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2020-04-23 /

How to Build a Software Product

How to build software products or solutions is evolving. It has different approaches and processes. It can be drag-and-drop or complex methods. Lately, businesses are starting to incorporate the “citizen development” method to turbocharge productivity.

However, building software as a product from the owner’s viewpoint is another story. Let’s find out how it works and learn the strategies to build market-ready software.

How to build software products that work is like cooking. Cooking entails ingredients, recipes, and equipment. Similarly, software development has people as ingredients, development processes as recipes, and technology as equipment.

Sounds easy? Yes.

But, here is the catch. As startups are racing to build software as a product, they have stumbling blocks on how to build software from scratch. One of the reasons is stiff competition. 

The competition to get the best resources, robust design, and scalable technology is overwhelming. And the enormous information on the Web makes it daunting. Thus, it is best to go back to its fundamentals.    

Software Product vs. Software Solution

All types of computers help businesses grow. These machines accept inputs, process them, and provide outputs. Every computer has two main parts: software and hardware. 

Let’s focus on the software side.

Computers need software to process inputs. Software is a collection of instructions that run on different machines such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, and others.

There is an underlying battle between software products vs software solutions. So, which are you going to build?

To answer that, establish the difference between these terms. Many people use the terms software products and software solutions interchangeably.

Software products solve problems, and the general public uses them as it is. Most of the time, it doesn’t have frequent updates or changes. You can install it on the computer with easy customization or none at all.

Some examples are:

  • Word processing software
  • Spreadsheet
  • Time-tracking application
  • Project Management Application
  • Anti-virus software

On the other hand, software solutions solve a specific problem. The development includes the custom integration of several applications. And it always involves services.

Some examples are:

  • Salesforce
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Apps
  • Box

Startups can choose whether to build software products or software solutions. There is no doubt that software fuels business growth. Selling a software product or solution offers an exciting entrepreneurial journey. 

One can start product building with a simple WordPress plugin or a chatbot application. Maybe add a little complexity to building data-driven solutions.

You can start your podcast and understand your audience in the process. Here’s how:

Software is inherently flexible. And this attribute encourages startups to build software as a product to join the bandwagon of online success. Now, let’s examine the ingredients of how to build software.

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How to Build Software with People

Startup owners must use the CEO mindset while building a software product. Think of the bigger picture. Focus on the outcome and set aside the small technical details.

And most importantly, focus on human resources.

Software development needs experts. Thus, your team will include:

  • Project Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Business analyst
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Technical/Content Writers

How to Build Software with Process

Just like in cooking, you need a step-by-step process to achieve the result. The process is essential to combine people and technology to build the product. Here are the processes:

  1. Brainstorm for a product that will solve a problem
  2. Plan the entire process
  3. Incorporate ideas from business partners or stakeholders
  4. Design the product
  5. Outsource the development team
  6. Develop the product
  7. Deploy the product
  8. Sell the product to the target market

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How to Build Software with Technology

Since outsourcing is part of your process, the use of standard technologies is essential. Here are the technologies used in software development:

  • The project planning application (e.g, JIRA, ClickUp, etc.)
  • Communication tools (e.g., Zoom, Slack, etc.)
  • Wireframes utility tool (e.g., Balsamiq, Microsoft Visio, etc.) 
  • Repository (e.g., GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.)

Software Product Market Readiness Strategies

We already know the three ingredients of how to build software products or solutions. Using the same analogy, cooking also needs additional ingredients to make the food even more delicious and appealing.

Thus, in building a software product or software solution, you need extra strategies as well to make it marketable. 

Target Market

Check the market demand and conduct competitive analysis. Learn what your competition is offering and consider it to improve your product.

Features and Functionalities

Software product features and functionalities offer a competitive edge. During requirement analysis, it is essential to determine which is the most attractive and valuable feature of the product.

Iterative Development

Iterative development is important to make your product marketable. The agile development process is the best process to use.

Adequate Testing Coverage

Establish the correct testing plan. It is important to avoid inefficient products. It is disastrous in both short and long-term business endeavors. 


As a startup, you don’t need to have usability experts in your team. You can hire product reviewers online. Another cost-effective approach is to use personal friends as reviewers. Their usability experience can help you with competitive product analysis. 


Cost is an important aspect of how to build a software product from scratch. Cheap product deployment and testing offer multiple benefits. Selling a cheap but reliable product is very attractive to the market. 

Social Media Ready

Social media is the best place to get real-time insights. It is the home of product influencers that will help you with your product idea. You can start utilizing social media even with a product idea. Then use it again to manage your market release. Here, you can find your first customers to boost your sales engine.

Affordable Post Deployment Support

Users choose and buy products with an affordable and efficient support system. Establish a cost-effective support model. And it will boost your profit in the long run.

Make Your Software Product Market Ready

Software helps businesses thrive. However, building the actual software is another story. If your product fails, so does your potential business. 

The constant enemy of building a software product is cost. Selling software products to build a startup company needs firm planning. The stiff competition shows that more products fail in the market than succeed. 

We are market-readiness evangelists with innovative services. Our highly skilled business analysts can help you create market-ready products. We have development teams of project managers, software developers, and software testers who convert your mock ideas into working prototypes.

At Full Scale, we turn your ideas into a product with our experts in software development. We can build your team quickly and affordably. 

Remember, your biggest marketing strategy is your product. We can help you expand your online presence with our team of social media experts, content writers, and graphic designers.

Talk to us, and together let’s transform your ideas into marketable software products.

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