Defining the Roles and Responsibilities of An AngularJS Developer

Roles and Responsibilities of An AngularJS Developer

What are the roles and responsibilities of an AngularJS developer in the whole development lifecycle? Learn about the key tasks and skills required from an AngularJS developer today.

Finding great developers for an AngularJS development project is tough. It’s not an easy feat for any business owner these days. Whether it’s a startup or not, businesses need to invest time and money in hiring the right people. 

But you know what the scariest part is? Spending all that time, money, and effort into hiring an AngularJS developer who may not fit the bill when the dust settles. So how do you do your best to ensure company resources aren’t lost during the hiring process?

First, you should have a true understanding of the (standard) roles and responsibilities of an AngularJS developer. And then, you need to determine the skills and requirements you have to consider. Without further ado, here are some notes to remember.

AngularJS and Industry Updates

Before anything else, you must get to know the basics of AngularJS. This is important, especially if you’re a non-techy entrepreneur or this is your first time hiring an AngularJS developer.

AngularJS is an open-source web framework mainly used for developing single-page applications. It is a JavaScript-based framework used as frontend of the MEAN stack. 

Previously, AngularJS was maintained by Google and a community of corporations and individual developers. However, it was announced that starting January 1, 2022, Google will no longer facilitate any updates for AngularJS. The organization also recommends upgrading any systems to Angular (Angular 2+, Angular CLI) along with other options. 

Roles and Responsibilities of An AngularJS Developer

The roles and responsibilities of an AngularJS developer can vary based on the project at hand. At times, it also depends on the role assigned to the developer in a team setting. So here’s a general overview of how an AngularJS developer fits in an organization. 

1. They are developers

First and foremost, AngularJS developers build and maintain code for the application. They may use various programming languages in the process, such as JavaScript or CSS. It is also possible that other programming languages are among the project requirements.

2. They are designers

As a front-end developer, AngularJS developers delve into UI and UX tasks. Ensuring everything the end-user sees and interacts with is functional is a core responsibility. At times, since they have to deal with user interface, they also collaborate with web designers.

3. They are technical support specialists

Since they have extensive knowledge of the project technicalities, they are called to support other stakeholders. Aside from that, they also need to make sure that the web application is responsive and free of bugs. 

An application with flaws is a failed project. It will not fare successfully in the market, and the investment may not gain any returns. Therefore AngularJS developers must leverage their knowledge of the framework to ensure that product deployment and maintenance goes smoothly. 

4. They are troubleshooters

AngularJS developers need to work with testers and other QA specialists to pinpoint bugs and resolve issues. Once the product is deployed, they are also responsible for maintaining its quality through regular testing and debugging processes. If there is negative consumer feedback, they need to analyze the problem and help provide solutions for it. 

General Scheduled Tasks of An AngularJS Developer

Most AngularJS developers possess extensive knowledge of JavaScript programming. Moreover, they are also armed with theoretical Angular software engineering know-how. 

This key point alone makes them the perfect front-end developers, building the look and feel of a web application. Understandably, there are many tasks under the roles and responsibilities of an AngularJS developer

However, these are the general responsibilities found in an AngularJS developer job description.

  • Design, build, and maintain a user interface using the best practices of AngularJS
  • Develop a flexible interface for modern internet apps using the latest tools and frontend technologies
  • Write code in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Build app code and unit tests in Java Technologies, AngularJS, and REST Web Services
  • Conduct product analysis during and document the results during testing and debugging
  • Assist the team in making complex technical and design-related decisions while collaborating closely with the designers
  • Coordinate with back-end developers for a seamless integration process 
  • Help create the documentation for the project
  • Provide technical support to other stakeholders during the development and testing stages 

Skills Required to Fulfill the Roles and Responsibilities of An AngularJS Developer

After discussing the roles and responsibilities of an AngularJS developer, let’s talk about the developer’s qualifications. What skills do great AngularJS developers possess? Are there particular requirements that an individual has to meet in order to successfully accomplish an AngularJS development? Here are some general AngularJS developer qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, information technology, and other related fields may be required
  • Relevant and practical experience in AngularJS development
  • Proficiency in JavaScript MVC frameworks (including AngularJS) and programming languages, like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Extensive understanding of Ajax, RESTful services, and JavaScript DOM manipulation techniques
  • In-depth knowledge in using tools, such as Gulp or Grunt
  • A team player who can easily work with other teammates
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent time- and project-management skills
  • High analytical and critical thinking skills

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