  • Golang
  • Swift
  • PHP
  • C#

Top Skills:

  • Cloud Computing
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google
    • Azure
  • Frameworks
    • Laravel
    • Spring

IT Jobs in Manila:

Tips for Job Seekers

In a highly saturated job market, it can be a challenge to stand out. The best course of action is to gain substantial hands-on experience on a project. Even an internship in a tech company would dramatically boost a portfolio and increase one’s chance to be hired.

Another tip is to also strategize in choosing a career path. Some companies prefer a specialist who focuses on using one language or a specific set of tech stacks.

However, there are also brands looking for a versatile software expert, someone who can easily learn and adapt to any type of requirement. Either way is good. What’s important is you have something to bring to the table for every project.

Lastly, expand your search radius. You don’t necessarily have to settle in one area or even in one type of industry. You can even go beyond Manila and join software development companies through remote work. Full Scale, for example, hires developers from all over the Philippines.

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