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What is the job description of a Mobile Developer?
2022-02-24 /

Mobile Developer Job Description

Are you looking to hire a mobile app developer but don’t got a clue what they do exactly? Discover the mobile developer job description, requirements, and where you can hire one.

Mobile apps are taking over the world. Whether it’s for work or daily activities, you can bet that there’s a mobile app for that. Aside from being a utility in a digital lifestyle, mobile apps are also a big source of entertainment and media consumption. 

Thus, it explains the myriad of applications across multiple mobile platforms. There are currently more than 4 million mobile apps for both iOS and Android users. And, this number will keep on growing.

Alongside this growth is the demand for mobile development talent. Great mobile developers today are rare. They also come with different niches. So, it’s important to find one who excels in the field at the same time meets your requirements. 

To narrow down the steps in hiring this specific talent, it’s fundamental to define the mobile developer job description. This way, we can set a clear path towards your target. Here are today’s key points:

To help us define the mobile developer job description, let’s first understand what mobile app development is.

Mobile App Development: A Background

At its core, mobile app development encompasses the processes of building and deploying software applications for mobile devices. These devices include cellular phones, tablets, smartwatches, and more. 

But with diverse types of mobile devices, we can classify mobile app development into three different categories. The main distinguishing factor is the type of device the users access them. Here are three categories of mobile application development:

1. Native

This type of mobile application development builds specifically for its intended operating system. You can run native applications only for Android, iOS, or any other system and device, respectively. The Google PlayStore application is native only to Android. On the other hand, the AppStore is native to iOS mobile devices.

2. Mobile-web development

In essence, this type is the development of mobile-responsive versions of websites and applications. Mobile web apps behave like native apps. However, the user would need a browser to access these applications. These are not stand-alone apps ready to download from application stores.

3. Hybrid application development

Hybrid or cross-platform development produces mobile applications that work on multiple devices or operating systems. They are intended to work across different mobile platforms.

The Mobile Developer Job Description

Evidently, mobile developers also come with different niches. So when you want to hire one, make sure to define the mobile developer job description based on your requirements. Based on our background in mobile development, we can now derive the mobile developer job description. Let’s summarize the definition into:

“A mobile developer is a software development expert responsible for translating code into functional mobile applications.”

From this statement, we can dissect the job title into two parts: software development expert and mobile applications

For the first part, mobile developers are, first and foremost, software development resources. This means that their expertise relies on building and deploying software applications.

The next part is about mobile applications. The keyword “mobile” separates the niche of this software development position from the rest. Ergo, their main focus is mobile app development. While they would need help from other developers, say, backend developers, their domain is limited to their position only.

Sample: Mobile Developer Job Description Template

Now, we already have the mobile developer job definition and their role in software development. If you’re looking for mobile app developers, the first step is to define your requirements and expectations. That’s when a mobile developer job description template comes in handy. Let’s detail how to make one.

First, you need to introduce your company. Detail what you do and state facts that make your company interesting. You can include the benefits of working in your company. Just keep it short but riveting.

The next step is all about what you’re looking for; in this case, a mobile app developer. Craft the mobile developer job description, tasks or responsibilities, and qualifications you require. This way, applicants can also assess if they meet your criteria.

You may customize the description, responsibilities, and skill qualifications based on what your company needs. Ultimately, this is what a mobile developer job description template looks like.

Here’s a mobile developer job description template sample:

Company Info
We are a transport app company committed to providing efficient transportation and courier services to our users. At [insert company name], we treat our employees close to our hearts. So, we offer flexible work arrangements, medical insurance, and leave credits to everyone.
We are looking for _______
We are looking for a mobile app developer to join our engineering team. You must be proficient in both the design and development aspects of the software. As a member of the team, you will be working with other tech professionals to design and maintain mobile applications. Additionally, you must possess the abilities to bring our product to the next level.
 Help in identifying priorities and planning out new features
 Support the product development cycle, from design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance
 Develop APIs to enable mobile functionalities
 Participate in brainstorming sessions for improvements, and product updates
 Stay updated with the latest trends, concepts, terminology, and best practices in mobile app development
 Work alongside the engineering team to continuously develop and design the app
 Perform testing during each build
 Document code conventions, release notes, issues encountered, and resolutions
 Transform client requirements in functional elements
 Optimize application performance
 Ensure that the code and application meet proper standards
Skills and Qualifications:
 Proven experience in mobile app development
 A degree in computer science or software engineering or relevant field (optional)
 Proficiency with a mobile app development programming language such as Swift or Java
 Knowledge in OOPs concepts and design principles
 Experience in working with third-party libraries and APIs
 Analytical skills and problem-solving skills
 Ability to work with a team of multiple people
 Strong oral and written communication skills

Hire a Mobile App Developer Today

Probably one of the reasons why you’re reading this is because you need help in hiring mobile app developers. This is just one of the areas in recruitment that a lot of business owners, especially startups, are challenged with.

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