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Benefits of Software Development Partners

Both startup owners and enterprise builders will find that offshoring can significantly improve development projects. The trick is to find software development partners that will best fit your needs. Here are reasons to choose Full Scale.

The idea of offshore software development partners is not new. Offshoring has been around for quite a while, and the benefits are many. However, many companies in developed countries have been slow to take advantage of that option.

Hiring software developers offshore has only become a widely used practice in the last few years. There are two reasons: supply and cost.

In the US alone, there is a severe labor shortage across the board. The pandemic is part of the reason, but the supply shortage in IT professionals occurred before that time. The cost of hiring one has also gone up because of high demand.

Hiring software development partners offshore make sense as it gives you access to a large pool of qualified software talent. The big challenge is finding software development partners on which you can rely.

Benefits of Software Development Partners in the Philippines

The main task of offshore software development partners in software development. Because they are offshore, they are outside the client’s country. Many are in Southeast Asian countries, and the Philippines stands out for many reasons.

Talent pool

The Philippines is popular for IT offshoring. One of the reasons is a good number of qualified people live there according to CHED (Commission on Higher Education). There were 442,064 engineering and technology and 324,696 information technology graduates in the academic year of 2019/2020.

Many companies in the US tap that talent pool to good effect. US-based companies such as GigaBook, Stackify, Accenture, and Teleperformance have operations in the Philippines.

Full Scale has headquarters in Cebu City, and it is going strong. Its client base has grown significantly in the last year due to the high demand for offshore IT talent.


Cost is also a big factor for hiring software developers in the Philippines. The annual salary for a software developer in the Philippines is $7,141.47 on average, according to PayScale. By comparison, the average yearly wage for a software developer in the US is $72,586 and $43,275.40 in the UK.

The salary difference alone makes a good argument for offshoring to the Philippines. However, it gets better. Overhead expenses are also lower there.

Take commercial rentals. Currently, the cost to lease commercial space in Cebu is $1.06 per square foot. In Kansas City, the rate was $20.31 per square foot in 2019. This is one reason Full Scale can offer such competitive rates.

English proficiency

The Philippines also has high English proficiency. It ranks 27th out of 100 countries for English proficiency, ranking 2nd among 24 Asian countries. Since nearly half (42%) of outsourcing buyers are in English-speaking countries, this is a definite advantage.

Full Scale has been operating in the Philippines for more than three years. The US-based mobile development company knows from experience that effective communication is the key when managing remote teams. This is especially true with software development. The high English proficiency rate is another reason it chose the Philippines as its base of operations.

Time zone familiarity

You might not realize it now, but the time zone can have a big impact when working with offshore teams. That is not an issue in the Philippines.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has a long history in the country. It began in 1992 with government support and has grown by leaps and bounds. By 2018, there were 850 BPOs operating in the Philippines. This represents 18% of the global market share for BPOs.

In many cases, these BPOs operate in other time zones. Working the night shift and talking to foreigners is nothing new for many young Filipinos. As a result of this exposure, Filipinos are used to working in different time zones and with people of diverse cultures.

Of course, software development is not a business process per se. However, that makes no difference. It all comes down to the people and their ability to work together remotely. In the Philippines, this is not a problem.

Full Scale as Software Development Partners

Many companies know that the Philippines is the ideal place to find offshore software developers. However, they can hardly do that on their own. They need software development partners for that, and most companies choose Full Scale. Why is that?

While it has headquarters in Cebu City, Full Scale is a US-based company with experienced entrepreneurs at the helm. The founders have been in the software development industry for many years. More importantly, they have been successful at it.

Gigabook CEO and founder Matt DeCoursey is also the best-selling author of “Million Dollar Bedroom” and “Balance Me.” Matt Watson was the founder and CEO of VIN Solutions and Stackify currently the CTO of Netreo. Their experience as entrepreneurs put them in a good position to help others.

The two Matts have a deep understanding of the needs of their clients. They go to great lengths to help them as much as possible. Their consultative approach makes clients feel confident they are getting the right team member for their projects.

As software development partners, Full Scale offers::

  • No long term contracts
  • Time zone overlap
  • IP retention
  • Dedicated team structure
  • Fixed rates
  • Remote team management

Ultimately, the reason companies choose Full Scale over their competitors is convenience. It takes care of all non-core tasks for clients. These tasks include recruiting, assessing, on-boarding, retention, human resource management, and employee administration. Full Scale makes it easy for clients to build IT teams quickly and affordably.

Be a Software Development Partner with Full Scale

These are the benefits of working with Full Scale as software development partners. Aside from saving money, you will be working in your time zone with qualified professionals who speak your language. Those alone should convince you to take the leap. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Contact us now so we can start building your IT team together!

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