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JavaScript Updates in 2022
2022-07-20 /

JavaScript Updates in 2022

Many exciting things are happening with the JavaScript updates in 2022 that continue to evolve. Get ready to explore the latest JS updates.

To somewhat predict what direction JavaScript will take in 2022, it is important to know the trending tools in 2021. And according to the 2021 JavaScript Rising Stars report, the top three trendiest projects were:

  • zx – a new tool developed by Google to let developers write simple Command Line scripts in JS and TypeScript.
  • Vite – a building tool that provides excellent performance using the esbuild compiler. It has setups in Vue.js, React, Lit, and Svelte.
  • Next.js – the leading “meta framework” in React. It enables React-based web apps for server-side rendering and more.

 Now, let’s look at the upcoming JavaScript updates in 2022.

JavaScript Updates in 2022

This year, the development community is eagerly awaiting the publication of ECMAScript 2022 (ES2022). ECMAScript editors have continuously worked to maintain JavaScript standards.

Aside from proposed updates from ES, JavaScript community reports show that there will be many changes in JS development this year. Let’s get to the JavaScript updates in 2022.   

AngularJS Support is Discontinued

In 2018, Google announced that it would stop long-term support for AngularJS. This means the framework will no longer receive any updates or fixes.

Google recommends that development teams affected by the discontinuation of AngularJS should migrate their apps to Angular. Angular is the successor of AngularJS. Or they can also use other popular JS frameworks like Vue.js or React.

DHTMLX Suite 7.3

DHTMLX Suite helps developers design and create modern user interfaces (UI) faster. The suite features ready-made, easy-to-use, and highly customizable UI widgets. Another feature that makes this JS library popular is that it is regularly updated.

The newest version of the library is DHTMLX Suite 7.3. In this version, the JS library features a new treemap chart. This chart helps developers in analyzing and visualizing their hierarchical data. Also, it enables users to add free text as an option in the ComboBox’s dropdown lists.

This additional function is also available in Grid’s and TreeGrid’s Combo editors and Form’s Combo control. Plus, the suite’s Grid and TreeGrid widgets permit custom filters in the columns for more efficient data management.

Deno 1.18

The latest version of Deno comes with new features and improvements. The 1.18 version boasts of its fully implemented Web Cryptography API, stabilized API for nested test steps, config file auto-discovery, and improved startup time. In addition, Deno version 1.18 comes with the updated 9.8 version of the V8 JavaScript engine.

TypeScript 4.6 Beta

TypeScript (TS) has become one of the most loved and popular programming languages in the past few years. One major reason why TS is popular is that it regularly receives updates. And in 2022, Google announces the release of TS 4.6.

This version of TS comes with many upgrades for coding and control flow analysis. Upgrades include the ability to run other code before super(), index interference enhancements, recursion depth check improvements, and more.

React 18 Release Candidate

In 2021, the major updates to React framework were one of the most discussed topics in JS communities. The updates finally came with the release of React 18, which is now available on npm.

With React 18, concurrent rendering is now possible. React developers can now successfully render several versions of their UI simultaneously. Aside from that, React 18 also features automatic batching updates, new useful hooks, and new strict mode behaviors.

JavaScript Syntax by Microsoft

Microsoft announced its official support for adding type syntax in JS. This helpful feature allows programmers to add type annotations to their JS code. TypeScript type checkers will check these type annotations, which JS engines ignore.

Accordingly, engines will recognize these new syntaxes as comments and will not affect the surrounding code. As a result, the execution of TS-based programs in browsers will be simpler and faster.

Prettier 2.6

Prettier is one of the tools loved by programmers. It helps them maintain the readability of their code. Prettier is especially helpful for complex projects where there are more contributors. The popular code formatter helps programmers ensure that they have a unified format for their codebase.

The new version includes the awaited singleAttributePerLine option. Using this option, developers can now place one attribute per line in HTML, JSX, and Vue SFC templates. In addition, Prettier 2.6 now supports TS 4.6, and JS syntax proposal formatting through Babel.

Corrupted Libraries

Earlier this year, two free-to-use JS libraries were attacked by malicious code. The attack on color.js and faker.js caused an uproar in the development community. This is because both were popular libraries with millions of estimated downloads per week.

It turns out the attacks were inside jobs. Marak Squires, the creator of these two libraries, intentionally included malicious packages in the updates. The sabotage was said to be the result of the creator’s unsuccessful attempts to monetize his creations.

The development community quickly removed the malicious packages. As a result, discussions about making the development and maintenance of open-source projects started.

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