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Here Are the Software Development Trends of 2023
2023-05-23 /

5 Top Software Development Trends of 2023

What are the major software development trends happening in 2023? We’ve compiled an interesting list of the most common practices software teams are employing today.

In the ever-evolving tech industry, products need to constantly keep up and evolve based on the market’s behavior. Likewise, the way we build our product must also keep up with the change in trends. Traditionally, we can improve the way we design our product based on the latest upgrades of development tools available.

Today’s blog will discuss the top software development trends of 2023. We’ll break down what teams are prioritizing in their development plans. By pinpointing the most popular tools and programming languages being used, we can gain valuable insight into the direction dev teams are now taking their projects.

Top 5 Tools and Development Trends

We live in a world where software development trends roll like continuous waves. So in 2023, what are the top software development trends you have to know? Check out our top five list below.

1. Safety above all else

One of the most notable software development trends this year is the preference for safe programming languages that possess clear guardrails. Teams are shifting to languages that have type-checking and memory safe in place.

This shift allows for better collaboration and resource allocation. The trend is somewhat similar to the shift from the monolith to microservices trend in which teams are looking to add stronger precautions.

Many business executives are starting to realize that they need to up their safety measures without putting their operations on. These patterns demonstrate how teams are developing strategies for accelerating expansion while upholding the appropriate level of safety.

Using languages that promote a more secure development strategy minimizes the risks and cost of mistakes.

2. Faster and more efficient deployment

Although the emphasis on enhancing developers’ experience and accelerating software delivery is not new, we will see continued maximizing efforts in the years to come. We can see this in the increasing use of the HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL).  

Teams can provision and manage cloud environments at scale with the freedom HCL offers. Engineering teams may achieve exceptionally quick deployment processes and debug with the help of infrastructure-as-code tools because of the developer-friendly syntax of HCL.

Because of the checks and balances in place, HCL enables us to move quickly without making mistakes. So it’s definitely one of the must-watch software development trends this year.

Popular Programming Languages In 2023

3. Scaling made easier

As an easy-to-read language, TypeScript’s growing popularity shows that teams are seeing the importance of collaboration and fast onboarding. TypeScript makes reading, refactoring, and sharing code easier and more convenient through its well-organized syntax and structure.   

Large tools like React and VS Code have been created with TypeScript. Each of these tools has many collaborators, which makes scaling easier with typed language.

Because the language doesn’t release new frameworks as regularly as JavaScript does, Typescript developers don’t have to relearn everything again on upgraded versions. In the end, TypeScript has more safeguards in place than JavaScript.

4. Prioritizing User Experience

The growing popularity of Gherkin again shows that more teams are prioritizing cross-team collaboration and user experience from the outset of the development process. Gherkin allows teams to not only understand the behavior of the final product but define the desired behavior.

Traditionally, a lot of time and energy is spent on figuring out how software was intended to behave. You need to know this before entering a refactor. Gherkin puts that mentality upfront.

Furthermore, Gherkin encourages behavior-driven development over test-driven development. This breaks down the conventional barriers between product owners and developers.

This establishes agreed expectations around product behavior without dictating precisely how features should be implemented internally.

5. AI assists in coding

Tools for leveraging AI to write source code have been around for a while. Yet after the release of a new generation of AI-assisted coding tools like GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer during the past year, we’ve reached a turning point.

Expect to see an increasing number of developers working with AI-generated code in 2023. By the end of the year, the software development trend of AI-assisted coding may advance rapidly. It can reach the point where most developers use these tools on a regular basis or at least experiment with them and use them to produce reasonably routine code.

All in all, these software development trends give us a glimpse of how teams are leveraging and foregoing development tools.

We can conclude that they are taking more measures to ensure the quality of their product over the quantity of work. It indeed helps to stay on top of the latest tech trends to upgrade and scale your projects continuously.     

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