How to Find a Front End Developer

How to Find a Front End Developer

With the ever-progressing growth of the IT industry and the benefits it brought to businesses, one can simply assume that front end developers flock to the market.

However, a mere resumé containing achievements and a self-proclaimed title of “Front End Developer” is not enough. What you need is to find a front end developer competent and skilled enough to scale your business. But how?

Front End Development is not that Simple

Humans are visual creatures. That is why fledgling businesses are putting an effort to make their mobile applications and websites visually appealing. They are the brush that places the paint in the canvas. The person behind the code that place the designs for users to see is the front end developer.

Website and web applications are created by the front end and back end developers. Front end developers create the things that we see while the back end developers take care of what we don’t see—things behind the scenes. The front end makes sure the site looks good while the back end makes sure that everything in the site works.

What makes a good front end developer?

There are a lot of front end developers out there but only a handful are experts in this field. If you think it’s easy to find front end developers then, think again. In finding front end developers, you should keep in mind the standard skills they should possess.

Programming language

The programming language is every developer’s nail and hammer in building technologies. As web builders, front end developers are equipped with three basic programming languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the basic building blocks in creating a website. The mastery of both HMTL and CSS is a crucial criterion when you are trying to find front end developers for your business.

Without these, your website will end up with all plain text without any fancy format. Users won’t even see any images. A website tragedy that would be.

For an advanced level of web creation, you should look for a developer that is well-versed in coding with JavaScript. Basically, JavaScript gives developers the power to create and control some functionality like real-time update maps, interactive films, and online games.

Front end development tools

Gladiators from ancient Rome have weapons of their choice to aid them in winning the battle. Front end developers, like the strong and skilled fighters, need their own weapons and tools to aid them in creating exceptional websites and web applications.

There are a lot of tools that a front end developer can use. These tools benefit developers more than you can ever imagine. These useful web development tools can provide reusable templates and components, increase productivity, make task automation and code optimization, and debugging easier. Generally, it makes front end development so much better.


Skills are very important when trying to find front end developers. One of the most important skills of a front end developer is the ability to take any design and convert it to a front end code. A good front end developer should quickly and smoothly convert a mockup to a functional presentation layer.

How would you know that a front end developer is skilled enough

First off, the resumé contains everything about your candidate, down from IT education, skills, and experience. But impressive words in a white piece of paper are not all that determines a good developer. What you need is a solid output.

Developers have platforms where they can show their work. Web development is not all theories and words in your resumé. A portfolio is the best card to convince the client of the developer’s skills and competence. Developers often launch portfolios in HackerNews, Reddit, Product Hunt, and other platforms where outputs can be seen.

Once you’ve screened your prospects, the interview portion comes next. Ask the applicants for relevant questions that would help you determine if they fairly fit the role.

Where can you find front end developers?

Let’s pause for a minute. We already established what a front end developer is, the programming language they need to know, the skills they should possess, and how they should be assessed, but where can you find front end developers?

Organic ads

Organic ads are the easiest form of advertising as well as the lowest return of investment. You can advertise your need for front end developers on your social media accounts.

The power of social media will do the rest. All you need to do is create a fetching post, share it on your social media accounts and then wait for a prospective applicant to contact you.

Paid Ads

Unlike organic ads, paid ads need, well, money to advertise your need for a front end developer. It can be sponsored ads that appear on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

Online Job Hunting Sites

Online job hunting sites contain hiring announcements by businesses and comprehensive profiles of job hunters. If you are looking for front end developers, you can simply place your hiring information, then wait for someone to contact you.

Or you could browse through a large pool of applicants on the site. Here are a few of the most visited job hunting sites that are frequented by companies and job hunters:

  • LinkedIn – a social network purposely built for professionals. Through LinkedIn, businesses can connect with prospective business partners, employees, and business opportunities. Job hunters send their CVs and resumés here to prospective employers.
  • Upwork – employment-oriented website aiming to connect and collaborate with businesses and independent individuals. Unlike LinkedIn whose job-hunting members are mostly looking for a stable and permanent job, Upwork is focused on global freelancing. This is where businesses can scout freelance or independent front end developers or other job classification.
  • Freelancer – a crowdsourcing marketplace website that freelancers and businesses can fairly use. In Freelancer, a business or potential employer can post the job they want to be done and freelancers can place their bid to complete the task.
  • GitHub Jobs – a professional employment-oriented social network that is solely for developers. GitHub is a well-known software development platform where a community of developers discovers, share, and build better software.

Offshore Software Development Companies

If you can’t find the right people with the skills and specialization even after posting ads, then it’s time you consult an offshore software development company.

An offshore development company houses excellent developers who are proficient in their specific fields. If you are unsure of advertising or browsing front end developers on job hunting sites, then an offshore development company may be your best choice.

In choosing an offshore development center, you must choose a company that knows your needs and possesses the experience and knowledge about scaling a business. Full Scale is your best option. Full Scale hires the best developers who are experts in software development.

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