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What are the different types of software development services?
2021-11-17 /

6 Types of Offshore Development Services

There’s a rising trend for offshore development services. In fact, businesses in the tech industry are now enjoying their benefits. Let’s get to know the top offshore development services that would help your business.

Offshore development firms help businesses find the best talent from a wider professional pool and minimize development costs.

With the help of offshore services, entrepreneurs can now handle the increasing market demand for various tech products and services. Moreover, they can leverage the power of technology to make their business processes more efficient.

But before diving into this venture, there are things you need to know first. In this article, we will tackle four important topics to guide you with offshore development.

Let’s start with the kinds of development services you can offshore.

6 Common Offshore Development Services

Wherever you are in the world, a good offshore service provider can deliver high-quality results. Here are some of the most common offshore services offered today.

1. Software Development

There is a developer shortage in the US. Software development and tech-related companies are having a hard time looking for the right talent from a shallow pool.

To resolve this issue, many offshore development firms sprout recently. These firms are mostly located in top offshore development destinations, such as China, the Philippines, India, Argentina, and Poland.

Now, what are the types of development tasks you can do offshore? There are six common offshore development services most businesses leverage.

  • Standard Web Development—A web development project aims to build, maintain, and carry out updates according to your requirements. The offshore development team will use HTML code and other tech stacks to present your brand on a skillfully built website.
  • E-commerce Development—It’s a different development task from a standard website development project. The e-commerce developer will also build and maintain your e-commerce platform where users can transact with you and others.
  • Mobile Application—An offshore app development project accomplishes the creation of software specifically designed to run on mobile devices. These downloadable apps are either geared towards businesses or individuals.
  • Software Development—When it comes to offshore software development tasks, there are three kinds of professionals you can look for. These are frontend developers, backend developers, and full-stack developers. Each of these professionals has its own specialization, so they vary in the services they can offer.
  • Enterprise Application—An enterprise application is a complex, large, and scalable software system. Developers engineer the functionalities to operate in a corporate or government-related environment. 
  • Custom Development—The opposite of off-the-shelf development, a custom development project creates distinct, goal-oriented software. Its functionalities and design target a specific user or organization. 

2. QA Testing

Quality software makes you competitive in the market. That is why you need stringent and efficient quality assurance process. 

Now, are you looking for QA analysts or engineers? Is it for automated QA testing or manual testing? Regardless of your needs, you can find professionals from an offshore development firm. You can also find freelancers from countries offering offshore development services. 

These QA professionals use a combination of tech stacks and strategies to find errors in your software. They also help developers adjust the code or any other technical aspects to meet your requirements. The end result is secure and high-performing software for you and your clients.

Many businesses, especially startups, decide to skip testing due to budget constraints. However, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of QA testing. Doing so will only lead to frustrated users, cyberattack vulnerabilities, and monetary consequences. 

3. Machine Learning

Machine learning applies the concept of artificial intelligence to build advanced systems. Once created, the product has the capability to learn and improve customer experience automatically without explicit programs.

Are you dealing with overflowing tasks to accomplish your machine learning project? Consider hiring an offshore development services provider that specializes in machine learning. 

Companies like Full Scale have the right people and tech stack specialties to work on your project. With advanced strategies, teams can deliver high-quality products that satisfy your requirements. 

4. Project Management

Hiring offshore developers to work on your project has its challenges. For one, you need to make sure that the team is properly managed outside the headquarters. Next, come cultural differences and language barriers. Oftentimes, these factors may lead to miscommunication.

So how do other companies conquer these challenges? They hire a project manager. With the rise of offshore development projects, it is not surprising that project management is one of the most in-demand services today.

One of your choices is hiring an independent project manager to oversee the work. Or, you can simply hire an offshore development firm that offers it as part of their offshore development services. 

Most of these firms already have the right people whom they can assign to manage your team. Or, in the case of Full Scale, you can choose among our project manager pool through our employee platform.

5. UX/UI Design

Nowadays, customer-centric websites and software put emphasis on user interface and user experience. These two elements greatly affect the purchase or lead conversion. But what are these two elements? And why should you offshore the design and engineering?

User interface pertains to the aesthetic elements that people interact with while browsing through your product. It focuses on visual interface details, like colors, typography, images, and menu bar, among others. 

On the other hand, user experience refers to the interaction between the customer and the product. When we say UX design, it focuses on how customers feel and how easy it is to achieve their desired task while on your platform. 

Now, you can hire a designer to handle these tasks. You can hire different individuals for the user interface design and another for the user experience. But, there are also professionals with the skill set to handle both tasks simultaneously. 

Just ensure to check qualifications when you partner with a UX designer or UI designer for these offshore development services. Or, you can look for an offshore development center to cater to your needs, so you can lessen the hassle of recruitment.

6. System Upgrades

Do you need technical support on your system upgrades? Whether it’s for a legacy system or a digital system overhaul, there are offshore development services customizable for your requirements.

An offshore development company can help you with the following services:

  • Process Update — Redefine your system processes to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Data Migration — Transfer your data from one system to another in a safe and secure manner.
  • Platform Upgrade — Move old business software and apps to the cloud to improve accessibility and system processes.
  • App Integration — Streamline operational workflow and databases to create a unified and singular data source.

Additionally, your system needs maintenance to function properly. Most offshore development firms provide services to avoid system crashes and downtime. 

Going for Offshore Development Services: When To Do It

Taking the leap in offshoring tasks is a big decision to make. It can be daunting, too, since there are risks you have to think about as a business owner. 

But are there any signs that can help you make the right decision? Here are some things to consider to know if you should avail offshore development services.

1. Do you have a limited budget?

Software development is an exhaustive process that requires many resources. And, it can be expensive to maintain a dedicated team of developers and acquire the necessary tools. 

So to reduce your liabilities and budget while staying on top of the project, hire a software development company offshore. They offer various services and tools at a competitive cost. 

Most importantly, there’s no need to think about the recurring cost of recruiting developers. It can be financially debilitating especially if you have a limited talent market.

2. Are you looking for specific developer talent?

There is a reason why businesses look into offshore software development services in countries like India and the Philippines. There is an apparent developer shortage in the US. So if you’re looking for a specific developer, offshoring provides you access to a deeper talent pool. 

3. Is there a need to hasten the development timeframe?

Timing can greatly affect the success of your product deployment. This is especially true if you have a lot of competition in the industry. That is why software businesses find it necessary to reduce development time to seize market opportunities as they emerge.

In-house recruitment can take a chunk of your time away from developing the product. Moreover, researching for the right tools and tech stack consumes time. 

But when you partner with an offshore development firm, you can reduce the time needed to accomplish both things. This gives a faster turnaround time for your product, too.

Checklist Before Saying Yes to Offshore Service Providers

It can be tempting to sign a contract with the first offshore development center you can find. But if you want value for your money, then consider these things before finalizing the partnership.

1. Offshore Location

The offshore location is important when it comes to budget and qualifications. It can also affect your collaboration process throughout the project. So consider the timezone and mode of communication. This will help you see what matches your specific preferences and requirements. 

Full Scale chooses the Philippines as an excellent location to do offshore development. The archipelago has a flexible IT workforce that is trained at working on different schedules. They also rank as the 2nd best English-speaking country in Asia, just behind Singapore.

2. Project Cost and Flexibility

The pricing model and flexibility of service terms are major factors for ideal service providers. Thus, look at the payment terms and given project management agility in your contract. And, choose an offshore development center that extends the most cost-effective plan. 

For instance, if you have a small software development project, a fixed fee can work. But if you’re planning to get various development services for complex work, then it’s another story. You need to negotiate for a more flexible contract that encompasses a dynamic project.

3. Expertise and Qualifications

Try to review the skills and experience of the developers within the offshore development company. Remember that the success of your project lies in the expertise of the developers. Hence, make sure that their competencies meet your project requirements.

4. Security Policies and Compliance

One of the risks of using offshore development services in data management and security. However, an ideal offshore partner has these things covered based on the laws and regulations of the country. 

For example, great offshore development firms comply with the international standard in handling data and its security. They should also have a security framework in place and discuss it before the start of your project. Next, they should have a clear business continuity management plan that suits your requirements. 

Most importantly, they must have to determine clauses on the adherence of contractual agreements. This is especially relevant when it comes to managing data protection and retaining intellectual property rights.

5. Company Reputation

It only takes a couple of minutes to search for company reviews online. So make sure to check what previous clients have to say about a company. But be careful in filtering authentic reviews from fake ones.

That is why, aside from looking at reviews, try to search for news coverage and other company updates. You can also look at legit business review platforms for their reputation, like the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Why Choose Full Scale For Your Project

If you’re looking for offshore development services, then browse through what Full Scale can offer. We’re one of the trusted offshore custom software development companies in the Philippines. 

We can help you find qualified and experienced professionals for your project. Let us take care of the technical assessment and interviews. By doing so, you can focus more on your company’s core processes. 

Moreover, we have a team of highly qualified developers. They can work on your project at a competitive price to meet your specific requirements. With our long-term technical solutions and scaling capabilities, we take care of everything from start to finish.

Discuss your needs with us today. Let’s start building your team quickly and affordably.

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