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2020-11-25 /

Where Can I Hire Vue.js Developers

Vue.js developers are the experts you need to build top-quality web applications using the Vue.js framework. Get to know the places where you can easily find and hire qualified Vue.js talent in today’s article.

In this digital age, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to technology. This profusion of technological options allows us different paths to solve user problems and improve the way we do things.

One such viable technology is Vue.js, a robust open-source framework under the JavaScript family. Among the frontend JavaScript frameworks, Vue is wildly popular for its ease of use in building high-performance web applications. It was built as a small project by Evan You in 2014. Today, Vue is adopted by large enterprises like Netflix, Adobe, and Alibaba.

To optimize your software business using Vue.js, you need to look for skilled Vue.js developers. But where can we find one to work on a framework-driven project? Let’s explore in this article.

Where to Find and Hire Vue.js Developers?

Vue.js developers are one of the most sought-after experts for building superior software products. Here are the different platforms you can check out if you’re planning to hire top-notch Vue specialists for your team.

Vue.js Community

Many would argue that Vue is not significant enough as a framework as it isn’t backed by big tech companies, in the case of React and Angular. However, Vue.js represents the real essence of open-source. Its core focus is meeting the community’s needs rather than that of a specific company.

What started as a one-man project, Vue.js is now actively managed by a core team. It boasts of a wide adoption on GitHub with thousands of community members worldwide.

Of course, joining the main Vuejs.org community will make sense if you want to meet other Vue.js developers. Additionally, GitHub and StackOverflow are two other open-source communities to engage with other developers.

As developer communities continue to grow far and wide, you will surely find a developer that you can tap to work on your project.

Online job boards  

Nowadays, it’s easier to find any candidate on online job boards. Think of these job boards as a physical marketplace where sellers and buyers meet. The difference is that transactions happen via the Internet.

On these job board sites, recruiters or employers advertise to fill in vacancies. Whereas job seekers apply to available positions that meet their qualifications. Essentially, job boards streamline the hiring process, so both parties achieve their goals successfully.

This option is great if you need Vue.js developers (or any developer) to work on short-term projects on a freelance basis. Some of the best job sites you can try are Glassdoor, Zip Recruiter, We Work Remotely, and Toptal.


As recruiters flock to alternative avenues to find developers, they often overlook to ask their network for referrals. Existing members in your team might know someone who has a solid experience in Vue.js.

Hence, encourage your team to refer developers they know who could be the right fit for the role. Make sure to provide complete details about the job, including the project’s role requirements. In this way, they can filter and find the best candidates.

Social Media

Professionals frequent social media platforms to catch up with friends, post updates, or simply find job opportunities. One such online platform that effectively fuses socials and work is LinkedIn.

While LinkedIn is not a recruitment site per se, it’s prominent enough that you can quickly search and filter for the right candidates. Just typing Vue.js developers on its search bar alone will yield hundreds of possible candidates in your area.

However, if you’re serious about hiring the best people for your team, subscribing to LinkedIn’s Premium Recruiter Lite will give you better features for your recruitment process.

Offshore Software Development Company

Another route to take when searching for Vue.js developers is through an offshore development company. It’s a third-party service provider that brings operational efficiency to a client’s development processes.

The biggest benefits of hiring offshore resources are that they significantly reduce operational costs and enable clients to focus on their core business operations. Essentially, you outsource some or the entire development project to a team from a different country.

For example, you’re a startup that creates an E-commerce website. You then outsource this project to an offshore company, say in the Philippines. Aside from increasing company productivity, you also bypass any talent shortages, which is a major issue in countries like the United States.

This is true, especially if you’re about to launch a startup. It can be challenging to convince talented software developers to work for your company. It’s for that reason Full Scale was born.

We help our startup clients in Kansas City build their software team quickly at a fraction of the cost if they were to hire on their own. Our offshore arm is in the Philippines, where our talented staff is located.

Recruitment Agencies

Most, if not all, business owners are busy. They hardly have the time to sift through piles of CVs and handle interviews. Hence, employers turn to recruitment agencies to do all the dirty work for them.

Recruitment agencies act as third-party intermediaries that process a job match between employers and job seekers. Their industry expertise and knowledge enable them to find the right candidate. Thus, saving clients time and money.

Basically, they advertise hundreds of vacant positions from employers on job boards, newspaper classified ads, and others. These positions can be permanent, contractual, and full-time, part-time, or hourly basis.

When CVs from applicants pour in, they send an edited version of these CVs to employers. If a candidate gets the job through a recruitment agency, they work directly with the employer.

As with other professional jobs, you can find Vue.js developers through recruitment agencies. Some well-known recruitment agencies in the US are Robert Half, Kelly Services, and Manpower US.

Events and Conferences  

Once in a while, tech professionals meet up to a network or engage with the latest news in the community. Check out your local news or social media for any upcoming tech events in your area.

If you want to join a conference specifically for the Vue community, there’s the Vueconf US, hosted by Evan You and his core team. As of this writing, the Vueconf.US slated for April 2021 will be hosted virtually due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Also, you may reach out to other Vue.js developers for meetup events in your country here.

Hire Vue Experts, Easily and Affordably

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are different ways you can find and hire Vue.js developers. Large enterprises with a sizable recruitment budget can easily build an in-house team to handle 100% of their recruitment needs.

But what about small and medium startups who may not have the time nor a huge budget to hire top-tier tech talent? There are other viable options for them.  

For short-term or one-time projects, online freelancing sites such as Toptal and Glassdoor are most likely the best way to go. They offer remote workers flexibility in building their freelance careers while providing clients with access to world-class talent at reasonable commitment terms.

However, if you need a team of JavaScript developers to work on medium- to long-term software projects, we recommend you go offshore. From recruitment to onboarding, an offshore development company offers a holistic approach to matching clients to the right candidate.

At Full Scale, we don’t only hire at an individual level. We provide clients with a collaborative team of software developers, web designers, and marketing specialists. This gives them the ability to significantly cut down recruitment costs without sacrificing quality.

Interested to know more? Message us today so we can assemble your Rockstar development team—quickly and affordably.

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