What does a Chief Product Officer do?

What Does a Chief Product Officer Do?

What is a chief product officer? What role do they play in product development? Let’s get to know what the position entails and how one can qualify for it.

Digital transformation has raised the standards of consumers. Unlike before, customers now want a more personalized experience. They also have an apt for a wider range of selection and customization. These little details go a long way in ensuring a product’s success in the market. A product that delivers beyond its promise is sure to sell.

With that said, it takes an in-depth understanding of customer behavior to create an excellent product. And this is where the chief product officer’s role (CPO) comes in. Someone has to keep their finger on the pulse of the target market, learning and meeting their every demand.

Using this information, the team can determine which features to prioritize and improve further. More or less, the CPO aligns the team’s effort with the customer’s preferences.

Although the chief product officer plays a crucial role in development, most people aren’t familiar with their duties. So, let’s learn more about this leadership position.

What is a Chief Product Officer?

The chief product officer is an executive role that leads and facilitates the company’s product development. This position is accountable for the outcome of the product. A CPO is heavily involved in all stages of product development, from conceptualization to market launching.

The role covers a fairly broad range of technical duties. However, the main focus is to understand and apply customer behavior and preferences. This insight determines their strategy in creating the product.     

In summary, the CPO leads the product management team in developing products that add long-term value to the company. A CPO balances the demands and goals of both the product and the company.

CPO Roles and Responsibilities

So, we’ve now defined the CPO’s role, and it’s time to learn about their specific duties. 

Basically, CPOs ensure that all development tasks are delivered efficiently and correctly. They make certain that all actions align with the strategy and goals of the project. Additionally, the CPOs also have to serve as a mentor for the product development team. They play a significant role in establishing the culture and direction of the team.

As a strategic leader, the chief product officer job description involves the following activities: 

  • Product development strategy
  • Vision for the product
  • Creating a product organization structure
  • User-centered design
  • Designing a product
  • Product development and marketing
  • Development of new products
  • Metrics and analytics for products
  • Recruitment, interview, and management of the product teams

In short, the CPO is in charge of overseeing the entire product lifecycle. They are involved in the early process of customer discovery, all the way to product delivery.

How to become a Chief Product Officer

Now that we’ve learned the duties and obligations of a CPO, let’s understand the qualities needed for the job. These are the skills one must excel at for the role:

1. Leadership

CPOs supervise a large group of people. They facilitate the coordination and communication between internal teams. This includes communication across customers, stakeholders, and company departments.

To keep everything running smoothly, the CPO must have extensive experience in mobilizing cross-functional teams. Excellent communication and organization skills are essential. 

2. Strategic planning

Another crucial duty of the CPO is to ensure that the company is building products aligned to its core business objectives. In every organization, there is always an overarching vision of what the brand wants to achieve in the market. The CPO makes certain that all products bring in the kind of value the brand wants to offer. 

3. Customer insights

A CPO must fully understand customers’ issues, wants, and wishes. The goal is to design products that cater to the market’s needs. A lot of companies fail because of the lack of research about the market. Hence, customer discovery is key to developing a successful product. 

Customer discovery gives valuable insight into customer preferences and the types of products they find useful. Even in the most competitive industries, due diligence leads to product success.

4. Data analysis

The CPO must make objective, data-driven judgments as a product leader. CPOs that have worked in the industry for a long time establish and track product performance measures.

A CPO may be responsible for the following metrics:

  • Profitability and revenue
  • User activity and engagement
  • Retention and churn rates

CPOs also utilize quantitative and qualitative data to determine if a product or a feature has achieved product-market fit.

Qualifications of a Chief Product Officer

The CPO career path takes a long time to build. To acquire the CPO title takes years of hard work, learning, and perseverance. One must develop all the necessary qualifications, expertise, and tenacity to get promoted in the product chain.  

Career Roadmap of a CPO

A Chief Product Officer’s traditional career path begins as an entry-level associate product manager. Then, as a product manager who helps with the development process. And finally, as a senior product manager who takes on a strategic and managerial role in development. 

At some point, the CPO also functions as the product director. The position supervises product managers and ensures that product team members are performing at their best.

Educational Attainment

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational prerequisite for the position of Chief Product Officer. Employers in certain situations prefer candidates with master’s or doctorate degrees in business administration, product management, organizational psychology, information technology, marketing, or similar subjects.

Industry Experience

On top of educational background, a CPO must also have extensive experience in the field. Most recruiters require at least 10 years of experience in product management, product analytics, or other relevant professions.

A Chief Product Officer should also have expertise and experience in a variety of sectors. The most ideal experience would be related to technology, marketing, user experience, communications, etc.

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