Full Scale and UC Main Career Event

Full Scale Holds Career Talk at UC Main

In line with its mission to guide IT students into the industry, Full Scale held an exclusive Career Path event at the University of Cebu – Main Campus on March 4, 2023.

Full Scale and UC Main Career Event
Full Scale Holds Career Talk at UC Main 1

The interactive career talk seeks to give students guidance and advice on how to navigate their careers in the IT industry. Full Scale could provide future IT graduates with an overview of their potential career paths through this event.  

Full Scale’s University Relations Leader, Lady Isabelle Perez, introduced the company and gave a program overview to the students. She also gave some tips to better prepare for their future careers.

Full Scale’s Head of Software Development, Rodolfo “Nax” Nacu Jr., discussed the essential items to prepare for one’s career. All the while, he demonstrated the relevant tech tools that students must learn to use.

Career Talk at UC Main
Full Scale Holds Career Talk at UC Main 2

Nacu emphasized the importance of Artificial Intelligence, saying that AI will not replace humans. Instead, humans can use AI to their great advantage. In a sense, humans who do not use AI could be replaced.

Full Scale and University of Cebu Partnership

The University of Cebu is one of Full Scale’s official university partners. Full Scale has collaborated with the institution for its Internship and Fast Track Program. The company is currently training four interns from UC.

University Partnership Program

Full Scale aims to forge relationships with academic institutions by providing tools and opportunities to future IT graduates. Along with providing career opportunities, Full Scale will work hand in hand with the universities to organize job fairs, speaking engagements, and training sessions.

About Full Scale

Full Scale is a provider of tech services that aids businesses in building and managing their software team. Our mission is to make hiring developers quick, easy, and economical. We’ve helped several small and large companies scale their operations successfully.

At Full Scale, our employees are the lifeblood of the business. We provide team members with the opportunities, tools, and mentorship needed to succeed in their careers. Full Scale offers top compensation, excellent benefits, and high-quality tools needed for the trade.

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