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How To Find Native IOS Developers
2019-06-27 /

How to Find Native iOS Developers

Apple Inc. has opened a whole great new area for developers and tech enthusiasts as they expand their range of digital and electronic products. With this, native iOS developer jobs popped out from around the world. Businesses, IT-related or not, are keen to find iOS developers capable of creating products suitable for iOS. However, because of the high demand, it makes it even more challenging for companies, especially startups, to hire iOS developers into their team. Here are some tips on finding and hiring an iOS developer.

What is iOS development?

We can say that iOS development is basically the process of developing software application products solely for the iOS platform. Similar to other development procedures, iOS development also encompasses the steps and processes of mobile application development and adapts to a specified development cycle.

If you’ve heard about iOS development, you have probably heard about Swift as well. Swift is the recommended programming language to make software programs and applications for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X. It basically requires Mac OS X when developing applications due to iOS SDK dependencies that are built on top of OSX’s Cocoa framework. Apple’s platform widened the IT industry’s learning and work opportunities by introducing its language to developers.

A Guide to Hiring Native iOS Developers

Get to know your developers

Before hiring native iOS developers, you must understand their job description and scope of work. It also helps to know what qualities to look for in iOS developers. This article will tell you the iOS developer job description, responsibilities, and skills.

iOS Developer Job Description

The iOS Developer job description is defined hand-in-hand with the responsibilities for the job and the skills to work. Developers for the iOS platform are expected to work with project managers and fellow developers in order to achieve the project’s goals and objectives.

Here are some of the iOS Developer responsibilities:

  • Develop and design user-friendly and accessible applications for the iOS platform
  • Collaborate and coordinate with different teams in achieving the desired design and functionalities of the system
  • Monitor the performance of the software application and apply necessary bug fixes and verifications
  • Observe proper coding standards and conventions to maintain the overall quality of the application
  • Possess steadfast eagerness for discovery and learning in the field
Find IOS Developers at Full Scale

Here are the prescribed skills that you should look out for in a Native iOS developer:

  • Proficient in Swift
  • Familiar in Objective-C and Cocoa Touch
  • Knowledge with the mobile app development life cycle
  • Experience in offline storage and performance tuning
  • Understanding of code versioning tools such as Git
  • Experience with different iOS frameworks such as Core Animation and Core Data
  • Experience with third-party services and APIs for the iOS platform
  • Clear understanding of Apple’s iOS development process and guidelines

Questions to ask when hiring iOS Developers

Aside from knowing what to look for in native iOS developers, asking the right questions will also come in very handy when hiring them. These questions could answer what you want and what the candidate should have. Here are sample questions relevant to hiring iOS developers.

Questions for your candidates

What technologies for iOS development do you know and how do you use them?

This question gives you an insight into the range of technologies that your candidate has experienced working. You can also assess how far, in terms of scope, they will be able to handle the tasks once you have them on board.

How will you describe the differences between Objective-C and Swift?

Experience in iOS development entails that candidates should already know what Objective-C and Swift are. Through this, you would be able to assess their knowledge in terms of iOS development and their experience in working with Objective-C. Regardless, a junior level iOS developer needs to know the difference between Swift and Objective-C and how to use them.

What are the differences between Structures and Classes?

It is good to ask technical questions when interviewing applicants or candidates to test how knowledgeable they are in definitions and uses of the common terminology used in development. This type of question—like the previous one—helps you identify their gauge on the field. To answer this question, structures are value types and do not support inheritance. Classes, on the other hand, are reference types and support inheritance.

How do you introduce Swift development to beginners?

Good teachers are good listeners. This question gives you an insight on how your candidate can support their fellow developers when it comes to problem-solving or knowledge discussions. Their answer also determines if they are good listeners by the way they relay the information they have previously learned.

How can you explain resource management in iOS development?

Resource management is an important skill in iOS development as this encompasses task handling and memory leak management. Memory leaks are common challenges in iOS development. This question will help you assess how the candidates are able to handle such situations. This will test their skills on memory, instruments, and debugging which are very essential as a developer.

Questions for hiring

What fits your budget?

Startup companies often struggle with onboarding developers due to budget constraints. Sometimes, timelines are jeopardized because of the lack of developers working on a project. Before hiring, ask yourself what fits your company’s budget and what can they contribute to the company if you open up a new department for developers.

In recent years, business process outsourcing in the IT industry soared and shows no signs of stopping. The BPO industry not only provides opportunities for work in developing countries, it also gives an avenue for startup companies to operate parts of their business processes abroad with lesser cost. Thus, outsourcing and offshoring provided companies their business needs with just the right budget.

Where to look for in developers?

It can be challenging to hire developers locally since developer rates in the United States is relatively higher compared to other territories. This may ensue a budget constraint for businesses, especially for startups.

Offshoring offers an option for companies to do parts of their business abroad. Aside from the many advantages, offshoring is also very cost-effective since you can develop the same project at a much lower cost.

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