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JavaScript Developer Job Description Template
2022-07-11 /

JavaScript Developer Job Description

Looking to better understand a  JavaScript developer job description? Read below to learn about this role, the detailed skillsets needed, and how to write up a job description for your company’s future JavaScript developer needs.

JavaScript is the most used programming language in the world today. One of the reasons for that is it is powerful enough to build full-fledged websites for any use. As a result, many companies are hiring JavaScript developers for their website needs. 

In this entry, we will detail the role of a JavaScript developer, helping to then lay out the JavaScript developer job description template. Here are today’s topics:

Let’s start with a brief background on JavaScript.

JavaScript Development: A Background

JavaScript has become a behemoth tool for building sophisticated web application functionalities. Its strong community of developers allows the language to be prominent and innovative with varying ideas and contributions. But what is JavaScript exactly?

To its core, JavaScript is a programming language fundamental to the World Wide Web, along with HTML and CSS. It’s a free and open-source programming language that allows you to make functional and visually appealing web applications. It’s truly the foundation of modern-day websites. 

Today, you can create a full-functioning, beautiful JavaScript website using various frameworks and libraries. As a result, there are now front-end, back-end, and full-stack JavaScript developers.

Make an Effective JavaScript Developer Job Description

From the definition of JavaScript development, we can now describe the JavaScript developer position as:

“A JavaScript developer is responsible for building the design and functional specifications of a web application using JavaScript.”

This means that JavaScript developers are professionals with proficiency in building JavaScript-based applications. They may use JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS, AngularJS, and VueJS. Also, they can use JavaScript-based libraries in building application components.

While this role is mainly front-end, we’ve mentioned that JavaScript is now also used in back-end and full-stack development. In this sense, it’s essential to define which specialty you’re looking for when hiring a JavaScript developer.

Knowing the job definition is just the first step. The next part is translating that information into a detailed job description. That said, an effective job description accomplishes the following:

  • Attracts qualified applicants 
  • Filters unqualified candidates out of the application process

To achieve these goals, try to focus on keeping only relevant information in your job description. Here are the essential pieces of information you need to provide:

1. Company Overview.  Provide a brief overview of your organization and sprinkle interesting details.

2. Job Description. For most job titles, you’ll find generic job descriptions. But in this case, you need to specify details depending on the requirements of the job. For example, you may add a certain experience level or skill in the description.

3. List of Responsibilities. Attach a list of responsibilities the applicants can expect once they are on board.

4. List of Skills and Qualifications. Clearly list the skills expected of each applicant. The more detailed the list, the more quickly you can filter out which candidates meet the requirements.

5. Compensation packages, benefits, perks, etc. (Optional)

Sample: JavaScript Developer Job Description Template

At this point, let’s detail how you can make a JavaScript developer job description so you’re prepared to find the right software developer for your team. We’ve already covered the job definition. So, let’s move on by applying the steps above to create this sample template for JavaScript developers.

About us
We are an e-commerce company that markets, sells, and delivers cycling products across the country. Our dedication to our employees is as important as our care for our customers. At [insert company name], we offer healthcare and insurance benefits on the first day. We also provide flexible working arrangements to our employees. 
We’re looking for
Our company is looking for a team player with expertise in JavaScript development. Their duties would encompass all front-end development duties. This includes prototype design, coding, testing, and security implementations. They will be working alongside other developers and designers. Also, they will report to a project manager, so they must have both technical and soft skills.
We want to set our developers up for success. So, they should expect to use pre-defined development tools, version control systems, and project tracking tools as they work within our team standards.
JavaScript Developer Responsibilities:
• Writing code and libraries using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that are scalable for future use
• Assessing the feasibility of UI/UX designs
• Analyze functional requirements and turn them into working components
• Collaborating with back-end developers and QA testers during development
• Working closely with a project manager for coaching and project updates
• Develop new user interface features according to client requests
• Maintain and enhance existing system features and functionalities
• Ensure security by implementing SSL
• [Add other relevant responsibilities]
JavaScript Developer Requirements
• Strong grasp of the JavaScript language, its libraries, frameworks, and workarounds
• Wide knowledge of web markup languages such as HTML5 and CSS3
• Must have experience developing using ReactJS (for this sample, we stated the requirement of this specific framework)
• Ability to code responsive cross-browser websites
• Basic understanding of design principles and SEOOral and communication skills
• Degree in computer science, computer engineering, or related field (optional)

Hire a JavaScript Developer Today

And that’s everything you need to know about creating a standard JavaScript developer job description! Take note to personalize the template depending on your company’s needs. The more specific, the better.

Now, this is just one part of the entire recruitment process. Hiring new talent is a tedious job, especially for startups. Aside from the saturated professional market, there is stiff competition on who gets the best developers, oftentimes salary incentives play a major role come decision time. As a solution, many companies opt to partner with an offshore software development company like Full Scale.

Let us Find Experienced JavaScript Developers for you!

We are a software development services company based in the heart of the US. Since June 28, 2018s, we have partnered with companies all around the world to provide them with full-time, dedicated developers through our offshore arm in the Philippines. We have a variety of software development talent on our roster, including senior JavaScript developers.

During recruitment, we ensure to perform an intensive background check, skills assessment, and technical interviews. We only select and hire globally competitive developers that pass our standards. As of this article, we currently hire 1 in every 30 applicants. Talk about Full Scale standards!

Forego the hassle of doing the recruitment yourself; let us help you build your software development team quickly and affordably. 

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