Web Developer Job Description

Web Developer Job Description

Are you struggling to create a noticeable web developer job description? You’re in luck. This article will help you formulate a job description template to attract the right people to your company.

Believe it or not, nearly everyone is dependent on the web. This statement especially rings true for businesses, organizations, and even campaigns. Every year, the demand for web development rises. With that is the rise of demand for expert website developers.

When there is a rise in demand, competition automatically ensues. Having a comprehensive web developer job description is necessary for today’s competitive tech market. These are the key points we will discuss:

Background on Web Development

Web or website development is a widespread term nowadays. Web development refers to tasks associated with developing websites that are hosted through the Internet or intranet. Website building can range from plain static HTML or a complex web-based application; it depends on the project’s requirements

Compared to its desktop application counterpart, web development is the preferred application development method of most businesses

Creating desktop solutions requires more complex and certain specifications to operate appropriately. You’ll need more powerful PCs and elevated access for end-users. It is not as complicated when it comes to web-based solutions. For example, a web application can easily update from a single source.

Once the source is responsive, the updates smoothly transition over the website or mobile solutions and various operating systems. Furthermore, many businesses can see noticeable results in web development compared to other fields. 

How to Make a Great Web Developer Job Description

Based on the background information above, we can assume a standard  web developer job definition to be:

“Web Developers are responsible for developing websites and web applications using various programming languages and web technologies.”

This means that web developers mainly build websites or website applications; however, this is not as simple as that. Why? Because there are three types of web developers: Front-end, Back-end, and Full-stack.

Front-end Developers are responsible for creating parts of the website users can see and interact with. Back-end Developers work behind the scenes, coding how the website loads and runs. A Full-stack Developer can do a bit of both. You can say a full-stack is a Jack of all trades for web development.

You don’t need to have all three types of developers in your team. Assess what exactly your business needs. Once you decide, you can move on to making an effective Web developer job description.

Here is key information to include in your web developer job description:

  • Company overview – The applicant must know about your company. Define what your company offers and the industry you are currently in.
  • Job title – Clearly state what type of web developer you’re looking to hire. Earlier, we learned that there are three types of web developers. If you don’t need all three, you must be clear on what position your company is hiring.
  • Job responsibilities – Set the right expectations. Create a clear list of job responsibilities, duties, and expectations.
  • Qualifications – Sharing the role’s required qualifications helps filter out candidates unfit for the job, saving time and effort for the recruitment team.
  • Employee benefits (Optional) – Including information such as work set-up, time off, insurance, and further training can help attract more candidates and ultimately set you apart from the competition. 

Sample: Web Developer Job Description Template

Our company
[Company name] headquarters is located in [location]. We are a digital creative studio and software development company. We value the importance of providing a healthy working environment for our employees, that is why we offer flexible working arrangements, benefits, and insurance. Join our team today and be part of our growing family!
We’re looking for
We are in need of a dedicated Full-stack developer who can build responsive and comprehensive website applications. They must also work collaboratively with other developers and team leads. Their main responsibility includes working on the front-end and back-end of the website.

Technical and social proficiency is a must to perfectly deliver the best product for the company and our clients.
Web Developer Responsibilities:
As a Full-stack Developer, your responsibilities include:
• Coding, code maintenance, and testing
• Break up files from sites in local directories for recovery
• Keeping up to date on the latest programming techniques and web technologies
• Transparently communicating with managers, team leads, and team members on issues and brainstorming ideas for solutions
• Perform routine site maintenance
• Monitor test feedback and corrective actions
• Analyze technical requirements to adhere to the needs of users
• Use tools such as content management, authoring, and scripting
Web Developer Job Requirements
We want developers with technical skills in the following 
• HTML5 and CSS3
• Javascript (ES6, jQuery, AJAX)
• CSS framework
• Web fundamentals
• Extensive understanding of the DOM and box model

Additional knowledge on
• React/Vue
• Sass/Less
• Unit testing
• Responsive design and media queries

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Now that is how you make a Web developer job description! Please note that the template above is not a fixed template. You can and should always add elements to attract more candidates and, at the same time, filter out unqualified applicants. 

The job description is just the tip of the iceberg of what most consider a tedious recruitment process. You will go through numerous screenings, interview appointments, and disappointments—the cycle goes on. Fortunately, there are offshore software development companies like Full Scale to help you skip the job posting, screening process, and headaches in general.

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