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Android Developer Job Description Template
2022-07-04 /

Android Developer Job Description

Nowadays, there’s almost an app for anything. But who made them? Learn the Android developer job description, one of the most common types of mobile developers.

Mobile apps are making waves in today’s digital landscape. A lot, in particular, are the Android-based applications that are dominating the mobile app market globally. Android is the most popular operating system, having garnered 2.5 billion users in over 190 countries.

So, it makes sense that companies in the business of making mobile apps invest in Android development. As a result, businesses are scrambling to find the best Android developers in the market today.

When hiring an Android developer, it pays to understand their job description. Today, we will learn the Android developer job description as we discuss the following points:

Let’s start with a brief background on Android development.

Android: A Background

Essentially, Android is an operating system based on Linux that Google developed. It’s a powerful platform that has libraries, GUIs, and applications. As an example, Android does not only run on cell phones but also on tablets, TVs, watches, speakers, and more.

Today, Android maintains its position as the most used mobile operating system, surpassing iOS. It even has more users than desktop computers. 

In addition, the pandemic powered a rise in the usage of smartphones. In this sense, people are not only using their phones for utility and entertainment but also for professional and educational purposes.

The Android Developer Job Description

From our overview of Android development, we define an Android developer as:

“An Android developer is a software development professional who builds applications for the Android OS.”

That said, they may specialize only in Android development. They may also be proficient in other areas of app development as cross-platform mobile developers. But overall, the key to this role is having proficiency in building, designing, and deploying apps for Android devices. 

The role also entails roles and responsibilities that are only specific to Android development. Read more about them in this entry: Roles and Responsibilities of an Android Developer.

Now that we got the Android developer job definition out of the way, let’s make a job description. Note that your job description has to achieve these goals:

  • Define your criteria of qualifications for Android developers
  • Drive away those applicants who don’t meet your requirements

The Android developer job description sets the quality of your future team member. So, you must curate it as precisely and concisely as possible. Here are three simple steps to do so:

1. Introduce your company. Provide a brief description of your company in the first part. State which industry you’re in and what you do.

2. Describe the job. There is a general job description for any job position. In this case, however, you need to detail the scope of the job. For example, you may tailor the responsibilities according to the position’s requirements.

3. Enumerate the job responsibilities. To expand the job description part, make a list of the individual responsibilities that the role will cover. 

4. List down the set of qualifications and skills requirements. Add a list of skills and qualifications that would enable the applicants to see if they meet your criteria.

5. (Optional) Mention the job benefits, compensation packages, and perks. Then, you need to add interesting details that would invite applicants to want to join your organization. Mention benefits and perks when working with your teams.

Sample: Android Developer Job Description Template

We’ve already covered the Android developer job definition and the steps to make a job description. Let’s make a sample Android developer job description template using the information above.

Sample Android Developer Job Ad:

About us
[Insert company name] is a healthcare and diagnostics company providing excellent services to our patients. We are providing our patients with mobile-accessible services to offer flexibility in the light of the pandemic. Also, we offer competitive compensation and benefits packages to our employees. There are also leave credits and performance-based incentives on top of the pay.
We’re looking for
Our company is making our services accessible to our patients through their mobile devices. Thus, we are looking for a dedicated Android app developer to build its OS-compatible version. 
They will be working with a team of full-stack developers, iOS developers, and designers on this project. Moreover, they will also work closely with a project manager to monitor status updates and performance.
Android Developer Responsibilities:
• Translate design mockups and wireframes into working, high-quality code
• Write, design, test, and maintain robust and reusable Java code
• Test application output to ensure the product performs as expected
• Participate in brainstorming sessions to discuss product implementation and improvements
• Stay updated with the current Android development news and trends
• Peer review other developers’ outputsIdentify code issues and solutions
• Monitor live app performanceImplement security methods to safeguard user data
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams during development
• [Add other relevant responsibilities that apply]
Android Developer Job Requirements
• A portfolio of released Android apps in the Google Play Store
• Background in Java, Kotlin, or C++
• Solid knowledge of Android SDK, Android versions, and responsive mobile app development
• Strong grasp of Android UI design principles and best practices in development
• Experience with RESTful APIs in building Android applications
• Knowledge in caching, threading, and performance tuning
• Familiarity with the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud messaging APIs and push notifications
• Teamwork and communication skills
• Analytical skills and attention to detail

Hire an Android Developer Today

And that’s it! We’ve covered the Android developer job description and learned how to make a sample template for the position. Just note that you may tweak the template based on your company’s needs. Tailor it better to make sure you find the right catch.

Knowing the Android developer job description is just one part of a whole tedious process. Recruitment, in general, has multiple steps before onboarding a developer. In today’s competitive recruitment market, hiring is even more challenging.

Let Full Scale Help You Hire Android Developers!

We are an offshore software development company operating in the Philippines. Our main headquarters is in Kansas City. We provide our clients with high-quality software developers at an affordable rate through our offshore arm. 

Our years of service have already incurred more than 1,500,000 hours of development work for our clients worldwide. There are various software development experts under our roof, including Android developers!

We perform background checks, skills assessment tests, and technical interviews during the recruitment. Afterward, we select developers who are at par with our global standards. 

Additionally, we hire applicants with a great working attitude. This way, we ensure to provide software talent who are both technically and socially competent. For every 30 applicants, we only hire one so you know you’re getting top-notch talent.

Our IT talent pool includes software developers, QA testers, content writers, designers, and other IT professionals.

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