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Mobile App Developer Interview Questions
2022-09-07 /

Top 10 Mobile App Developer Interview Questions

Are you asking the right mobile app developer interview questions? In recruitment, the appropriate questions will typically determine the ultimate success of employee hiring.

Hiring mobile app developers can be tricky, especially if you’re a startup. You need to allot time and resources to find the right professional for the job. On top of that, there is a significant risk you need to undertake.

For instance, someone  who looks great during the resume screening may not be a good fit for the project. Or, the newly hired developer meets all the technical requirements but falls short on soft skills, like communication and teamwork.

These possibilities can happen even to the most careful recruiter. However, when you ask the right interview questions, the chances of securing a good hire increases.

10 Mobile App Developer Interview Questions to Ask Your Applicants

Recruiting mobile app developers has key checkpoints. The first stop is all about reviewing the qualifications on paper. The resume should reflect the applicant’s experience and training.

And once the developer meets the requirements, it’s time to set up the interview. Here are some helpful questions you can throw to the applicant.

1. Describe the most challenging mobile app development project you handled before. How did you overcome the challenges? How did you complete the project?

This question reveals the candidate’s threshold when it comes to challenges. It also tells you the kind of professional experience the person has. Responses should give you an idea of what the applicant can bring to the table.

2. Tell us about apps you have previously developed. What role did you play in their development?

This question can be answered by reviewing the portfolio. However, it also exposes the applicant’s products as a “win.” You should pay attention to the connection between their past works and the project at hand.

Are the two projects related in any way? If not, can the developer handle the new challenges using their previous experience?

You can also ask follow-up mobile app developer interview questions, like, “Is there a similar project to what we’re building?” Or, inquire if there are active mobile apps currently available in the App Store or Google Play that the applicant has worked on.

3. What is your understanding of our business? How will you amplify our team if you get hired?

It’s always a good sign if the professional is interested in what you do. The applicant may not have all the answers, but a great applicant can prepare ahead and research your company.

This enables them to gain an understanding of your business and audience. In turn, it can help them imagine what they can do for your organization. This allows for a deeper discussion of  your goals and plans for the app.

At the end of the day, you need a development team that’s as invested as you are in the success of your app.

4. What are your insights on cross-platform development with Xamarin, React Native, or Ionic? How is it different in native app development with Kotlin or Swift? What are the pros and cons of each platform and framework? How do they apply to the app I’m building?

You’re listing the popular tools when it comes to cross-platform app development. And this question will gauge the applicant’s knowledge on these tools, which can make or break your success. So make sure to stir out specific answers from the professional to see how they can incorporate their knowledge directly into your project.

5. What do you think about PWAs?

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a hybrid between a native mobile application and website.

As one of your mobile app developer interview questions, you are asking applicants to establish their understanding when it comes to releasing a PWA. The process usually involves reusing select functionalities of the mobile and app web without having the need to rewrite the code from scratch.

6. How do you feel about testing your code? What does your process look like?

Good mobile app developers know that testing their own code is necessary. This helps identify errors before they become a bigger problem. By asking one of the most important mobile app developer interview questions, you can also measure how the candidate values testing and debugging.

7. What are some of the most common security issues mobile developers encounter? How do you mitigate those risks as you develop apps?

Security is crucial in the world of mobile app development. One wrong move could potentially leak confidential information. You don’t want that to happen with your mobile app.

That is why your developer must understand the necessary security implications. t’s always a good sign if the applicant knows how to prepare against security issues ahead of time. Make sure to ask what structures they implement to protect sensitive information.

8. Explain to me what ANR is and how you plan to sidestep it.

The term “ANR” means the application is not responding. It pops up when a mobile app stops responding for more than 10 seconds—which notifies through a dialog box. 

One way to avoid this is to lessen the number of activities performed by the core UI thread. Hence, it has become standard practice among developers to build separate threads for resource-draining activities. So, the applicant should have this knowledge in their repertoire.

9. What do you know about UX and UI?

Features and functionalities are the main drivers of the mobile app’s operation and success.

It is not necessarily required for a developer to have extensive knowledge of UI and UX. However, it is an advantage if they have experience with the subject. This way, you know they can contribute to the app’s design from a developer’s perspective.

10. Share your best soft skills, why they’ve been valuable in your past development projects, and the value they bring to this project.

While creating the job ad, you already have a list of soft skills you’re looking for in an applicant. Thus, if the candidate meets your requirements, it’s a win for both of you.

It’s also one of the tricky mobile app developer interview questions—it lets you check if the applicant has been paying attention to the job ad you have posted.

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