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Where to Find Programmers for Your Startup

It is generally challenging to find programmers. Not only is it hard to find them in the local setting, but it’s also an expensive bid to recruit them. In this entry, we’re sharing our best trade secrets in finding and hiring developers.

With the onset of technology innovations in the business world, companies of all sizes are clamoring to get their hands on the best IT talent. The latest tech trends, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IoT), inspire businesses to upgrade their operations.

However, these technologies require specific skills and languages that take substantial time to learn. Hence, it becomes twice as difficult to find programmers who are qualified for the job.

And for that reason, most companies are now looking into other options such as hiring remote programmers or outsourcing their entire software development process. They not only gain access to a broader talent pool; they also get the cost-saving benefits of hiring outside the radius.

So, if you want to explore these options, then learn more about the different recruitment methods. Before that, let’s understand the concept of software development and a software developer’s role.

What is Software Development? 

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IBM describes software development as a set of computer science activities that create, design, deploy, and support software. Programmers deal with specific technical problems by creating software solutions for them. The whole development process involves tools, methodologies, algorithms, and all sorts of data to create project-specific features.

On the business side of things, software development refers to the creation of a program that can enhance a company’s system, product, or operation.

Companies commonly enlist the help of software developers for these reasons:

1.   Automate processes

To cut down on time and resources, businesses opt for software solutions that can speed up routine and repetitive tasks. 

Things such as encoding data and processing payment transactions can all be automated by programmed software. A custom system can execute the workflow faster and reduce the risk of human error.

2. Organize and analyze data

Sorting through hundreds of emails, contact information, invoices takes a huge chunk out of the day. The fastest way to sift through files is to simply store them into one coherent database that can be retrieved anytime. 

Developers can design an all-in-one program that stores, organizes, and analyzes the data. There are software solutions that can churn out valuable analytics of store information. On top of that, a customized system can provide extra security for sensitive details.

3. Create a new product or service

As new tech trends emerge each year, startups and large corporations have to keep up with the public’s changing demands. Most businesses often leverage technological advancements. 

Innovation helps a business stay relevant in the digital era. Whether it’s as simple as creating a company website or something as complex as AI or machine learning projects, software developers play a significant role in a company’s growth.

4. Improve collaboration

The bigger a business expands, the more people and processes to manage. Business process management software can increase efficiency for all parties. 

Integrating all information into one platform where teams can conveniently access it speeds up and improves collaborations.

Find Programmers for your Project

Now that we’ve learned how companies use software development, it’s time to take it on a personal level. How can a software developer help your startup? Here are some factors to consider before hiring one:

Project Requirement

What do you need? One of the most common reasons a software development project fails is the lack of proper project requirements. You can’t expect your team to just “wing it.” You have to specify what kind of tools, language, and framework you want to use for your project.

This is crucial if you want to find the right expert for the job. You need programmers who have experience in handling the technologies you plan to use. 

Listing down the requirements also helps you narrow down your applicants. For complex technologies, you’ll need a senior developer to leverage them properly. If it’s just a basic development project, then a mid-level developer may suffice.


How soon do you need it? This is another critical factor to consider. Software development can’t be rushed, but if you’re targeting a specific date, you’ll need to pull out all the stops.

For example, if you want your software launched within the same year, you’ll need senior developers who can quickly write code and provide their output in the given timeline. Creating software is collaborative work which means one slow member of the team will affect the entire process.


How much are you allocating for the project? Software development is generally pricey with all the tools and resources it requires. 

Can you afford an in-house development team? Or should you tap into a third-party provider for your project? Outsourcing software development can drastically cut down costs.  


Lastly, where do you find programmers? How wide is your search radius? Just search local or are you going international?  

For years now, the US has been experiencing a shortage of tech experts in the industry. In 2019, there were over 700,000 unfilled positions in IT, making it one of the country’s most in-demand talent. Hence, looking at local talent may limit your search. But, of course, you get the convenience of easy accessibility and communication.

On the other hand, if you plan to expand your search on a global scale, you’ll have a much bigger talent pool to choose from. Countries like the Philippines are known for providing top tech experts for various projects.

How to Hire Programmers

Once you’ve finalized your project requirements, it’s time to start looking. Here are some platforms you can tap into if you want to find software developers:

Recruitment agencies

If you plan to look for candidates in the local areas, enlisting help from a recruitment agency will save you time in your search. They can narrow down all the qualified candidates for the job and take care of the whole recruitment process for you.


Most software developers like to take on projects independently. Remote programmers have a much more flexible setup. You can find them on sites such as UpWork, Freelancer, GitHub Jobs, etc.

The great thing about hiring freelancers is that you can negotiate their rates and their work hours. They are flexible because they don’t come with the commitment of hiring a full-time employee. However, the lack of commitment may also pose a problem when it comes to your project completion. So, weigh in the pros and cons first.      


Finally, the go-to option for startup outsourcing. This provides the most benefits for companies because it helps cut down costs in a lot of areas. Not only can you outsource your development team, but you can also outsource your business processes.

If you’re not very familiar with the concept of outsourcing developers, you can connect with offshore development companies such as Full Scale.  

Find Programmers with Full Scale

Building your software team is challenging. It takes a long time just to find programmers that fit your skill requirements. And even after that, you’ll still have to go through a stringent process to filter out the best candidates. Recruitment, indeed, isn’t a walk in the park. Why not just leave it to the experts?

Full Scale is an offshore software development company that specializes in screening, recruiting, and retaining talent. We can provide the most competent tech experts for your project. Our Guide Development process allows us to work on whatever phase you are in your project.

Ready to scale up? Talk to us!

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