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Offshore Managers How to Delegate Tasks
2020-01-17 /

Offshore Project Managers: How to Delegate Tasks

Offshoring provides a lot of advantages for startups. It’s cheaper, it’s convenient, and it helps the business expand its network. However, managing everything from the other side of the globe is a whole different story. Offshore project managers play a vital role in pulling off the entire setup and making it work for the business.

If you want to learn how offshore project managers handle their teams or know the basics of offshore project management, then here are some helpful tips to get you started.

The Offshore Team

The first thing you need to learn about offshore project management is the culture of the team you’re managing. Remote teams are made up of individuals coming from different parts of the globe. Software companies usually hire experts from other countries because they are difficult to find in the US. With that said, offshoring is an excellent solution if you want to cut down labor costs without compromising quality.

Once an offshore team is assembled, it is the project manager’s job to assess their skills and experience to determine what tasks and projects can be assigned to them. The project manager makes certain that the entire work operation is organized and smoothly running.

It’s safe to say that good management is crucial for a company’s success. A convoluted and messy process can result in businesses spending more money on fixing errors rather than earning revenue. This is why project managers have to establish a well-founded routine within the workplace. However, how exactly do they manage a remote team?   

Managing an Offshore Team: How Project Managers Delegate Tasks

Project managers organize and oversee the entire workflow of a project. They are in charge of integrating all the essential processes and guidelines into one cohesive system. A project manager’s goal is to establish the “when” and “how” of the entire project and act as the glue that binds them all together. The project manager’s objective is to turn a diverse group of talent into a well-oiled machine. 

Although the same management rules apply, offshore project managers face a unique set of challenges in managing employees from different locations. Global management comes with a lot more responsibilities at a wider scope. In this entry, we’ll discuss how offshore managers handle the task delegation from a broader perspective.

Offshore Communication

Communication is vital for any team, especially so for remote ones. An offshore manager has to ensure that all instructions are clear and all members of the team understand them. It is crucial for a project manager to possess good and clear communication skills to effectively convey each message.

The difficult part about communication when it comes to a remote offshore team is the difference in time, language, and accessibility. A lot of the tasks have to be done without supervision, which means the project manager must deliver all requirements clearly and efficiently.

Furthermore, English may not be the primary language of the remote team. This is why each member should be proactive by clarifying complex details. It is the project manager’s job to constantly give and ask for updates on the work progress. 

Key Points on Project Communication:

  1. Defining Objectives – The goal of each task needs to be clearly communicated. In assigning tasks, the offshore manager must indicate all details and specific demands from the client’s side. Instructions must be clear and accurate to eliminate any risk of miscommunication for everyone involved.
  2. Setting Timelines – With the right time management, the strain of time difference can work to the company’s advantage. An offshore manager has to make the most out of the different time zones and set schedules that will make all parties productive. Different shifts allow smoother task transitions and faster output if they are scheduled correctly.
  3. Unblocking Bottlenecks – Managing issues can be tricky when there are a lot of factors involved. The project manager has to identify the root cause of a problem and take a diplomatic stance in resolving it. The goal is to maintain certain level-headedness while handling conflicts as fast as possible.  
  4. Documenting – In addition to setting dates, the offshore manager also has to keep track of all the progress and updates of the members.  

The project manager documents all the necessary details of the project, disseminating all information to the client and the team. The manager is in charge of keeping a record of all the communication that happens between the team and the client. Furthermore, he or she also has to document all the changes and progress of each development stage.      

Maximizing Team Potential

It’s not easy to give pep talks to a diverse team. With that in mind, one of the most important responsibilities of an offshore manager is to consistently motivate each member. 

Remote teams, especially in software development, will undergo a lot of trial and error before completing their task. This can be mentally draining and emotionally taxing. 

Project managers play the delicate role of nudging the team to keep going. The team has to continually improve their performance, striving to produce even better output. 

Hiring Offshore Project Managers

In hiring project managers, you have to consider if they are familiar with the kind of product or service you’re offering. Ideally, you need a leader that will encourage your team to be creative and will bring out their full potential. You can browse through plenty of good candidates online, but you have to narrow down the list to the ones who can help your business succeed. 

Consider seeking help from offshoring recruitment specialists. Full Scale has seasoned offshore project managers who have hands-on experience in managing various development projects. Our project managers will help you streamline your processes and delegate tasks efficiently.

At Full Scale, we have seasoned professionals who specialize in a wide variety of web development services. We have project managers, web and mobile developers, content writers, and several other experts in our team. So, if you’re planning to offshore your development team, then talk to us!  

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