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Here are the Top 10 Android Developer Interview Questions
2022-02-22 /

Top 10 Android Developer Interview Questions

Asking the right Android developer interview questions will go a long way in helping you recruit the best talent. With the recruitment of Android developers getting tighter, it is best to have the appropriate tools to evaluate promising candidates.

Interviewing job applicants need utmost care when performed. This is to ensure that the one they hire fits the job and the workplace culture. That’s also why hiring new talent should be a company-wide endeavor, especially for dynamic fields such as software app development.

The increase in consumption of mobile devices resulted in the rise of demand for mobile app development. And, there are two main divisions for mobile app development: Android and iOS.

Suppose your focus is on developing software for Android-run mobile devices. So, you need to hire Android developers. But how can you ensure that your company selects the best mobile developers? What Android developer interview questions should you ask?

Before answering the questions above, let us first discuss Android development. Also, let us define Android developers, their responsibilities, and qualifications.

Android Development: What is it?

First and foremost, Android is a Linux-based mobile operating system (OS). The Google-developed OS powers mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and more. Due to the flexible Android features, it continues to be the leading mobile operating system.

Android mobile development, therefore, is the software development process. The software is intended for devices running on Android OS. As such, Android developers are the mobile developers who specialize in these tasks. To be more specific, below are the most common responsibilities assigned to an Android developer:

Android Developer: Tasks and Responsibilities

As mentioned above, Android developers focus on developing apps for Android-run devices. Here is a more detailed description of their daily tasks:

  • Researching and formulating apps that are usable for all Android devices
  • Implementing actions to maintain the app’s quality, responsiveness, and integrity
  • Make sure that all Android apps conform with the company’s standards
  • Proofreading and maintaining code’s quality and organization
  • Collaborate with UI and UX designers to ensure apps are working
  • Analyzing application reviews to identify areas of improvement
  • Performing timely updates and bug-fixing
  • Continuous evaluation, research, and implementation of new technologies

Depending on the needs, companies may add more specific tasks to the Android developer’s daily responsibilities. And to fulfill these tasks, these developers need to have the following essential skills.

Android Developer: Skills and Qualifications

Like other software developers, Android developers need technical and soft skills. Below are the most common requirements that companies look for from an Android developer:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software development, or the like
  • Excellence in using C++, Kotlin, Java, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and C
  • Experience in using Android Studio, including Android SDK
  • Great coding, troubleshooting, and proofreading skills
  • In-depth understanding of databases and APIs
  • Ability to collaborate with inter-disciplinary teams
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Organized, creative, and detail-oriented
  • Has the passion for continuously learning
  • Can work with minimal supervision

These responsibilities tell you how Android developers are integral to your business. At the same time, the listed requirements are a reminder that hiring the right developers can be challenging. To help you with the tasks of interviewing Android developers, we present the top Android developer interview questions.

Top Android Developer Interview Questions

The purpose of interviewing job applicants is to know their skills and personalities. Allow the interviewees to express themselves. At the same time take note of the hard and soft skills and experience that fit the job. 

With that said, here are the top interview questions designed for Android developers. We also added points that applicants should be able to mention when answering.

1. How do you explain Android to people with no software development background?

Android is an operating system for Android devices developed by Google. For comparison, it is like iOS for Apple devices or Windows for desktops. Android is Linux-based. It allows developers to create applications for your mobile devices.

2. What are the main features of Android?

Android has plenty of features that make it easier for developers to develop and upgrade applications. These features include:

  • It is open source
  • Flexible and customizable operating system
  • Supports development of a different variety of apps
  • It is less complex compared to iOS
  • Able to support messaging and web browsing services, storage and connectivity, and various types of media

3. What is Android Architecture?

Android Architecture refers to the different types of layers on an Android stack. These are the operating system, middleware, and applications. Each layer provides different services. The layers include Linux Kernel, Libraries, Android Framework, and Android Applications.

4. In Android development, which programming language is used?

For Android application development, the primary programming language used is Java. Although it is possible to develop apps using C or C++, Java is the most used language for Android. Plus, Android’s APIs are designed for Java as well.

5. In Android development, what are File, Class, and Activity?

In Android app development, Files are resources for storing information. Meanwhile, Classes produce executable APKs from files compiled from Java. On the other hand, Activities are not files. Instead, they a class or classes. They are used to load UI elements on view.

6. Define Android frameworks.

Android frameworks are APIs that allow developers to write code. They are a crucial part of Android Architecture.

7. Why is it not advised to change the file name of an application after deployment?

Changing the name of an Android application after deployment may cause some of its functionalities to break down.

8. How can you improve teamwork while developing an app?

Android app development can be very hectic once its starts. As a developer, I will have to coordinate and collaborate with other team members, including non-development staff. 

To avoid misunderstanding, I believe there should be an open communication line throughout the process. Also, it would be conducive for everyone in the team to write their code clearly and in an organized manner. This way, it would be easier for the other members to pick up where the previous member ended their tasks.

9. Have you experienced not being able to meet a deadline? Explain.

It rarely happens, but sometimes, there are projects that I could not meet certain deadlines. Most of it occurs when unforeseen problems come up. That’s why I strongly believe that proper planning and documentation are very important.

10. Which of your Android apps garnered the most interest?

My previous team was in charge of developing an app that monitors users’ health. I am very interested in wearable health applications. And being a part of the team was a learning experience.

These are frequently asked questions during Android developer interviews. You may add more questions that target specific skills or attitudes that fit your business needs.

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