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QA Job Description
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QA Job Description

How can you attract a superior QA expert? Through an excellent and appealing QA job description. A high-quality product is what every company aims to achieve. The primary way to ensure that you are launching a flawless product is to have a software QA on board. 

Maintaining product quality plagues many companies. Quality oftentimes determines the reputation of a business. It can also affect its market, audience, and—in turn—the company’s revenue. Poor software quality naturally leads to poor performance. 

Fortunately, you can prevent this by hiring the right QA candidate for your company. But how can you do that? The first step is to create an attractive, informative job ad containing the QA job description. Next up, let’s learn how to create a QA job description to attract candidates. 

Here, we will tackle the following discussions:

Before we get into the quality assurance job description template, let us first explore what a QA is.

The Importance of Quality Assurance in Software Development

What is a QA analyst? Are they really necessary to employ at the company? Simply, yes. Any company, big or small, needs quality assurance (QA) resources.

QA covers all aspects of guaranteeing a high-quality software product. It covers everything from the developing stage to building, testing, and launching. All processes work to reduce flaws and bugs. The QA department’s job is to reduce the likelihood of bugs occurring during development through effective testing strategies.

Furthermore, QAs need to identify and correct any errors during each software build. This is a  requirement in developing superior, bug-free products.

Without QA, you just can’t confidently build or launch flawless software. You see, through the QA process, the team can detect any defects in the products. They verify a product’s capabilities, limitations, and enhancements.

Here are more reasons why QA is important in software development:

  • Save time and money
  • Maintain product quality
  • Ensure security of the software
  • Safeguard company’s reputation
  • Establish customer satisfaction

Software QA Job Description

Based on our above definition of quality assurance, we can derive the QA job description:

“A QA analyst is a specialist responsible for assessing the software’s functionality, through identifying and monitoring bugs and issues during the development lifecycle.”

To elaborate, it is the job of the QA team to analyze the requirements and define the parameters determining whether or not the product actually meets their needs. Additionally, they create sets of test cases and scripts for every piece of software. 

A QA’s roles and responsibilities are dependent on their title and level. For example, you shouldn’t assign managerial tasks to a QA analyst when you have a QA manager. Make sure you’re defining what you actually need. 

Sample: QA Job Description Template

How to Make a Template

You need a comprehensive job description to attract top talent. Here are a few pointers on how to create one:

  • Job title. Be specific. For any QA job description, you need to specify if you are looking for a QA analyst, QA manager, or quality control.
  • Company overview. Ensure that you grab the applicant’s attention by giving an engaging overview of your company. Specify your industry, what you do, and what you can offer.
  • Responsibilities and duties. Better to set your expectations beforehand. This will reduce the chances of receiving applications from less qualified applicants. 

QA Job Description Sample Template

Our Company
With dozens of companies in our industry, [Company name] surely stands out. Our dedication to our clients and employees earned our elite standing amongst our peers. We are a software development company catering to early-stage businesses that need support in scaling their tech. Join our expanding family now!
We’re looking for
experienced and dedicated quality assurance (QA) analysts to join our unwavering and meticulous production. The candidate we are looking for is organized, highly professional, and well experienced at various levels and tech environments. If hired, you will be in charge of safeguarding the quality of our products and enhancing our “quality culture.”
QA Responsibilities
• As part of the QA team, you are responsible for these duties:
• Examine design specifications to understand the software product’s scope, requirements, and function.
• Executing high-quality standards for testing cases for assigned JTs, enhancement projects, and QA Testing Activities.
• Identify appropriate parameters, functions, and data to test and validate. These parameters may include general function, results validity, accuracy, reliability, and industry-standard compliance.
• Create and maintain automation scripts (includes CBLT, Batch, and Selenium Tools).
• Submit QA reports regularly.
• Review QA documents and automation scripts.
• Perform other duties assigned by the manager.
QA Job Requirements
Basic qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in the related field is highly preferred
• 1-2 years of relevant professional experience is a must
• Experience in network security and routing
• Manual Testing
• Automation Testing
• Automation Skills, especially with Selenium
• Test plan creation
• Extensive knowledge in JIRA or other similar technologies
• Must be familiar with Agile software development methodology

Hire a Software QA Today

 The recruitment process is very demanding. You’ll undoubtedly spend a massive amount of time identifying, screening, interviewing, and assessing each applicant. 

Some companies combat this by securing IT recruiters to find the right QA team for their company. In this case, you’ll spend a lot of money but you’ll likely have a quality team, you can also partner with an offshore software development company at an affordable price and land the perfect new team members.

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