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Why Hire AngularJS Developer in the Philippines
2019-02-28 /

Why Hire an Offshore Angular Developer

As entrepreneurs, we are driven to our mission, solve problems, and generate more income. It’s tough out there in a market with a shortage of software developers. So what do we do? We focus on options such as offshore software development.

Offshoring is disrupting and supporting the tech industry. Many of the US entrepreneurs are offshoring parts of their businesses to the Philippines, one of Asia’s leading offshore destinations.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks used for developing web applications. It’s an open-source, cross-platform framework that can create native web and mobile apps.

Created by the same brains behind Google, it was intended to become a developer-friendly framework with fragmented and reusable code, use of NPM, HTML User Interface, and behavior-based directives. In this article, we’ll look into the demand for AngularJS developers, and touch on why you should hire an AngularJS developer in the Philippines.

Google started developing AngularJS in 2009 and later released its first version in 2012. It was initially intended as an enterprise tool but failed to meet a sufficient number of subscribers and was later converted into an open-source library.

To cater to the high demand, Google decided to enhance the tool further, which led to the creation of numerous versions in a span of five years. With its rapid growth, the latest version has become one of the most widely used frameworks, with over 1 million developers using it.

Where to find AngularJS Developers?

It’s pretty challenging to find the right experts to handle your project. You need to consider their qualifications and ability to execute the task at hand. There’s a lot that could go wrong when you end up hiring the wrong people to work for you or, worse, you can’t find them at all, thanks to the current labor shortage in the US.

Software development is complicated, and you need the best and brightest to pull it off. Hiring a dedicated team of programmers for your project will ensure your project will be completed successfully.

Consider offshoring your development team. You can find highly skilled AngularJS developers in the Philippines at a very affordable rate. Full Scale has a whole team of experienced programmers that can cater to your web development needs.

We’ve carefully picked out the cream of the crop and assessed their skills and work ethics to ensure that you get the best people to work for you. We can take care of the nitty-gritty process of hiring and managing the staff.

In our Guided Development process, our frontend developers can take over at any stage of your project. If you’re planning to convert your current framework to the latest version or your development team wants to keep using AngularJS, we have seasoned developers who can easily adapt to whichever option you choose.

Due to the nature of AngularJS’ syntax and fragmented coding structure, picking up the project of another team is often simpler than with other web development frameworks. Contact us for more information!

From Different Angles

There’s an ongoing debate as to which Angular version is better. The newest version undoubtedly offers promising new features, but its predecessor also stands its ground as a unique, stable, and intelligible framework. The large community supporting AngularJS is a strong statement that it’s not going away anytime soon.

However, the number of websites using AngularJS has significantly dwindled down over the last few years. Furthermore, Angular announced it will stop its long-term support for the software by 2021. 

The framework will continue to serve its purpose as a reliable developer tool but the most ideal option for corporate setups is to adopt the latest version to ensure support and compatibility with the most modern technologies.

With that in mind, it is still very much safe to use AngularJS in the development of web applications. In order to do so, you would need to hire developers that are skilled in AngularJS to support the development process.

Why hire an Offshore Angular developer?

1. You need one to port your existing app from AngularJS to Angular.

To stay competitive, you need to future-proof your services. Although many applications still run on AngularJS, around 12,000 websites have made the transition to Angular according to Libscore’s analytics. Among them are popular sites like Diply, Forbes, Live Journal, Udemy, and Upwork.

Angular offers new features that allow you to run a more interactive and modern website.

  • Superior Languages – AngularJS only runs on JavaScript while Angular is compatible with the most recent versions of TypeScript that have powerful type checking and object-oriented features. This allows more flexibility for developers to write better, more efficient code in their preferred languages (Dart, TypeScript, ES5, and ES6).
  • Mobile Support – Unlike AngularJS which was originally created as a desktop framework, Angular was specifically designed to support mobile development, allowing you to more easily develop web applications that cater to both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Speedier SPA – Single Page Applications facilitate an uninterrupted user experience which plays a big part in retaining visitors to your site. Seamless and hassle-free navigation will hold people’s attention and increase the likelihood of converting them into regular users, customers, or clients. Angular has a better structure to make it easier to create and maintain big applications and a better change detection mechanism. Angular is the fastest version yet.
  • DOM manipulation Unlike some other popular frameworks, Angular conveniently relieves the developer of actively manipulating DOM (Document Object Model), all thanks to its two-way data binding approach. This enables the developer to save coding time and effort while translating and updating the DOM elements.

2. Maintain your existing application

Despite the impending halt in its development, AngularJS is still a dependable framework. It will continue to serve its purpose even without official support (but we really recommend upgrading!).

And if you plan to migrate in the future, it is going to take some time to fully migrate from AngularJS to Angular. During the transition, you will need an awesome AngularJS developer who knows the framework like the back of his hands. Many companies in the Philippines have hired and trained AngularJS developers to work with their clients and on internal projects.

Full Scale offers a wide variety of robust and scalable web development services, including offshore Angular developers. We can connect you to the right people and help you offshore your business properly to the Philippines. Contact us and learn more about our services today! 

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