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What does a Software Development Manager do?

Software development managers play a crucial role in the success of a development project. Read on and learn the full list of responsibilities of this position.

In the age of technology, the sky’s the limit. Impressive innovations are popping up left and right in the business world. And as a startup owner, you have to jump on to the latest trends so your company doesn’t go obsolete. With that said, perhaps it’s time to look further into software development and how it can help you run your startup.

Technology in Business

Clearly, there’s no escaping technology. May it be in the way we do business, or simply in our everyday routines, it is indispensable. The US, in particular, is paving the way in using tech for business, with forecasted spending of $1.6 trillion in 2021. 

Most businesses are leveraging tech trends such as AI and machine learning to maximize efficiency. Some industries are using such tools to introduce a new way of accessing their services, while others are using them to improve the way they produce their products. Software development, or small integrations of it, has pretty much become a norm in company operations.

But how does a business transform from a brick-and-mortar type to a digitally savvy one? Simple, you hire the right people to transform it.

It’s a common misconception that to leverage the latest technologies, you’ll need to be a technically well-rounded business owner. On the contrary, you just need to hire a good team with a leader who shares the same vision as you. And this is where software development managers come into play.

Before we discuss the roles of a software development manager, let’s first understand the software development team’s dynamics and structure.

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Building your Software Development Team

At the most basic level, if you want to build a software product, you need experts to do it. A software development team is responsible for the innovations and improvement of your operations. Some companies use their tech team to introduce something new to their clients, and some use them to improve their processes.

When it comes to building your software development team, you have to carefully assess what kind of projects you plan to undergo. For example, if you want to create a simple website and an app for your services, you’ll need a developer and a graphic designer at the very least. For a larger project that includes creating your brand, you’ll need to employ a complete development team.

Ideally, a software development team would compose of the following positions:

  • Frontend developer
  • Backend developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Software Development Manager
  • Business Analyst

The number of positions you hire will depend on the scale of your project. Keep in mind that finding programmers can be challenging when you’re not familiar with the technical aspects of things. This is why software development managers come in handy in the recruitment process.

Let’s get to know the role of the software development manager.  

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Leading your Team: Roles of a Software Development Manager

Software development managers are mainly responsible for coordinating the team members and the client, allocating the resources, and streamlining the processes. The software manager must ensure that all deliverables are met in a given timeline.  

Depending on the scope of the project, the manager can also take on a more hands-on role in development. Yet, their primary role is to control the software development process.  

These are the main responsibilities of a software development manager.

Create a Development Strategy

To come up with a development strategy, software managers have to coordinate with the parties involved in the project. They need to work closely with the people who will use the product. 

Identifying the core features and requirements is necessary to come up with the right method and system of development. Whether for an internal project in the company or a client’s product, software development managers have to communicate regularly with the project’s requestor. Likewise, they must clearly articulate the requirements to the team.

Manage the Software Development Team

The software development manager is responsible for identifying the skills needed for the project. They assign the tasks based on the individual’s skills and experience. Team members should be able to deliver within the given timeline. Their performances should be evaluated regularly. The manager steps in if there is a need for further training or if there are problems to be addressed.

Manage the Resources

Along with managing the team, the software managers also make sure that they have access to all resources. Software projects require a wide array of things such as computing systems, productivity platforms, and communication tools. The manager has to keep track of all the devices and applications used in the project. Additionally, they will address issues that come up with the tools they’re using.  

Plot and Track the Timeline

One of the most crucial duties of a software manager is monitoring the project’s progress. Project development is a complex process, fraught with a lot of roadblocks. Hence, the manager should be systematic in plotting deadlines that give developers enough time to accommodate unexpected issues. At the same time, the manager will negotiate with the client about the shortest possible time to finish the product.

Manage the Project

Lastly, the software manager is responsible for project management. Conducting regular team meetings and progress reports helps identify and prevent potential obstacles to completion. 

A manager has to ensure that the quality standards of the product are met, as well as the business objectives. Aside from the team, the stakeholders and other parties involved in the project should also be regularly updated on their overall progress.   

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Hire a Software Development Manager

Now that we know what a software development manager is for, the next question is how do we hire one? 

Recruiting a managerial position is already a rigorous process, let alone a technical one. If you want to hire a software development manager, you can look into the conventional recruitment method such as enlisting the help of an agency or putting up ads online. However, there’s a much simpler way to do it. You can work with an offshore software development company like Full Scale.

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