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How to Find PHP Programmers
2018-12-26 /

How to Find PHP Programmers

Whether you need a PHP programmer for a new startup or for an established business, you still need experience and talent. It’s not easy to find PHP Programmers. Hopefully, the following information will help you learn a little more about what you need to do to find, hire and keep the best PHP Programmers possible.

Is Finding a Great PHP Programmer Hard to Do?

It can be. Mainly because there can only be so many experts. There is also a high demand for computer programmers in general right now.

Finding PHP Programmers

Different Ways You Can Find PHP Programmers

Online Ads – There are a lot of ways to place online job ads. In fact, there might even be so many that mentioning them here is pointless. A few of the more popular sites are Indeed and Linkedin.

Social Media – You can try posting available job openings on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. The results will vary.

Offshore Contractors – Many businesses around the world practice offshoring. Companies like Full Scale specialize in helping software and startup businesses set up remote development teams.

What Should I Look for in a PHP Programmer?

Experience – This can only be listed 1 time, but it should be listed multiple times. It’s that important. When you are trying to hire anyone, experience does matter. In regards to programmers, it will improve all facets of the development process and improve your product.

Intelligence – Smart people figure stuff out faster. It’s the truth, so hiring someone with high levels of intelligence will improve your team’s ability to find and solve problems.

What is Offshoring?

The term offshoring refers to the practice of hiring those NOT in your country to perform services. The practice is so common that a huge number of countries worldwide have a significant portion of their exports being services.

Listen to Episode 24 of the Startup Hustle podcast – Offshoring

What are the Benefits of Offshoring?

Cost – There are people outside of your own country who are probably willing to perform services for a lower rate than what you would find locally. This is the strongest motivator when it comes to offshoring.

Time Zones – The other side of the world runs on the opposite daylight schedule. Due to this, many software companies utilize offshore teams to help maintain site reliability and nighttime service needs and to extend the software development life-cycle.

Availability – There is a big shortage of “talent” in places like North America, Europe, and Australia. The booming technology industries in all of those countries compared to the number of available people able to perform skilled tasks are not equal.

What is Full Scale?

  • Company – Full Scale helps businesses find and hire programmers, designers, project managers, App developers and QA testers.
  • Owners – Our company is owned and operated by Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson. Both have a long history when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.
  • Services – Full Scale helps other businesses find and then utilize computer programmers as well as other creative and management teams.
  • Locations – Currently, Full Scale has an office in Cebu City, Philippines.

How can Full Scale help me find PHP Programmers?

  • Recruiting
  • Assessing
  • Hiring
  • Managing
  • Advising

How do we screen and assess the skills of our PHP Programmers?

Experience – Our first criteria are based on the actual real-life job experience. Our PHP Programmers have been doing similar jobs with other companies prior to us hiring them. Since Full Scale deals with those that we believe to be in the top 20% of their career designation, they must have some career experience.

Practical Application – After we have determined that an applicant has the necessary experience to potentially fill our client’s needs, we then invite them to take a test that challenges their experience and skills. This involves taking tests related to their chosen programming languages, general web developer skills, best practices, and solving actual live coding problems and challenges. To be honest, most applicants don’t make it past this step. It is a really important part of our process when it comes to assessment. After all, if they can’t write code well, then we can’t recommend them.

Technical Assessment – If the first two parts of the assessment process are completed successfully, then applicants move forward to an in-person technical assessment. This involves a series of challenging conversations with our existing team of experts. During this technical assessment, our existing staff challenged a candidate’s knowledge of the subject matter and also assessed the personality qualities, leadership, attitude, and other aspects of the candidate in general. This is our final step before deciding whether or not to offer a position to an applicant.

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