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iOS Developer Job Description

Do you know what to put in your iOS developer job description? A job title rarely means the same thing to every person or company (just ask a Technical Consultant or HR Generalist).

Check out this quick read for everything you need to know about recruiting candidates for this tech position.

There’s an ongoing demand for iOS developers to satisfy the software industry’s needs. We’ve curated a guide to explain the iOS developer job definition for employers.

iOS Developer Job Description

How do you make an effective iOS developer job description? It’s basically just two simple steps: (1) know the job definition and (2) learn how to make a specific job description template.

Let’s define the iOS developer position:

“iOS developers are responsible for designing, building, testing, and releasing mobile applications for Apple iOS devices.”

This means that iOS developers are software development experts who are proficient in building iOS apps. While this is a specialization of mobile app development, there are also cross-platform developers who can perform iOS development.

To create an effective iOS developer job description, follow the sample template below. Be aware that your job description helps determine the quality of your future hire. So, be as specific and meticulous as possible to attract the crème de la crème.

Sample: iOS Developer Job Description Template

Let’s take a look at a sample iOS developer job description created using the definition and steps above. The example template below was customized for a tech company that makes mobile games.

Sample iOS Developer Job Ad:

Our company
Hi! We are [company name], and we build mobile educational games for kids. Our goal is to create family-friendly content and activities that will provide sustainable education through entertainment.
We’re looking for…
We seek a creative and passionate iOS developer who is proficient at design and knows how to think outside of the box. This person’s main responsibility is to create a responsive and interactive iOS application for our product. They will cooperate with a UI designer and a backend developer for application integration. Moreover, they’ll work closely with a project manager to monitor projects and deliver updates.
iOS Developer Responsibilities:
As part of our team, you will
• Design, build, and test our product’s mobile application for the Apple iOS platform
• Collaborate with the UI/UX designers to create mockups and app features
• Ensure great app quality and performance based on client requirements
• Review code to identify potential bottlenecks and risks
• Fix app bugs before software is released to the App Store
• Maintain and optimize existing code for better app performance
• Stay up to date with the latest iOS development trends that are beneficial to the product
• [Add more that apply]
iOS Developer Job Requirements & Qualifications
We are looking for iOS developers with
• Proficiency in Swift and Cocoa Touch
• Experience with Core Data and Core Animation
• Sample iOS-based projects or a portfolio of released apps in the App Store
• Familiarity with RESTful APIs that integrate iOS apps with server-side applications
• Knowledge of low-level C libraries
• Experience with Instruments as a performance-tuning tool
• Familiarity with the Unity game engine
• A bachelor’s degree in computer science or any related subject is a plus
• [Add more that apply]

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And we’re done! We’ve already covered everything in an iOS developer job description. Note that you can always customize the template based on what skills you desire. That way, it’s easier to attract candidates who fit your exact needs.

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