Where to Find the Best Software Developers in the Philippines

Top 5 Cities to Find the Best Software Developers in the Philippines

Looking to hire the best software developers in the Philippines? The country is one of the best places to recruit IT talents. We’ve identified the top cities to look into for finding the cream of the crop in the industry.

The Philippines is a prime outsourcing destination with its fast-developing business centers and foreign investment policies. It has a wide talent pool of IT experts that are also rapidly expanding.

In 2020 alone, the country produced over 47,000 IT graduates. With such a voluminous supply of IT experts, you’re guaranteed to find the best software developers in the Philippines.

Top Cities to Hire Software Developers

Hiring the Best Software Developers in the Philippines Today
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If you’re not familiar with the Philippines, we’ve developed a guide to help you get started. Since remote work has become a popular setup, you can now find software developers working from this rich archipelago. This means you have a wider scope of locations to search in.

To get started, here are the most IT-populated cities in the country:

#1 Manila

Manila, the capital city, hosts a lot of the best software developers in the Philippines. It’s home to some of the largest tech companies, such as IBM, Google, and Oracle.

Several of the highest-ranking universities in the Philippines are also located in Manila. De La Salle University, the University of Santo Tomas, and the University of the Philippines are known to produce the most competent graduates thanks to their excellent academic training.

Manila provides complete resources for workers; large business districts, reliable internet infrastructures, and access to modern IT tools. It’s the ideal place to recruit from, as well as the other cities within the metro: Taguig and Makati.

Full Scale Manila
Top 5 Cities to Find the Best Software Developers in the Philippines 2

#1.1 Taguig

Taguig is known for its financial business center, the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Over the years, BGC has seen extensive commercial growth with large-scale projects like residential condominiums and corporate office buildings, such as Net One and Bonifacio Technology Center. With its promising urban development, BGC is one of the top hubs for IT professionals to work and live in.

Just like the other major cities, Taguig is a great place to scout and employ software developers because they have all the major infrastructures needed. In fact, it’s deemed to have the highest supply of offices open for leasing. BGC provides the perfect environment for workers to live and work.

#1.2 Makati

Makati has a premier business district called Makati Central Business District (CBD). It is home to many of the nation’s top businesses, as well as some of Asia’s busiest commercial districts. As one of the most sophisticated cities in the Philippines, it has a number of green areas that provides a welcome break from the urban culture.

Just like the other business districts in Metro Manila, Makati holds a large number of job seekers. Many IT graduates flock to the city center to find great tech job opportunities. As a result, you’re sure to find a boatload of applicants in Makati.

#2 Cebu

Metropolitan Cebu is one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the country, with its robust economy and highly competent workforce. The city is positioning itself to become a capable business center with over one billion worth of infrastructure projects coming. This is why it is where Full Scale set up our Philippine headquarters.

Just like Manila, it’s also home to some of the best universities in the Philippines. The University of San Carlos, the University of Cebu, the Cebu Institute of Technology – University, the University of San Jose-Recoletos, and the University of the Philippines – Cebu produce the largest numbers of IT graduates each year. In fact, Full Scale has established a partnership program with these universities to support future graduates.

University of Cebu Main
Top 5 Cities to Find the Best Software Developers in the Philippines 3

#3 Davao

Being the largest economy in Mindanao, Davao city is fast becoming a major center for information technology and BPO industries. With its sustained population density, Davao City is a potential option for future operations in a variety of industries. It also produces a good number of IT graduates from the University of the Philippines Mindanao and Ateneo de Davao University.

Boasting as one of the safest cities in Southeast Asia, Davao’s security and steady economy hold a lot of promise for investors. There are plenty of infrastructure projects on the way, such as a new business district, Davao Global Township. You’re bound to find a lot of IT experts going to this city.

Full Scale Davao
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#4 Iloilo City

One of the more unseemly destinations to hire software developers is Iloilo City. Recently, the city has experienced an economic boom due to the widespread ventures of its local government. The IT industry is currently the backbone of Iloilo City’s local economy, with employment expected to reach 36,800 in 2022.

The old business areas in the City Proper make up Iloilo City’s Central Business District (CBD). Retail and office space are available for enterprises, including IT providers, at the Iloilo Ayala Land Technohub. Being one of the fastest-growing cities in the Visayas, more job seekers are bound to reside in this area.

#5 Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan is known as the Port City, which opens itself to several industries. Several BPO companies have steadily set up shop throughout the years. The city is another prime tech hub in the making with its modern infrastructure and progressive urban development. Being home to one of the most prestigious universities in Mindanao, Xavier University, Cagayan provides a wide pool of IT graduates.

Just like Davao City, Cagayan is one of the most progressive cities in Mindanao. You can scout some of the best talents in the business with its solid workforce.

Hire the Best Software Developers in the Philippines

The Philippines is indeed one of the best places to hire IT experts. However, you must learn where to look for the ideal candidates. With its huge talent hub, you have to consider the kind of setup your business needs. There are developers who prefer the remote setup, while some don’t mind going into the office.

Additionally, take time to research the local laws and abide by them. Although the Philippine government has supportive foreign investment law, there are still restrictions that regulate foreign investors. If you’re not familiar with the country or it’s your first time hiring abroad, we suggest hiring developers through a tech services company like Full Scale.

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