Are there any QA Analyst Jobs in the Philippines?

Quality Assurance Jobs in the Philippines

There is a fast-growing demand for QA testers in the tech industry. With that is the high demand for quality assurance jobs in a lot of companies in the Philippines. For QA aspirants, which company would you choose to work for?

Software developers, web application developers, software engineers, and quality assurance testers are few tech jobs sought after in the industry. It is not such a shock because technology is gaining traction in every aspect of our lives. 

In the Philippines, the power industry registered a rise in its IT hiring activity. Aside from the power industry, IT-BPM companies in the Philippines are racing to hire as many quality assurance talent.

Full Scale is one of those companies. The company has been recruiting IT talent and posting QA analyst jobs for potential seekers for three years. If you are tech-savvy and love focusing on details and solving problems, this tech job might be for you. But first, let’s dig into the details, such as the quality assurance job description, roles, and responsibilities.

What is a Quality Assurance Analyst

The name itself suggests a huge hint on the main job of QA. All industries have a quality assurance analyst to ensure high-quality and standard products. In the tech industry, QA analysts focus on software testing

The analysts examine the whole software system and find out if they pass the company’s quality standard. QA analysts do this to prevent any errors and defects within a product before its deployment. 

A QA analyst’s job is crucial. This stage of the software development life cycle determines the fate of the software. As a business owner, you want your product to be free of any errors. A slight defect can deter clients from using your system. 

If the software is an in-house system, a defect can hinder productivity. That is why every problem should be well-documented by a QA analyst. Their reports are sent to the development team to fix. Then the testing commences again.

QA Analyst Jobs: Skills and Experience

Attention to detail and problem-solving are skills you repeatedly see in a QA analyst job ad. As a quality assurance analyst, you need to have a sharp eye to observe every detail of the technology. It is paired with critical thinking to pinpoint any outright or hidden errors in the software. But that is not all. There are still a few qualities that come in handy.

1. Communication

A quality assurance specialist should communicate effectively. Remember that the QA must document every information on the software and report them back to the development team. It means the testing process involves working together with various teams.

If there is a communication barrier, it can lead to problems. There is no room for human error in this area as much as a technical error. As a QA analyst, you need to express your thoughts on the subject to improve the software.

2. Software Development Life Cycle

Before applying for a quality assurance job, you must have an excellent knowledge of the whole software development life cycle (SDLC). This requirement is an unwritten rule for every tech job in the industry. Understanding the entire process eliminates any pitfalls and existing deficiencies in a software project.

3. Software Testing Life Cycle

This is a must-have for QA testers, obviously because they do the testing. STLC is part of the broader SDLC concept. STLC exists to define an organized testing process for any software or application. This process avoids randomized testing and loopholes.

4. Understands test case design techniques

Like in software development, the effectiveness of a testing process is defined by the quality techniques employed. That is why most companies require the QA tester to create and implement testing plans for the software. 

5. Bug reporting and life cycle

In software development, expect all existing bugs. And, it is the job of the QA analyst to detect as many of these bugs as possible. Once the analyst detects a bug, reporting commences, and the bug life cycle starts. The bug life cycle pertains to when QA analysts find the bugs until the development team fixes the said bug. 

The QA analyst must know the status of every bug and how they go through its life cycle. They must make sure to catch all the bugs possible. Then, prevent any from occurring rather than finding them in the later stage of the development.

6. Programming

Knowledge of programming language is a must, especially if you are aspiring for automation testing. The most common programming languages for quality assurance jobs are Java, Python, and JavaScript.

Your knowledge in programming languages can help you design automated test cases and test suites. Nowadays, companies prefer an applicant with a good grasp of programming languages. This appropriate knowledge saves time and effort when it comes to testing creation and execution.

7. Knowledge in automation tools

Automation reduces a huge amount of time of the testing process. As a QA analyst, automation tools enable you to cover length tests in a short amount of time. Furthermore, these tools eliminate a considerable possibility of human error. The system can effortlessly oversee repetitive processes. 

There are a lot of automation tools in the market. You have tools such as Jmeter, Selenium WebDriver, Appium, and many more. Knowing at least two tools can help you bag the position in no time.

8. Basic SQL queries

A full-stack QA or an allrounder is a gem for every tech company. You need technical expertise in the operating system, database verification, and interface to be considered one. Knowledge of basic SQL can help you in Database Testing. The database is an integral part of the software application. To ensure that the app is error-free, it needs Data Mapping as well.

9. Working knowledge of Agile

Agile is a software development methodology that smoothly works for any development team. Additionally, it promotes a flexible and agile working environment. It is a bonus for a QA analyst to have working knowledge in Agile.

Test and Interview for QA Analyst Jobs

Do you think you have enough skill and experience to have the QA analyst job position? Full Scale makes sure that we hire only the best QA analysts in the industry. Here are some technical exercises and interview questions to give you a peek at how we hire people.

Testing exercises for QA applicants:

  • Finding defects
  • Designing test plans
  • Writing test scenarios
  • Defect reporting
  • Providing suggestions

And you have the bonus exercises: Technical foundations – software testing terminologies and processes.

QA analyst technical interview:

  • Is it better to deliver early with bugs or deliver late with fewer bugs?
  • What is the difference between test plan, strategy, and test cases?
  • What is a test matrix?

These are just some pointers you need to note to land that QA job.

Quality Assurance Jobs in Cebu, Philippines

Quality assurance jobs and other tech jobs are rising in demand in the Philippines, particularly in major cities like Cebu and Manila. In Cebu, the IT-BPM industry remains its economic driver, which explains the high demand for IT jobs. 

Full Scale is an offshore software development company founded by Kansas-based entrepreneurs Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson. The primary workforce of the company is in Cebu City, with over 200 employees. But Full Scale is not solely employing developers and QA analysts in Cebu. As a matter of fact, we have employees residing in Manila and Davao. How is that?

On the onslaught of the pandemic, the Philippines issued a nationwide lockdown. Workers are advised to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. Fortunately, the founders of Full Scale were quick on their feet. 

When the company started, employees were issued individual laptops to work on. The primary purpose of this approach is to promote a flexible working environment. During the lockdown, all employees brought their issued laptops and continued working from home.

Until now, Full Scale employees are enjoying the work-from-home (WFH) setup. That is also why we can hire developers, QA analysts, software engineers, and other tech jobs outside Cebu City. If you think you can be part of Full Scale as a quality assurance analyst, then you better contact us now.

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