IT Outsourcing Trends in 2019

IT Outsourcing Trends

Recent years have shown how much the relationship between businesses and outsourcing has produced technological marvels. These relationships work when done right and on great timing. Timing is very relevant since there are observable trends that support business success through outsourcing.

Following the latest innovations in technology, our world has transformed multiple industries that drive global economic growth. Businesses have also capitalized on the technologies that further enhance performance. Ventures such as IT outsourcing have been a very prevalent trend. This is especially true in western countries that are experiencing a shortage of local manpower.

Undeniably, the impact of IT on businesses has turned the world around. Not only are businesses able to automate system processes, but they can also outsource parts of their business processes remotely. Outsourcing and offshoring have become an emerging trade growing fast in many developing countries with huge pools of talent.

Here are the latest IT Outsourcing Trends for 2019:

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Multiple specialties, one outsource company

Outsourcing from multiple service vendors for different business needs has been a trend of the past. The disadvantage is that you can’t delay projects due to the dependence of other processes from one vendor. If that vendor fails to deliver, all other processes will suffer.

Businesses are now leaning towards partnering with outsourcing companies that offer most, if not all, of their needed services. They want to centralize these processes within one outsource company to ensure cohesive operations. That said, the demand for outsourcing companies with multiple specialized services under one roof will grow.

Cloud sourcing platforms to elevate business processes

Technology will continue to drive the direction of how businesses operate. Cloud platforms are a great way for businesses to improve their processes; elevate their service models to give them an edge over their competitors.

With this, security is a critical area to look at. This opens doors for cloud companies to provide other businesses with cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure.

Progressive web apps for progressive user experience

PWAs are web applications that provide users with an application-like experience in a web browser. In other words, these are web applications with the UX and feel of a mobile application. This combines the best features of web and native applications. This way, you can still experience the app without even installing anything! This includes features like push notifications to act as if you really have the app right by your web browser.

Some companies that have PWAs are Alibaba, Forbes, Fandango, and Twitter. Alibaba saw a 76% increase in mobile conversions and Twitter experienced a 20% decrease in bounce rate.

With its user and pocket-friendliness, businesses will surely look for outsourcing development companies that can supplement such needs. With the rise of PWAs, the demand for web developers will also rise thus its impact on the future of IT outsourcing.

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Smart software for smarter operations

Rising technologies have breathed life to the birth of the Internet of Things. IoT is known as interconnection and interaction via the Internet of everyday end devices to perform tasks such as sending and receiving data.

Because of this, smart software has been developed to help link the data processes that go through each node of the networks to users. The investment in the research and innovations for IoT helped this technology soar and gain more traction over time.

IoT is not only applicable in the IT industry but also for others such as medical, manufacturing, disaster risk reduction management, economics, transportation, and a lot more. That said, it is expected that many businesses will capitalize on its popularity and provide services that create innovative systems to serve their customers better.

Socially responsible outsourcing is the future

Socially responsible outsourcing could potentially drive global development by lifting individual economies through worker empowerment. The future of businesses is for their owners to be socially conscious about their decisions while providing quality service to their customers.

This entails the employment and training of socioeconomically handicapped individuals in outsourcing centers around the world. Through outsourcing, businesses could obtain a great cut on costs. But by being socially aware, they could also be helping liberate individuals from economic disadvantages.

IT Outsourcing Trends in 2019 from Full Scale

Automation of business processes

In connection to the Internet of Things, automation of business processes will continue to grow this year and in the years to come. Businesses will be reliant on automated processes aided by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation.

This process involves using software robots to replace humans to do types of work such as calculations, analysis, and report generation.  That’s why, this year, outsourcing companies should be ready to provide business intelligence services.

Security is always #1 most trendy

With the rise of many different technologies, one aspect that should not be ignored is security. Regardless of any advancement, security should still be a number one priority to protect your business at all costs.

Security risks are rising along with the growth of the Internet of Things and Cloud computing. This poses a threat to the important data your company owns and could lead to devastating attacks. Which is why it is a must that your outsourced service provider has the capability to not only block attacks but also prevent them from happening.

Knowing where to outsource

With the goal of cutting costs, businesses are always on the lookout for outsourcing and offshoring destinations where they could achieve exactly that.

Asia has become a hotspot for outsourcing and is gaining attention when it comes to the outsourcing industry since the pay rates are usually lower than the other regions. Many of its countries are prevailing in the global outsourcing industry. India, Singapore, and the Philippines are among the top-performing countries in the region.

Knowledge is power and power is helpful. Knowing where to look and why you should look will come in very handy.

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